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  1. Finally one nebula decided to turn purple!
  2. Bred two tinsels and got another lumina!
  3. I actually come here every day or at least every 2nd day. I always have growing eggs or hatchlings here, but my gold trophy capacity is never fully used. My only (short) period of inactivity was maybe 3 weeks in the time the trio came out, and I've been active since then.
  4. Got one Ultraviolet x Ultraviolet = Ultraviolet
  5. Bred three purple x spitfire now, didn't manage to get any of the CBs yet, however.
  6. Red dorsal and albino hatched, ochredrake gendered correctly without influence!
  7. I have 30 adults (15 each) and one of each frozen. I didn't bite for months now and probably won't do any more. Vampires aren't my favorites either, so I'll stay at that number.
  8. Finally bred that gold tinsel I've been waiting for for over two months!
  9. I have 6 cheeses, 4 adults, one "gendered" and one s1. I'm also quite happy with my current amount of cheeses, even though I might get two or three more when I have more of the other breeds.
  10. Bred a neb and got two tinsels for freezing!
  11. Two turps grew up! Congrats everyone!
  12. My hatchlings gendered and I got some more turpentines!
  13. Turp X Turp = Turp Turp X Turp = Turp No "no interest" or no eggs produced so far.
  14. These have really nice sprites! Maybe not the most eye-catching dragon ever, but the contrast of the yellow and black just fits very well!
  15. Bred a silver and my nebula egg hatched!
  16. Finally also got all 42! The sprites are gorgeous, I especially like the one with the golden dragon around it!
  17. Yay, another festival of eggs! I just got on, so I have only one egg yet, but I'm sure I'll get all of them.
  18. My black decided to go alt and a silver hatched!
  19. Well, good to know it was a prank, even though you could somehow imagine. But if SOMETIME there's a real Dino Cave, I'll make sure to join!
  20. Well, that smells like an April fools joke. Nevertheless, I have signed up for an invention code. But is there already anybody a member of the site?
  21. I might apply, too. Don't know if I have good chances, but it's worth a try, right?