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  1. I was a bit disappointed too, but that was merely because of all the hype; I gathered much higher expectations than I regularly do for releases. The work put into them, is of course, prominent and the capture of copper seems closely studied. Me, myself, was not entirely sure what I was expecting and I can see why some people are in love with how they look.

  2. Perceived rarity and hype is a bite in a butt, but I managed to get at least all the colours, and with that, I am satisfied. I still lack a mate for my CB Blusang, although...at least I'll have possible mates for these.


    However, I enjoy the concept. They seem like they may be fun to breed for lineages and such.

  3. I believe that abortion should be allowed, no matter the circumstance. If the person with the fetus inside them does not want to give birth to it or carry it for months for whatever their reasoning, then they should be able to pick not to. It doesn't matter to me about whether or not this person gets pregnant often and aborts often, it is their choice. If they do not want to abort due to moral, religious and other reasons, then they don't have to - so yeah, I'm all for choice and not forcing people into a descion that will likely alter their living style or commit to something they weren't ready for.