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  1. Yay, two of my golds hatched! And all others already have big holes!
  2. Yes, I'm locked with three golds and four blues now!
  3. I've clicked more than 200 golds during the hour drop as fast as I can with my quite fast net (at least I think it's fast), but still nothing but blues? Whaaat? I think I'll really need to trade for these.
  4. Wow, the gold ones are almost impossible to get! Got two blues after 10 minutes and I'm now hunting for the gold ones.
  5. I think about 3 dragons grew up at the same time, but I treat this red as my first dragon.
  6. Well, I'm in Germany, but I'm also against this. This law is much too strong, not even the government should be allowed and able to block any website it wants.
  7. Still nothing, but I'm not surprised. Well, maybe next year!
  8. Well, I'm now trying to get every gender of every breed with only a good-lined alt black and a ND missing. Then I'm trying to get every sprite with frozen hatchlings. And after that ... well, I might start to get more and a CB of every breed.
  9. Again no summon success for about one year now. 1/maybe 50?
  10. I have one CB metal I traded for after almost 3 years now. I actually never even saw a CB gold in the cave, but maybe 3 silvers. Well, I'd still place a good-lined holly on number one and CB metals on number two. Once you've found out how to get NDs it isn't as hard as before (once you can ride a bike you most likely will always be successful afterwards, it's quite the same with NDs). Also 2nd gen offspring is still really rare. But metallics are generally bad for me, I got my last one in August and my breedings have failed every week since then (with about 15 metallics)!
  11. Well, I haven't had any luck at all for the past ... don't know, maybe 6 months? But congrats to all these metallic-catchers!
  12. I usually pick some of them up when I'm low on eggs because my tinsels or metallics failed to produce any offspring. But they're often quite annoying when you're hunting for a certain egg.
  13. Without influence I think I'm in the middle. Not really unlucky, but also not always successful. But I usually influence them, so no problem for me here.
  14. Yes, these golden outlines would really make a huge difference! I really liked the old gold sprites, but I'm ok with these, too. The horses look brilliant, and the male sunsong also looks good.
  15. Is there any winner who took a screenshot of the page he had to fill out before submitting it?
  16. Well, no mail for me... Congrats to the winners, though!
  17. I'd say hollies and NDs are the rarest when I include their worth. Hollies and NDs are both very sought after, and rarely any people are offering them as they are either available only once a year or you have to find out how to make them. For GoNs this is already known and it only depends on luck (even though you also need some of it for NDs, I have heard). Also you can trade both, while your GoN is bound to your scroll, and even if you have one it's actually useless for you except you having another pretty sprite on your scroll. Also I saw people with 20+ NDs, so I'd put these really only a little bit after the hollies.
  18. My first holiday dragon here was this 2009 pumpkin dragon. I unfortunately only got one in this event, don't know if I was unprepared or I just couldn't catch more. Joined slightly too late for the 2009 Vals.
  19. Yay, mine grew up! Earthgirl, I personally like them. They look new and a bit different, but that's nothing bad, is it? The colors and the shadings look just great!
  20. I don't know, but maybe the 3rd black egg I got. My first alt is from July 2009, and I joined in May.
  21. Wow, these are amazing! Their faces look a bit like a dog to me. But the wings are beautiful!
  22. Wow, that's good catching! On the 19th, when I saw most of them, I was mostly unable to catch a normal yulebuck, even though my internet is quite fast (catching the new holiday dragons on valentines day, halloween, chirstmas was no problem for me at all, all eggs in 5 minutes)! Don't have any idea why...
  23. Wow, I've never really had an injury. Except when I was maybe 8 years old I went bowling with my grandfather. When I wanted to take on of the bowling balls I placed my hand on the front, and exactly at that moment another one came back (from the direction of the pins) and hit my little finger, which broke. But I rarely even noticed this, I was surprised when we went for a routine check to a doctor and he said my little finger was broken and it might stop to grow. Well, not it's normal again without doing anything and it's the size of the little finger on the other hand. Lucky me!
  24. Lucky me got two this year, a stair and an even-gen. One was a part of a trade (well, actually more like a gift!) and the other one was a reflex-click in the AP.