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  1. I'm quite allergic to eggs, fruit, vegetables, cereals, fish, meat, nuts and diary cultures! Sorry, no. As far as I know, I'm not allergic to anything I know yet. My brother is allergic to some sunscreens, but not me.
  2. I actually only use influence if I need it for a lineage or if I want a dragon with a gender I don't have. I had maybe three fails since the action came out.
  3. Of course I'd love to be a holly, but I'd more likely be a hellfire or a skywing. Well, sometimes I can be quite aggressive, but otherwise I'm calm.
  4. I usually read two or three pages back to check if there's something I want (and can trade for ). I don't post really often myself, I'm more passive. But if I have something good, I make a post, of course.
  5. I also didn't use fansites (I really only put them in my signature in other forums!), didn't know anything about rarity as there was no DCwikia (at least I don't think so) and didn't really care for the lineage. And I only picked them up in the AP. I was then beginning to use the old fansites like "eggs will be dragons", SotiDragon and others. I believe there wasn't even a "Forums" button on top of the page when I joined!
  6. If you're asking yourself even on a vocation how you're dragons are growing and if you should have fogged that rare egg while you're away.
  7. I love this valentine dragon! Especially the quite thin belly and the wings!
  8. Mine just hatched too! And I have quite some valentine cards already! I'll name them when we can see the adults.
  9. That looks interesting? How did that happen?
  10. I really like the flowers and fancy gold cards. And I really had to laugh when I read the banana and potato poems!
  11. I'm now trying to get all valentine cards. Thanks for this great idea!
  12. I sent quite some randomly to get some from others in this topic. And I sent some of them to very nice people who gave me important things here or gifted me something rare.
  13. Is the card-sending the one-week event? I love it!
  14. These were really easy to catch! Almost too easy, I think, as it still should be a challenge to get the dragon. But doesn't matter, happy Valentine's Day everyone!
  15. Wooooow, finally my 2nd success! GoN #1: Nov 24, 2010 GoN #2: Feb 12, 2012 I think it was like try 51 or something like this. After almost two years I finally have them! Still any people out there who tried from the first appearance of the BSA to now and still have none? That'd be really disappointing.
  16. I actually like all sprites as they are, some look wonderful, some not as good as others, but still great. I quite miss the old golds as I "grew up with them". There's actually nothing I'd like to be changed.
  17. I like the magma adult quite well. The pattern on its back looks great, especially the fiery colors. The ice is the second.
  18. I haven't bred any of mine yet. I think I'll wait to to 14th, at least with most of them. Thanks for the news TJ!
  19. Well, I don't really remember that well, but the AP was blocked with blacks and some frills all the time. Sometimes there were some alt pinks. Metallics weren't that common then (I think I joined afterwards). Once I discovered how fansites work I just collected some dragons and with the time I learned about their rarity. I believe alts didn't have separate egg sprites in April '09, at least I didn't see any (please correct me if I'm wrong). Papers didn't have genders any more, but of course the eggs still had their old sprites.
  20. I have five now, with three adults. I've caught 3 of them myself, but they're quite hard to catch. They appear so rarely now as there are always some 100 people there.
  21. Well, 3 golds and 5 moonlights for me! Tomorrow I might try to hunt for more golds, but without mass drops it's not so easy.
  22. Wow, these golds are stunning! They look great, I'm sure they'll be very sought after (well, they currently are already). The blues also look good, but the golds are my favorites!
  23. Do you still see any? The cave is blocked all the time.
  24. I'll wait until TJ's are grown up, so I can make a name with a connection the the breed/appearance/behavior.