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My scroll | My wishlist

Missing 447 dragons (excluding Holidays) to complete my scroll goals 


I have a CB female Bronze Shimmer, Kamsya (see my profile about her breeding policy).

I'm good at AP catching (especially CB Pink Sapphires) but bad at cave hunting. I accept IOUs.

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    Moving to Munich
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    I have a CB female Bronze Shimmer, Kamsya. Here is my policy about her offsprings:


    I'm not interested in 2g prizeswaps. The only things I would trade one or more 2g prize(s) for would a CB Staterae or a CB Neglected. IOU accepted if you're an experienced player.


    I do take requests for 2g prizekin. Please PM me the pairing you want and I'll try to breed it a maximum of three times.

    I don't take requests for 2g prizes as I can't guarantee I would be able to fill them in a timely manner. Please register your wish on the Breeding, gifting and/or Happy birthday gifting threads. I might give you a nice surprise some day but I cannot guarantee it.