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earthling.png - thank you for visiting my scrollAll Breeding Requests Open. I rarely accept IOUs, unless I specifically reference this part of my signature. PM to discuss.always ♥icon-cinderella26.jpgicon-cinderella25.jpgicon-cinderella57.png

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    Hi! I'm Kay, and I've here for awhile but I'm still a total noob at most things, as evidenced by my very incomplete scroll. I absolutely love all of the artwork on the site, and I tend to collect based on the sprites I like best. Dayglories and Sunsongs are my favorites.

    I'm a writer by trade, and a very easy going person. Always happy to talk via PM!

    // IOUs Owed to Me //

    charlottekay62 - crocodile teeth egg

    // IOUs I Owe //


    // Breeding Lists I'm Currently On //

    http://dragcave.net/user/naturalcyber --> CB Holly x Red Crimson
    Tainted Tamer (#72910) ---> 3G Silver x Neb

    // Breedings I Owe //


    // Wishlist //

    ANY Gold Shimmer!
    PB White Stripe

    Breeding requests are currently OPEN!
    Metallic breeding requests are currently OPEN!

    // Gifts //
    9.12.11 TrueDrago --> Bred Alt x Green Stripe Nebula Egg
    9.15.11 MousieBrown --> Silver Tinsel Egg
    9.16.11 raistardragon --> Silver Tinsel Egg
    9.30.11 numberfour --> Dorkface Sunsong Egg
    10.04.11 tsarashi --> Bronze Tinsel Egg
    10.16.11 titli02 --> 3rd gen Ice x Stripe Egg
    11.07.11 nambs --> 6th gen Gold x Vine Tinsel
    01.01.12 numberfour --> Alt female Neb
    03.07.12 KrystalSharz --> Gold Tin Egg
    04.07.13 zarix --> Sitting Alt Black hatchie
    04.21.13 miss1nformation --> 2 CB Black eggs
    07.02.13 ebony ink --> Copper x Copper egg
    07.19.13 Miraxzee --> Bronze Shimmer egg

    Sunsong Lineage Breeding:
    Open up to 6th Gen; would be a sibling to: http://dragcave.net/lineage/iDyXF