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  1. Thats sad. I have a rat and a ferret- obviously, they can be out at the same time! Whizzy is about 5-ish years old (we rescued him) and hes so funny! We bathe him once a month and clean out his litterbox everyday. He does have a musky odor to him, but its not overwealming. He loves to curl up in a nice, dirty pile of clothes and take a nap (they usually sleep about 20 hours a day) and he'll get underfoot for an hour or two at night Dita is a hairless rat, and because shes a female, a little "I'llhave it my way, when I want it" if YKWIM? Shes an only rat now (she did have a female cage-mate, she died of a virus a few months after we brought them home) and loves chilling out in my hoodie while I'm wearing it. Rats are the easiest things to feed- fruits, veggies, some seed and a few kibbles of dog food, and shes happy! Have fun with the rats- just make sure they're the same gender! Also, males tend to be less moody than females IME, but it may be wrong...
  2. Oh, I havn't posted in awhile and I went on a naming spree recently! Pygmy mates: You gunna finish that (F) Actually I was (M) Female albinos: Cling Wrap Queen and Cling Wrap Princess Purple dino: Flying purple peep eater Cheese: the stinky cheese man Sandstone: I'm flamboyant (its in the description!) Mage male : Walk softly with big stick (the frozen below him is "Dont mind me" which I didn't plan!) A gold I was given during the latest melt-down: Just an Extra Fewl (I have a naming scheme of "Fewl" with my golds) Frozen summer: wheres the pool Alt black (F) Ray of Flippin Sunshine Balloon : Air Head Frozen Vine : A shrubbery for Ni
  3. I like it! I was thinking more along the lines of the highway at night, but thats even better! Thankies!
  4. Male Spring Hatchie- Pepe le Pue (Hopefully mate/partner in crime for Flauer) Blue Stripe - The Golden Smurf (unoriginal, I know) Frozen sunset hatchie - Swallow with a Coconut Frozen sunrise hatchie - Is it a Eurapean Swallow Daydream pair- (f) Look a bird (m) Its a Plane Frozen water - Miniscule Splash (adult is Epic Splash) Waiting for Fog to gender- that one will require some thought (other adult on the scroll is Titanic's Nightmare)
  5. Frozen pebble (gendered wrong) Im da baby - my adult pebble is Tao Baby for his code Daydream male and mate to "Look a Bird" - "Its a plane" Frozen guardian - "Touchy no-no" - the adult is named "No Touchy"
  6. My 3rd new pink in a row that I posted on the "wrong gender" thread, never got a response, un-fogged to freeze and she grew up "I resisted Freezing" "Fewls Gold" new mate (hopefully) "Fewl in Love" Frozen black hatchie: "Can I be a real Dragon Hatchling (♀,❄) Actions Get Code 534 386 1 " None of my hatchies have gendered, but I'm hoping for some silly pair names
  7. I am pleased to introduce: Apple Pi (hopefully male and mate for Kewl Whipp) whip tail Thrill my Frill - male Frill I has a Glow - female silver I think I already told you guys about "Pokey slow-slow" and "I was a NICU baby" right?
  8. Please meet my 2 newest named hatchies: Pokey Slow-Slow - red dorsal that waited until 3 days on the nose to hatch and I'm a NICU baby - a new pink I saved off the AP at 1 day, 2 hours and hatched within 15 minutes of me grabbing him/her.
  9. I love that I was able to tell what breed all your hatchies were before their sprites even loaded! Bwahaha! Love it!
  10. @ Grizabella Dont feel bad, I do stuff like that too. My calander at work has dates and approx. times of my eggs/hatchies hatching ro growing up and what to get when they do. Also has the day of the week I usually breed each pair I have My SO says I'm crazy until I point out how much he plays WoW pee ess - I just named my female gold hatchie (first gold- *squee!*) Fewl's Gold My fog's name is Titanics Nightmare
  11. I just named my frist Fog "Titanic's Nightmare" I named my white stripe Miss Teak (Mystique from X-men- for her ability to produce different-colored eggs) And my Gold will get something Goldie-like