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  1. My vase with all flowers now, except the lolgardenia.
  2. My 2nd gen silver tinsel finally gendered (correctly) and I'm almost done collecting all flowers!
  3. It indeed got better - after one silver last week, I got one gold and one silver today! Perhaps it's really worth looking for CB metals again...
  4. Pretty much all kinds of blue, though not the really light ones, and red.
  5. "I will not make more than a single scroll. I'm perfectly content on just a single scroll. I frown upon those who use multiple scrolls and holding scrolls. REAL family members and friends are not holding scrolls and will not be used as such. I will not make a holding scroll and claim it to be a family member or friend."
  6. Well, nothing again for me... But still, congrats to all winners!
  7. My House Well, I'm not too creative, but it's ok, I think. Maybe I can get some feedback?
  8. Got mine already, despite a little bit of lag! Merry Christmas everyone!
  9. Just finished the cooking event! It was quite funny to experiment around, and I can't wait go decorate the gingerbread house, too!
  10. I have two adult hollies, both from last year. One was an IOU trade, the other one was pretty much a gift (well, we traded, but what I gave was definitely less worth than what I got). One of them bred already and produced one egg which I gifted to someone who was searching for one desperately.
  11. My first holly bred successfully and I gifted its offspring to a person searching one. And he went on giving it to his girlfriend! Feeling happy now! And I can't be too far away from finishing the recipes!
  12. Done with the basics of the cooking event and now collecting the red star recipes. I have to say that this one is really creative and a lot of fun! As theere are currently so many old Christmas dragons around, I'll breed the majority of mine most likely on the 24th or 25th. Same goes for my 2nd holly. I have no idea what this year's Christmas dragon will be... But I'm sure it will be quite interesting again to hunt them and midnight! Apart from that, I gifted the offspring of my first holly and the giftee gave it to his friend! A nice gesture of him, and I'm happy I could help! All Holly hunters out there, good luck!
  13. I like the this year's halloweens, especially that really aggressive looking male! This one was a great Halloween, really! There was simply so much, ToT made its comeback and the Aliset story was funny and interesting, too! A really big 'Thank you!' to everyone who helped to organize this event!
  14. Couldn't access the forums earlier, too much lag. But I also managed to get 7 of them quite quickly after the release. Definitly wasn't hard in the least-populated biome, even though there was some lag, the page refreshed pretty quickly. I was surprised how long the first hour-drop lasted! And there are probably not so many people online because it's not on the 31st and less have time. But this sure will be an interesting dragon if you ask me!
  15. Tried two hatchies - got two zombies! I guess I'll leave it at that, though, and try to 'normally' revive the other dead hatchlings as I have every stage of zombies now!
  16. 2/2 hatchies turned! Wohoooo! I have every kind of zombie dragon now (two adults, three hatch), so I'll probably stop it here. But perhaps I'll still try for some more. Hm...
  17. Quite cool event this year! Got all treats today and completed the Aliset event yesterday (also have all items there)! And I have to say, it was fun. I would have imagined there'd be more treats to collect, but this way it's probably easier to collect them all (which was quite hard 2010! There were like 65 treats or so, right?). I managed to catch 7 Halloweens off the AP which hatch tomorrow, when I'm going for another 7 to be unlocked again on the 31st. Can't wait to see the new dragon already. It will be fun again with over 1000 people there, even though catching them became easier with the biomes! And of course I'll be trying for female und ungendered hatch zombie, the only ones I'm missing.
  18. Okay, thanks for letting us know!
  19. GiratinaOF

    2012-07-22 - Updates

    I really like the new updates. Especially the BSA page and actions will become handy, I think.
  20. My ultraviolett gendered correctly and I got that silver tinsel I needed for freezing!
  21. Yes, updates! Have my two summons already, but the BSA sorting will be a great addition!
  22. Yes, updates! Really all of them seem really useful, none that you don't need! Thanks TJ for announcing!
  23. Finally one nebula decided to turn purple!
  24. Bred two tinsels and got another lumina!