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  1. See, I wouldn't go for a full 48 for the 'big hole/earthquake' possibilities. Max I'd go to is 36 hours. The 1 day for Halloween makes sense - as was mentioned earlier, it's all about greed, avarice and getting as much as you can in a short amount of time. The other holidays are about fluffy feelings and prolonged enjoyment, and people have family get-togethers on Christmas and possibly dates on Valentine's, therefore more than one day is handy to accommodate that. While I do like the philosophy of the 24 hour drop, I could support up up to a day and a half for lag easement.
  2. Game's not working on Chrome. But the new egg is lovely.
  3. Pft. Here I was going to check and see if the final epilogue got unlocked... guess we failed. 'course, I know that I slowed my roll massively with puzzle submissions when it became obvious that fire would never come close to winning a single day - while I still maintained true to fire, it definitely squelched the enthusiasm, and I got back to watching Yowamushi Pedal season 3 with my little girl instead of submitting puzzles every 15 mins LOL Kind of disappointing. Oh well. Hopefully they'll released those epilogues for the glorious red bar that we /never/ got to see, and perhaps even the chapter 12 epilogue.
  4. Aaaand ice caught up. Was truly hoping to have a single day ended on a red bar. Now we'll never know what a fire epilogue is like. Way to keep it boring, team ice.
  5. Ohhhh man, a red bar! Finally!!! Happiness fills my li'l flame-lovin' heart now. So sick and tired of seeing blue. It's a nice color, but it's gotten old as heck. Let's see if we can finish a day on red (for once)!
  6. Why Team Fire? Because I loath the cold, have had to shovel snow more than I please, and despise chipping up ice. So screw that. Bring on the flames. I truly miss my 115F summers back in So Cal right now! Heck, I even miss my 95F with outrageous humidity here in SC - on my bike, it still feels reasonable. Cold fingers and toes while biking? Yeah, total misery.
  7. A half full fire bar? That sounds a lot like Portal Cake. After moving to the south to escape the wretched cold of the north, and now having to put up with impending snow on Wednesday... BRING ON THE FLAMES. (goes to submit more hard fire puzzles)
  8. Happy New Year, everyone!! Meanwhile, allow a bit of pointless flailing - a hard puzzle submitted 5 minutes after midnight, and the event bar is still at 0% for everything? No fair!!!
  9. (is dying of laughter at the AP, as it brings back memories of walls of Frills and people complaining endlessly about them while those of us who liked them groaned about being egg-locked with our 4 CB and our 1 bred egg) . Man, walls sure do take me back. For those who want other stuff, have patience - I was able to catch a yulebuck and two solstices for my daughter.
  10. Before this closes, just want to say that despite the initial glitchiness (or actually, once the initial glitchiness was rectified and patched), this little game was quite fun. Thanks much, spriters and TJ!
  11. Word to those with issues concerning furniture glitching or Gladys not accepting her darned package: Refresh your browser while you're in your house (for the furniture reappearing/rearranging/whatevering). Refresh your browser while in Gladys' house (for her refusal to acknowledge you pushing a package in her face). It solved both problems for me. Now I don't leave my house after fiddlin' with furniture without hard refreshing the browser first. Gotta love command-R.
  12. Woo, tons of intriguing glitches today while decorating the house (and this doesn't involve Gladys, that invisible *insert word of choice here*). Like placing a cat tree will suddenly cause the cat bed to vanish. Moving it will cause your windows to rearrange and your small blue table to suddenly be on the wall. Trying to return it to inventory will make your beds do intriguing and possibly censorable things with one another. And no matter how many times one walks in and out of the house to try to reset and/or save alterations once stuff's been (hopefully) fixed, it all resets. Yup, I have a table. On my wall. Forever, apparently. Game gets wackier as time goes on. But I'm not going to complain (much), because the carrot rug's no longer holding me hostage in my house. Edit: Oh, and now the cat bed will never stay put - leaving the house causes it to vanish. Bah! It's my favorite thing so far!
  13. HA. Sit and wait, Gladys! (thumbs nose at random NPC rudely)
  14. Man, this Gladys is a slippery gal. I've spoken to every last person on both sides of the teleporter and still haven't located her! Sheesh. Here I thought my RPG navigating skills were on point.
  15. Oh thank goodness! We can now walk over some rugs (at least, we can walk over the carrot rug) so I can finally escape my house! Meaning I can finally play the game. Thanks for the fix, game coordinators!
  16. Multiple times, actually. So nope, still doesn't work. :/
  17. Well, went to bed, slept for a goodly number of hours, came back to the game. STILL glitched. STILL stuck by my own rug. STILL can't move, can't access inventory to delete the darned thing, can't do a single thing in the game other than toggle the music on and off. To say this is mildly frustrating would be an incredible understatement. It's now been seven hours since this glitched (and since I posted that glitch in the forum)... and clearing cookies, clearing history and doing hard reboots doesn't help. Game coordinators? Help? Please? I'd /really/ like to play this dumb thing. Just looking at my silly sprite standing in his doorway in front of a carrot rug is frustrating as snot. For those who haven't seen, DO NOT DO THIS: You will be trapped in house-hell forever, apparently, because you can't walk on top of rugs. Hopefully this is fixed before tomorrow so I can actually finish the quests for today; the only reason I know of the rest of the events is my daughter pestered me already this morning to help her on her scroll, so I got to see all five on hers (and get her to not make the same mistake as me when she was decorating). Just hoping that's not a permanently game ending mistake.
  18. Would love to know when the 'day' ends as well, but that would involve being able to escape my house. LOL Edit: Here's what not to do:
  19. Hrm, nearly an hour since I got stuck in my house due to me not realizing that we can't walk over rugs and still unable to escape. After clearing my entire browser history (resulting in having to break out ye auld password book, because that included clearing all my cookies) and multiple refreshes. I'll try again tonight - hopefully it's fixed by then. :/
  20. Hit the ice patches, avoid the obstacles. It's easily accomplishable in 14 seconds with hitting only 2 ice patches. Good luck!
  21. Word of advice - don't place a rug in front of your door in your house (like that attractive carrot rug). At least, don't put it lengthwise in front of your door. Your character will glitch out and you'll be incapable of entering, exiting, or altering your house no matter what you do. Even clicking the 'out of bounds' link doesn't help. Talk about a massive glitch. First day, too! That on top of the multitudes of times I've followed a trail to a new screen to end up in the middle of a forest with no way out and had to click the 'out of bounds' link... this little game, while it holds promise like the last one we did, is obviously not play-tested and needs a heck of a lot more work to make it playable. Edit: for those who've been stuck in the forest with the fence, there's two other forest screens you can get caught in. Unfortunately, this seems to be a common trend for now.
  22. EATW is still functioning fine. I've switched to them until Allure comes back. Not going to run any experiments without Allure available, but EATW allows normal collection and hatching.
  23. OMGMINESWEEPLOVEAIIII (is salivating like an idiot and playing this danged thing all day long) Thanks so much, TJ! You've managed to channel my childhood crack. So much love!
  24. Nngh. Gotta agree with it being too bright. I gave the new skin a chance, but switched back to the old red due to the brightness. Perhaps the new skin is better on a mobile phone, but since I don't play anything on my phone and use my laptop for all of my gaming purposes, the brighter screen doesn't help any. It looked good while it was up, but the eyestrain isn't worth the visual appeal. And speaking of visual appeal, I also have to agree with an earlier commenter that the little scrolls definitely had more personality (and fit more with the theme of Dragon Cave) than the very generic, sterile star/paperclip stuff. I know I'll be forced to get used it it as our old skins go away, but I can't say I'm a huge fan. Perhaps if the brightness of the new skin was toned down and the tiny scrolls brought back, it'd be awesome, but as it is I'll stick with the old.
  25. I wish for an instant freeze on neglected eggs the moment they turn so they won't die when site lag hits. :/