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  1. The host had technical problems that took their whole system down and forced them to pull a backup they had of their entire system from what I saw in the Allure of Neglected Dragons thread.
  2. Glad to hear this, hopefully bbik won't have a lot of things to go in and repair.
  3. I've noticed the daycare page is up but when I click on the main page I get the 404. If you need to put eggs on using purplehaze's trick (see posts above) to get around that update error or wanna give some eggs views, going directly to the daycare page is probably your best bet right now.
  4. I'm finally on the site and getting the same "The information in the previous table was outdated. Please resubmit your scroll name to update it." message. I suppose finally not having a 404 is progress though. Edit: Now back to a 404 when I tried to open it up in another tab. Leaving the successful tab open to give eggs and hatchies views. Edit of Edit: Now back to the site and can update with the trick above. Site's probably still a little unstable or something.
  5. That might be making a difference. I'm in the US and using FireFox but getting the 404.
  6. SpARK gendered female like I wanted her to!
  7. Thank you for reposting, I didn't see this the first time around and this will be really helpful in planning what I'm going to do.
  8. Here's what I managed to catch on the AP earlier today. It's a nice lineage, but I don't have any CB Luminas to continue it with. Looks like that's going to be my next goal.
  9. Two more days until Dark of the Moon!
  10. My family happens to own a Boston Terrier (one of the dogs listed), and she is the sweetest, kindest dog I have ever known. I have also personally known quite friendly and loyal Boxers too. And I'm actually surprised that the list didn't include Miniature Pinschers (another breed of dog my family used to own), because they look like Doberman Pinschers, although, as many people have said, give lawmakers an inch, they will take a mile with this, so the Min Pins are probably next for the list. It frustrates me to no end that people make assumptions about dogs just from what they hear on the
  11. Transformers: Prime is one of my favorite series along with the movies, G1 (without G1 where would we be now?), War for Cybertron and Animated (though not necessarily in that order). TF: Prime is most definitely what I'll be watching and following after all the excitement of Dark of the Moon is over.