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    Prize Central

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    CB Prizes: A User Guide

    Congrats on your Prize! I haven't done any in-depth research but I've kept a spreadsheet of Yellowstone's breedings since March 2015. Feel free to PM me if you'd like to take a look at it. Every Prize seems to have their own quirks but I've bred her to a fair number of commons/uncommons so it might help give you some idea.
  3. Bison

    Bring Back CB Vampires

    I, personally, do not feel that is a legitimate reason. Just because TJ said it doesn't mean everyone has to agree.
  4. Bison

    Bring Back CB Vampires

    Its funny what causes, desires, and playstyles get considered useless and unnecessary in the forum... I have yet to see a legitimate reason to not re-release CB Vampires. As many have already brought up Vampires can't breed so new CBs won't have any negative impact on anything. All their re-release would do is make people who want them happy. That's all. Vampires aren't rare, they can't breed, their BSA isn't particularly useful. Since every other Holiday dragon has had CBs re-released I think Vampires should get one too.
  5. Bison

    Transparency in DC

    I don't really feel up to going through things super in depth since everyone has already covered what I feel. But something needs to change. TJ is completely alienated from the users. I don't think he spends enough time in the community to really understand what the users really want, enjoy, dislike, or even get out of the game. I was busy moving so I missed the entire Sweetling drama but I can't even begin to imagine how he thought it was a good idea to remove the alts. Not everyone likes them, obviously, but the rash decision to randomly remove such a sought after sprite for lineages really shows a complete lack of understanding the community. Of course it ended badly; anyone who spends time on the forums (even if it was just during Valentine's looking at trading threads for a few minutes) could have predicted that. DC is the worst run pet site I've been a part of. Its a great idea, that we all obviously love, and its amazing that its stood the test of time so far even as forums, signatures, click pets, etc die off in favor of apps, Facebook, video games, etc. But without adapting, which requires understanding and communicating with the community as a whole, I really don't think it'll be able to keep up much longer. Every other old pet site with One Big Boss that I play finally accepted help or more help in the past few years. All of those pet sites were vastly improved by adding some fresh eyes and new ideas to the table. Dragon Cave has so much potential and I'd love to see it realized before all the loyal users are driven away.
  6. Bison

    Happy Valentine's 2018 Trading Thread!

    HAVE 2G Radiant Angel from Silver Tinsel WANT 1 CB Val 09 hatchling & 1 CB Rosebud hatchling *** No eggs - unfortunately I missed most of the event and don't have the time to hatch them all *** Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!
  7. This would be so helpful!
  8. Bison

    ANSWERED:Don’t reduce holiday clutch sizes

    I could support a slight lowering (max 4 to max 3 like previously mentioned) if and only if all holiday CB limits are removed (or at least raised) and the Holiday biome is permanent. But right now I really don't think we have enough information about how these new CBs will impact holiday breeding, abandoning, and AP hunting to make changes. I really think we need to wait at least a couple years to see how things balance out over time and how the userbase adjusts to the new CBs. Holidays only breed true once a year so I feel we should tread carefully before stripping down the amount of available eggs. Halloween is probably going to be crazy again but I'd rather see how it plays out before we start preemptively limiting things. No one had any idea that Halloween CBs were going to return last year so people were completely unprepared for it. When Christmas came along people guessed it would happen and adjusted their breeding. I think a lot of people will keep adjusting as we get used to all having CBs and plentiful G2s to make interesting lineages with.
  9. Bison

    Grab multiple clutch eggs

    While I wouldn't be opposed to some way to keep one extra egg from Celestial pairings I don't want to see their multiclutches disappear or be able to be entirely kept by the breeder. I like that multiclutches are a thing sometimes. Its nice to be able to breed Yellowstone with a Celestial or at holidays and give other people the chance to catch a G2. As it is now if you don't like multiclutching you can just avoid breeding all of your dragons or those you don't want to multiclutch with the few breeds that do. If there were a lot of breeds that forced multiclutching and abandonment of eggs I'd probably feel differently but I don't really see it as a huge issue. Its just a small part of one normal breed and all holiday breeds during holidays.
  10. Honestly I'm shocked this hasn't happened already, especially with the story-heavy events we've had. Writers are artists and deserve recognition too. Its pretty frustrating that so many petsites just shrug writing off and pass it along to the people who make their digital art as an extra chore instead of getting actual writers.
  11. Bison

    Fixing the Current CB Prize System

    The monthly raffles are the fix to the lack of CBs. For a while we thought the raffle was gone for good and I'm thrilled the monthly raffles were started to give everyone a chance to see if RNG will be on their side. I still haven't seen anyone come up with a fairer way to distribute CBs aside from Trader's Canyon, or possibly in-game achievements/trophies. I don't feel like trying to dig for the post any more than I already have (sorry, I just couldn't find it) but the last time I saw a thread like this TJ replied with the statistical probability of repeat raffle winners. The difference would be so small that imo, the time spent coding something like a cooldown for repeat winners would be a waste of time. I personally feel that coding time could be better spent on features that improve the cave for everyone, like BSAs or other suggestions, instead of putting a bandaid on the repeat winner drama. There will always be some people who win more than once and some people will always be angry about that. That's not something that can ever be stopped. So I don't support any suggestion along the lines of a cooldown or limit on raffle wins. As for making CB prizes breed better to deflate the value of G2's faster, eh. I don't particularly care either way. I think easier breeding would be nice, no matter what it does to the "value" of the eggs, since there's still many personal breedings and swaps that I want to do. I could see a deliberate change causing drama by upsetting people who traded quite a lot for G2s, but really anything involving Prizes is a giant dramafest anyways so that may not necessarily be a deal breaker to TJ.
  12. Bison

    Tiny Little Questions

    Thank you!
  13. Bison

    Tiny Little Questions

    Which hatcheries allow dragons to be added by code? I can only find one.
  14. Bison

    Raise the Hours on Ward

    I still support this. Something needs to be done. Completely random people are losing eggs in the blink of an eye. Honestly sickness just needs to finally be done away with; this entire mess is proving its still extremely broken and only serves as an easy way for people to destroy irreplaceable pieces of another person's gameplay experience. CBs can, in theory, be caught again (but not always... its the holidays so many people are busy) but there's only one chance a year to breed Christmas dragons. Its ridiculous that nasty trolls can just wipe those eggs out. Imo, its long past time to stop allowing this to happen.
  15. This would be a dream come true. Back in the day you could only have two of each Christmas/Valentine's dragon, forever. If you wanted the hatchling sprite you were forced to freeze. There was no way around it; that's just how the game used to work. But times have changed and so many years have passed. I'd love to be able to create more lineages and gift/AP more cool 2nd gens but I'm stuck. I don't want to lose the dragons I've had for years. I'm very attached to them at this point. If I have to I'll keep them and stay at a disadvantage. But I really wish this old remnant of the past would be updated to suit the way the game works now, which is so very very different from how it used to work then.
  16. Admittedly 12 pages is pretty rare, although it has legitimately taken me that many to find dragons before. Usually its like 5-6 pages. My dragons are always sorted by breed but I have no idea what page certain breeds are on. Its impossible to keep track of because its always changing. I may think I know what page a breed is on but I'm always always wrong, unless they're right at the front or back. Its easily to know where "Gold" is in the alphabet but its not as easy for everyone to keep track of which page they're on on your scroll.
  17. If this is possible it would be so helpful! Its always a pain having to go through 10-20 pages trying to find the one with the species I'm looking for.
  18. Bison

    Add cooldown time to Freezing

    Support. Its always confusing and frustrating to figure out when exactly I can freeze again.
  19. Bison

    Cleaning up AP from Halloween

    Its a shame I missed the hatchling wall but some Halloweens are still popping up. I missed a couple but caught a 12h Desipis just a few minutes ago.
  20. This would all be super helpful.
  21. Bison

    Cleaning up AP from Halloween

    Why would TJ purge the AP?
  22. Bison

    Great Lineages Found in the AP

    You're welcome!
  23. Bison


    I'm in full support of achievements of any kind. Badges, benefits, text, nothing... I don't care. I'd be thrilled to see anything. There's absolutely nothing to do on DC for days at a time. If your slots are full you have no reason to visit. If you don't make up your own complicated goals there are no goals. There's nothing to help pull people into the site and motivate them to stay. And while its nice to have a casual game, sometimes I want to play DC but I literally can't. I have no choice but to leave for literal days and play something else. That's really bad for a game these days when there's so much competition from games with much less downtime. Achievements of some sort are a very basic feature that are extremely motivating to a lot of people. If you don't want to complete them you don't have to, but imo anything that would help encourage people to stick around and give us something to do on DC would be awesome.
  24. Bison

    Names you can't believe you got.

    I'm pretty thrilled with 'The Shadow Out Of Time' for one of my Omens!
  25. Bison

    2017-10-31 - Happy Halloween!

    Wow, they're definitely one of the most beautiful dragons we've ever gotten! Their tile view is much too tiny for me to really have any interest in breeding them, but man I might just hoard them anyways. They look more piece of art than dragon and I love it!