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  1. YouTube seems perfectly content at taking off softcore porn ASAP, as well as any potential copyright infringements. However, they seem to be taking their sweet time on getting rid of videos like this (WARNING: depicts animal cruelty), where the content is far more serious. This video has been up for a couple of years already. How the hell is that acceptable?? Especially considering you have people who have no doubt flagged and reported its content? And as for the people who did this, I think they deserve to go to jail. They are a potential danger to society, people who would torture a tra
  2. I don't vilify killing, I vilify torture. When people put mice in pots and pour boiling water on them, or use glue traps and throw them out alive, etc that isn't pest control - that's just being evil.
  3. I know. But it seems that small animals are the victims most, because either there are no laws to protect them or people just see them as "vermin".
  4. Does anyone live in Australia? Apparently three evil people caught three mice in a pot, and boiled them alive. They posted it on their Facebook. Report them to the RSPCA if you can!
  5. You can use olive oil to rescue the animals from them.
  6. is pretty cruel. The animal's suffering yet the guy makes a plug for perhaps one of the worst animal traps ever invented. How cowardly and disgusting is that?
  7. So? My rats love chewing on things, that doesn't mean I should allow it to chew on my hand-carved wooden chess set. And auria, I already said I make exceptions to last resort cases. Yes, you're right, sometimes converting doesn't work no matter how hard you try. Yes they do. That's pretty much what constriction does - if you don't want to use crush, then tighten/squeeze. The snake still has to apply pressure to suffocate the animal. Hmm, yes, tell that to the squealing, wriggling animal while it's being constricted. In a perfect world, your case would happen
  8. Wow, what a horrible pet store! Glad it was closed down. Probably broke quite a few laws in the process. I recommend watching billflower's videos on YT, has some very informative stuff on live feeding.
  9. That's why you thaw it, silly. You don't just give a snake a frozen animal to eat. I've heard the "dead either way" excuse before, and not just for snake feedings either. I'm sorry, but that doesn't justify causing something a painful death or risking your pet to bites. From what I've read here you don't seem to know how mice/rats are euthanised, and I'll tell you now, it's not by drowning. It's done by either CO2 or cervical dislocation, far more humane than being frightened in an enclosed space and slowly crushed to death. Google is your friend. Go to some popular snake forums and see h
  10. I've owned several parrots, a couple of ferrets, several rats and several blue tongue lizards in the past. Currently I own three rats, an iguana and a couple of geckos. There's no excuse feeding a snake a live mouse when it can take pre-killed. None at all.
  11. Lol, how can you be -1? Unless you don't have feet? I don't believe you either. Everyone is ticklish, to some degree. Either they're really poor ticklers or you have a super specific spot no one has tried yet.
  12. Well? Are you? Promise I won't tell anyone! From a 0 - 10, 10 being the highest on the tickle rating, how ticklish are you on your: 1) Belly. 10 2) Ribs. 10 3) Underarms. 10 4) Neck. 10 5) Back. 10 6) Feet. 10 7) Sides 10 I'm one of those people who are ticklish EVERYWHERE! Even on the palms of my hands! EDIT: Damnit forgot sides!