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  1. Travelling Europe ! Travellers involved:Timpieh, Tempestsea Capitals travelled:Brussels, Monaco Sorry for accepting this so late. Kindof forgot that I had posted new egg .
  2. Voted. And another ticket to Brussels available! https://dragcave.net/teleport/74edc652180ed...8aca6c230128f56
  3. Offered a ticket to Brussels. As for new cities: 1. Bruges - Belgium: As a Belgian, I can assure you that our capital pales in comparison to the "Venice of the north" aka Bruges. Add in it's rich history, and you've got yourself a great destination. 2. Florence - Italy: One of the greatest cities of Italy, the birthplace of the Renaissance is actually the city I enjoyed most of all during my trip trough Italy last year. 3. Barcelona - Spain: The 2nd largest city in Spain and home of the largest stadium of Europe (Camp Nou) is probably in top 3 list of cities I want to visit IRL, as well as here . 4. Saint Petersburg - Russia: The 2nd largest city of Russia and it's cultural capital, Petersburg is another city with a rich history, including some name changes (Petrograd and Leningrad).
  4. New ticket to Brussels available . When it's not raining, it's pretty nice here right now .
  5. Travelling Europe ! Travellers involved: timpieh, fuzzbucket Capitals travelled: Brussels, Oslo
  6. Just in time to let you all know I'm still alive, and more importantly that Brussels is still available for travel! In fact, I've got a ticket available right now even ! I'll try to react to PM's more quickly from now on, but probably won't stay very active in the thread. Come visit Brussels!
  7. Sorry Fuzzy, wasn't here to see your offer. I'll keep next week's egg for you. Offered my ticket to Brussels to go to Skopje.
  8. Another ticket to Brussels available! (and here's my passport)
  9. Jake followed the experienced group to their training area. Bastian seemed to be a no-nonsense, straight to the point kind of person, as he didn't waste any time and opened the crates with monsters almost immediatly. Jake brought his hand to his chest. "Terrus. Time to come out, Fardale." The earth rumbled slightly as his trusted friend appeared and charged at the monsters. --- Artur watched in horror as one of the inexperienced summoner's fiends attacked the others. Luckily Bastian, or rather Areo was alert enough to stop the other fiend in time before any of the other students got hurt. It looked like the attacking Fiend was owned by the hooded boy, whom Diana seemed to recognize. No time for that though, Areo hit the boy's Fiend pretty hard and he might need his help. "Lux." As the gem on his staff lighted up, Sprite appeared on her favorite spot on Artur's shoulder. "Come, my girl, we might have some work to do." He walked to the middle of the area, Sprite flittering beside his head. "Did anybody get hurt?" He yelled.
  10. Artur watched as all the students split up into 2 groups and Diana and Bastian took them outside for the first lesson. He decided to check up on the inexperienced group first and followed Diana. Accidents were usually more likely to happen when summoners don't have good control over their Fiends. And if an accident happened and someone got hurt, he had to be there as fast as possible. --- More students had joined the more experienced group and after the teachers decided who would take which group, Jake followed Bastian and the rest of the group outside. It seemed like they were headed for the same training area, which made Jake wonder why they had to split up in the first place. He was curious about everyone else's Fiends though, so maybe not really splitting up wasn't so bad. Now he could see everybody's Fiend.
  11. After most of the students had chosen their group and Jake weighed all the options, he decided to join the experienced group. After all, he had quite some experience with Fardale, and in the end, what did it matter that he didn't know his element? He knew Fardale and he knew he could always rely on him. What else do you need?
  12. Artur watched as Bella excused herself and ran off to the meeting room, leaving the pile of books on the table. I hope she'll be allright... I'll put all the books back into their place and then I'll go check the meeting room. My own research can wait for a bit. He closed the book about fiends she was reading and placed it back in the shelf where it belonged. He did the same with the other books and then headed to the meeting room. He didn't see the hooded boy anywhere in the hallway, so he assumed he went to the meeting room as well. He frowned, he'd better take care of the book he took with him. As Artur entered the meeting room, Diana had just finished her speech and the students were starting to form groups. He placed himself at the back of the room and observed the students. He was already thinking about which ones he'd see come by at the infirmary often. --- Jake wasn't sure which group he belonged to. On one hand he was experienced, having summoned Fardale multiple times and becoming friends with him. Fardale was the one who protected him from the tougher folks on the streets, so he had been in a couple of fights, but never with any monsters. Also, he was a bit lacking in the theory behind summoning, he still had no idea what the elements were or what his element might be, or how the magic works, Fardale always fought by just charging at the opponent and ramming them. Jake decided he'd wait it out for a moment and see how the groups were formed before deciding which one he belonged to.
  13. Ooo, didn't even notice this code when I picked it up.
  14. "Well, nice to meet you Bella. My name is Artur, as I'm sure you remember. And I know how you feel. I never had much friends either when I was younger. I lost my parents when I was very young and the kids in the orphanage always picked on me. And suddenly having my Sprite flying around certainly didn't help. Even here at the summoner's school I was a bit of an outcast. But I'm sure you'll do much better, such a sociable girl like you will have lots of friends soon enough." Then Artur heard Diana yell something through the school. "Did you understand what she said? My old ears are letting me down a bit lately." --- Jake sat there and watched as the two teachers were arguing and Bastian, not Bastion as Jake though initially, stole Diana's sandwich. It also seemed there was another girl who had never summoned her Fiend before. He thought that was weird, aren't Fiends supposed to be a part of yourself, or a great friend? How can you know you have them, but not trust them or ever summon them? Jake just didn't understand.
  15. Travelling Europe ! Travellers involved: Timpieh, BringsTheSnow Capitals travelled: Brussels, Nuuk
  16. "Don't say that, my girl. You're not stupid at all, I heard you at the infirmary." Artur now realized it was the girl who was about to answer someone's question earlier when he opened the infirmary door. "I'd say you're pretty clever even. Say, what's your name? Or should I keep calling you my girl?" He said, smiling. --- Well, that didn't help much... Jake thought, none the wiser after asking about the elements. What does it even matter that I don't know my element? I know Fardale. And I know I can trust him. As he was thinking about his Fiend, he felt a tingling in his chest. Fardale wanted to comfort him. I trust you too. He felt better now. Let's just wait and see how things go. He took one of the empty chairs and sat down as the inexperienced girl mentioned she hadn't even summoned her Fiend yet. Looks like he wasn't the worst student so far.
  17. I am. My ticket to Brussels hatched already because of lack of interest, PM'ed you the trade link. Edit: derp. I need to learn how to read, you've already offered your ticket to someone else. Anyway, here's the hatchling's trade link for everyone then: http://dragcave.net/teleport/9a472e540b9fd...ee3bb8763b650ce (it's uninfluenced though, so if you get the wrong gender, I'll breed you another one)
  18. Sorry for the double post, but is there nobody who wants to visit Brussels? I can change it to a one-way transfer and get an egg from you later on if you don't have a ticket of your own available atm. Ticket here!
  19. As Jake entered the meeting room he noticed there were already some people there. Diana, the nice teacher who showed them the school, the female student who had the question about healing earlier on and another man he hadn't seen yet. Maybe that was the other teacher. What was his name again? Bastion? "Oh, hello everyone!" He decided he'd ask about his element now and Merric's note later, maybe after getting an answer about his element, maybe later on if there were too many people by then. The teachers surely wouldn't laugh at him and the girl didn't seem to be very experienced herself either. "Uhm, miss Diana? May I ask you something?" He didn't wait for an answer. "You mentioned earlier we could always ask you anything about our Fiends we didn't know ourselves. So, uhm, could you tell me something about the elements? I'm not sure what they are and what mine might be." --- As Artur was looking for the book about plants he needed, the two student seemed to have a little falling out, which ended with the boy leaving and the girl crying behind her books. "Don't forget to return the book later, please. Wouldn't want it to get lost, would we?" he said to the boy as he was leaving the library with his book held close. He then went to the girl behind the books. "Is something wrong, my girl?" he asked, standing beside her.
  20. Robb Stark, is that you? http://dragcave.net/lineage/ROBB9 It's a cop! http://dragcave.net/lineage/C0Phz
  21. Visit Brussels! The only capital where millions of people watch a boy pee!
  22. Jake watched as another student entered the room and stopped to observe Helios. It was the rude boy who started the commotion on the roof and mouthed off against Artur. He was glad the boy didn't take a bed near him. As far as first impressions went, that guy was the only one who made a bad impression on Jake. After Helios left, Jake took Merric's note out of his bag and got up as well. "I'm gonna go and grab a bite.", he said to no-one in particular as he left the room. Instead of going to the kitchen though, he went to the meeting room early. He wasn't really hungry anyway. Maybe there wouldn't be any other students in the meeting room yet, so he could ask one of the teachers about his reading without anyone else finding out. --- As the tour continued and Artur was alone again, he went back inside the infirmary and finished his prayer. After finishing, he went to the library. He wanted to research some plants he bought the other day, that - according to the salesman at least - might be helpful in the art of healing. When he arrived he noticed there were some students there too. He recognized the one with the hood from earlier and gave him a small nod. The other student was hidden behind a pile of books and seemed to be too busy to notice him.