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  1. Got one nice upside-down mint and all 54 eggs!

    Thanks to everyone involved in organizing the event and creating the sprites. I especially liked the combination of April Fool's and the Festival of Eggs, all with separate sprites. :)

  2. Really nice ones I got so far:


    Violets are red - Roses are blue - One statement's false - The other untrue.

    These flowers are actually blue! Those violets are posers!

    May all your pokemon be shiny!

    Happy Valentine's Day from my dragons to yours !

  3. Well, I definitly had a good start! I actually planned how to get as many as possible and there are quite some good lineages (the bad ones will become frozen hatchies. The Val 09 ones really look cute wink.gif ).

    Now I'm interested what the event and the 2014 dragons will be. We'll find out soon, I guess smile.gif