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  1. Short, long nails scare me, getting scratched with those things, eek I keep the ones on my index fingers long enough to be just shorter than the fingertip so I can get stuff and the rest have pretty much no white part.
  2. I definitely don't act my age much, I'm 15 going on 8 My friends often tell me to grow up, but I don't want to Of course one of them was just mad I was being sarcastic about her double standard D;
  3. All this talk of restaurant bathrooms has reminded me During free period last year one guy went to use the bathroom. He comes out and remarks "There are donuts in the sink" Another guy goes in and confirms it After lunch period the donuts had disappeared, and weren't in the trash. wat
  4. In Spanish class we had to take things off the board and hand them to the teacher while saying the word in Spanish I picked a boat I don't know the word for boat Boats are now water horses |: also my friend and I will start saying "Iman" or "IN AN ALLEY" progressively getting louder Then she'll just yell really loudly because I'm too quiet One day people actually payed attention and for the next several minutes one guy was asking which one of us said it and if she was on helium. Another time in Spanish we had a snack day and I had an extra spoon. I then proceeded to carry it around for the rest of the day and stand there having a whole conversation with my friend while stabbing him with it. In the next class I drew a face on it To this day it is still in the outer pocket of my lunchbox
  5. Not quite public, but one of the girls bathrooms at schools just happens to smell exactly like the monkey house at the zoo. I don't even remember going to gas station bathrooms, though I do remember doing a number on a movie theater bathroom. Stomach bug caught from my cousin, end of a movie, I couldn't hold the puke in It was lovely Felt bad for the guy cleaning it
  6. The taste was like I wanted either really sweet or salty, maaaybe a mix of both But it was all Not that sweet. Or salty. Like, like, distorted banana No me gusta :<
  7. I wouldn't mind some snow over here, we had some around october or early november, but it was only enough to thinly coat the ground before sunrise. It would definitely make walking to class more fun : D Human ice trains~ On the other hand, no more cold ;_;
  8. I'm repeatedly called 'the basket case' by my friend for my habit of eating applesauce sandwiches for lunch It's the kind my mom makes so it's all that cinnamon-y apple chunky goodness : D just with bread Also, when I was little, fruit loop cheese and banana sandwiches were thebestthebestthebest Too bad there are no fruit loops around :< I'd eat ittt Oh, and tried fried plantains once NEVER AGAIN
  9. Was walking across campus one day, heard my friend make a noise of disapproval, look into the road, dead possum with its insides showing. Luckily it was taken away before that class ended and it was the first class of the day. Getting a ride to school on the first day, we stop, I look out the window, dead squirrel in the road with blood just everywhere. Watching my grandpa eat. It is comparably gross to the roadkill incidents. Can't really think of too much else
  10. Luckily I haven't had anything too bad, so this is like nothing compared to others. I dislocated my ankle (wasn't bad) last year playing floor hockey (Not exactly graceful over here) I couldn't walk on it at all at first, but then I ended up having to limp to class across campus and the bus, didn't fix it until a week or two later through much pulling and twisting of my own doing. Said injury took place in the middle of the week, and at the time I had to carry about 20 pounds of books on my back, possibly less if I was lucky I enjoy my ability to be less injured in car accidents than in sports
  11. I've been stealing my brothers copies of the games while he's at college |3 He has every game released in the US :'D Just beat the third game, Trials and tribulations Apollo Justice has not lived up to expectations so far :< ohgodthatfirsttrialwhatwasthat The Professor layton crossover better not be Japan-only |:
  12. Pokemon + number combo I like And so I was born
  13. My basement, with the person I'm in a relationship with Sometime in April 2009. I find it humorous how proud they are they got my first >w< My basement is where everything happens |: Because basements are just good for that.
  14. I'm lucky to have nice parents Well... When my mom isn't really stressed and getting more aggravated by the minute she's absolutely fine. Hate her mindset that cold water makes me calm down, it doesn't, especially when that was my last clean outfit other than pajamas and I'm already hysterical. (Bad night that was, geometry homework was HELL, HELL) OTHERWISE We're like bffs :3 I don't tell her everything but we still joke about stuff and annoy my brother |D My dad I don't talk to as much, not that he isn't nice and stuff, I'm just not a sports lover like him, sometimes he tries to relive his childhood through me by trying to get me to school games, saying my friends will be there. Seeing how 2 of my best friends have graduated, one is in Vermont and the other working, and my other friends spent their weekends at home (or at the arcade) they will most definitely not be there. Wat offtopic rambling strikes again
  15. My room is too small and I can't afford a desk, yay! But this TV tray, there's prolly a bunch of stuff on and under it
  16. My mom has a Saturn vue That thing is a tank It gets hit on the side by some minivan (I think it was a mercedes) going over 30mph and the only damage is to the doors and a bruise on my elbow. One of the outer shells of the doors was in the street for a week after though There was more damage done to the car that hit us I think, partly because the driver sped home faster than she was going when she hit us If Saturn hadn't gone out of business I would've wanted one when I'm older
  17. I don't have any allergies that I know of.
  18. I have 35 left to find @_@ I get home from a carppy day and find this. This is one of the few things that made my day >.>
  19. "RESPAWN IN 3....." >.> I don't even play Halo unless I'm at my cousin's house, but I'd do it for the lulz
  20. I named one of my Neos FULG because it sounded cool and the code was ULFG
  21. Um, I thought that it was brain activity while we're asleep causing them. (/going science-y) >_> I just remembered one! I had it at my cousins house when we were visiting them. I can't remember part of it, but I guess that I was walking around outside,but there were like, black panels opening up in the ground. All of a sudden this black thing just leaps across where I was going to walk. Then I woke up and saw their cat on my feet. turns out their cat used a cheat code to get into my dreams >_>
  22. i had one where my best friend almost chocked me to death, and the witnesses didn't believe me. (right after I was posting somewhere about how I wouldn't trust her with a knife on a desert island when we were the only people there) Then I forget some stuff in-between, but then for some reason I was on a bus full of orphans in some kind of trash heap. It was pretty messed up I know that, but I forgot a lot of it. ._. I had a lot of freaky ones, like a few years ago, for some reason I dreamed I was living in some floating pagoda, but the power went out, so my mom came to bring me a lantern, but while she was talking, that big giant four-armed robot thing from Star Wars (the one with the internal organs showing) just came up with some light-sabers and well, I woke up. ..... I've had a few freaky dreams about the computer room, like me watching a movie on the computer, but sitting on the floor, and I see a little triangular black thing poking out from behind the computer, power, thing. And when I called for my mom she wouldn't come ;_; The other was this year, I dreamed the room was haunted. I get the feeling I'm being watched a lot in here, so it freaked me out more. There was a funny one though that was induced by playing too much Harvest Moon (GBA version for girls) it was exactly like the little farm you get, but when my character went outside, Luigi and the Italian Mafia was waiting outside. I forget what the text boxes said but Luigi's name was registered as "Mama Luigi' (I was watching youtube poop a lot then) oh, and then they beat my character up for some reason. .....I thought it was funny at least. the other recent dream I posted in the Scared Thread, but since it's a dreams thread, the heck with it. I guess my house had a bunch of spiders in it, but they were the size of my head, so my family was hitting them with hammers to kill them, but each time they got hit, they'd multiply, but smaller. (If anyone's played Super Mario Sunshine it's like the giant manta ray at the Hotel level, but with spiders and much more horrifying) We couldn't kill them, so we went to the basement to retreat, then for some reason, I turned into a newly-wed woman o_O and the basement was all like, frozen but with pools of water everywhere, and the spiders died when they fell in, oh and we went through some tunnels and ended up on the roof, but then I fell into a pool of water, apparently the deadly pool chemicals were killing the spiders and it was mentioned earlier, but then I woke up. Then when I went back to sleep I dreamed I murdered a girl with a shovel while trying to keep her from drowning .______. then the whole town shunned me, and the parents of the girl just kept making everything worse. I ended up having to live at this crazy house where the driveway was at about a 90 degree angle and covered in ornamental carpets. My dreams are so weird.
  23. Can I be listed as a supporter? I do most of the things on the list, but I'm not very good at following rules >___>
  24. I like the idea. I have a bunch of female red dragons and male black dragons. I don't want to get confused and end up accidentally end up inbreeding them D: I hear some people kill inbred dragons, I haven't had one dragon on my scroll die, and that would leave me pretty sad to see it happen. I wouldn't mind if it were frozen or released, but killed? No, just no. I give them similar names too, and I know other users name dragons after their parents, which could only add to the confusion. There's also the fact i can barely remember the splits. I actually had to go through my scroll and check all the breeding dates to see what my dragon bred with and failed D: It was kind of annoying. I don't keep a document or anything because my parents use the computer, and we have to go on deleting sprees or else the computer will go very slow. They also don't actually know what I do on the computer >_> (/is secretive) I support the idea fully.
  25. I had a vine dragon with the code linz (caps messed) So I named it vines In Linez, pretty horrible, but my mind was pretty dead then And then there's my water dragon. whose code was hdl8, so I named it Puddles in high def Now I'm going and looking over the codes, there are so many I could've used D: I ended up naming them all after their parents (if any) anyway. Or just going for some random names.