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  1. I collect Windstone dragons and Breyer horses. I also collect griffin figurines. Also clothes. (Just kidding... but my tendency to never throw clothes away DOES sometimes make a trip to the closet feel like a visit to a museum!)
  2. This post should be titled "Eight Illogical Things, and A Few Conundrums Considered". 1. Most dragon species are at *least* as big as a horse, but their eggs are only 3x bigger than a chicken's egg?! Ostrich eggs are bigger than that! 2. Wings growing in at maturity: I cannot think of a single living species that grows an entire new limb at puberty (aside from things that change shape completely, like tadpoles or caterpillars). Generally, if it has bones, it's born with them, or the framework (cartilage/several smaller bones that later fuse) for them. This drives me more than a little nuts when I think about it. *makes a face* 3. It takes a hundred years or more for some species to mature; Bright Pinks only mate every 200 years... but only 2 weeks/1 week passes, in my perspective. ...Am I a god in this world? o.O *muttering* The universe is mine to command, to control! 4. As others have noted: this many large predators living in such a small area would completely wipe out the area's ecosystem. Presumably the fiercest would live a while longer by eating other dragons, but still -- either all dragons will be extinct in fifty years, or the actual population density of dragons is such that maybe one person a decade would see one. Yes, some dragons are vegetarian... but that means they're eating massive amounts of vegetation that therefore can't be eaten by deer or buffalo or other prey species, so unless the carnivorous dragons are eating mostly other dragons, there's no way that the dragon density is sustainable. Likewise, some dragons, like Stones or Nebulas, might conserve energy and only need to eat infrequently; but activity level and food intake are pretty inseparably linked, so for things like Whiptails and Ridgewings and others with descriptions that include frequent, energetic activity, they'd have to eat a LOT. Sometimes I think DragCave is an alternate universe where dragons have evolved to take over every ecological niche, so there *are* no deer, wolves, whales, etc. 5. Why are all dinos given the same description despite being clearly different species? 6. Hourly large drops: Does anyone else picture a huge crowd of humans standing around making grabbyhands, while a bunch of lady dragons look ticked off and mutter to each other telepathically, "Ex-CUSE me, I'm trying to LAY AN EGG here! It's a maternity ward, not the Superbowl! Who invited all these humans to come and stare!?" 7. Bright Pink dragons are described as their own species; so how can they produce Light Pink babies? (With a non-Light Pink mate, I mean. Though the whole "only one parent's DNA is used" thing is highly illogical, anyway!) 8. Others have pointed out that Pebble eggs have no pebble and Magi eggs have no aura; has anyone pointed out that the Albino desc says "you can see the baby dragon inside" and yet there's definitely no dragon visible? ---------- On the other hand, there are some things I have worked out tolerable answers to: My brain has boggled at this for a while, and finally concluded that dragons must mate like salamanders rather than like reptiles: the male drops a spermatophore on the ground, the female picks it up. This also explains why Pygmies can't breed with larger ones: spermatophore is too small/too large for the Pygmy partner. Stomp on them, use a dagger, push a big rock onto them, pitch them over a cliff, tie them in a sack and throw them in a river, cast a freezing or burning spell on them, poke a hole in the shell with a stick, roll them into a bear enclosure... Maybe Stone and Geode eggs would give you some trouble, but I think it'd be pretty easy to kill most other eggs. Even Stones and Geodes, though, may not be made of actual rock; doesn't the desc just say 'this egg is rough, *like* stone'? I'm assuming some kind of magical tether is involved that both prevents them from eating you and also keeps them confined to a certain area. If I know magic spells to prevent aging and revive the dead, a magical leash shouldn't be too hard. Likewise, my dragons don't eat/burn/drip on/trample my scroll by accident because I've laid a protective spell on it, and they (attempt to) breed with the mate I want them to have because I can magically guide them to do so. -- Maybe the reason for the cooldown period is because magically forcing a dragon's body to become reproductively ready is rough on the dragon (like IVF treatments for humans), so they need time to recover? Or maybe they're just sulking because either you made them mate with THAT JERK, DO YOU THINK I HAVE NO TASTE!? or else you let them mate and make a baby with THAT AWESOME GUY/GIRL, and then took the egg away. *giggles* Use a shovel. For Thunders and Electrics, make sure it's a shovel with a rubber grip. Or levitate it with magic. As for being able to grab a heavy egg and run off with it... well, as the first illogic says, apparently they're only 3x larger than a chicken egg, so that wouldn't exactly be hard to grab, though it might take both hands. Me, I've designed a special egg scooper-upper. Like those bowls-on-a-stick that let you scoop up and throw a doggie tennis ball without getting your hands drooly.
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    TV Tropes Will Ruin Your Vocabulary -- THIS IS SO TRUE. I just used three trope names in a conversation this morning when explaining MlP: Friendship is Magic to a friend. *facepalming*
  4. I said silver, since aqua/teal weren't options.
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    I love fanfiction, and spent many years reccing HP fic! I currently read in White Collar, BBC Sherlock, X-Men: First Class, Loveless, Vorkosigan Saga, Temeraire, Star Trek XI, Good Omens, Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy XII, and Harry Potter, with a little bit of Dr. Who/Torchwood and Criminal Minds on the side. I have 365 bookmarks on my AO3 account, and that's just a tiny fraction of the fics I have saved in my Firefox bookmarks... I have written 10 stories, all short, in the following fandoms: Loveless, Harry Potter, Hurog, The Last Unicorn, Dragaera, Works of Ursula Vernon, Valdemar, and White Collar. I would provide links, but I'm not sure the DCForums rules would allow it. (Which is why I haven't discussed pairings, either...)
  6. This sort of blanket statement I find really irritating, mainly because there are now SO MANY studies out there that ALSO show how parents push these kinds of differences onto children from a young age. Women probably do NOT "naturally" cooperate; but we're penalised for fighting more strongly than boys are, guided toward seeing ourselves as 'caretakers' more than boys are, and criticised if we fail to show empathy. A few studies/tests I remember: Children put in a ring they had to climb out of: parents helped girls sooner than boys when they had difficulty with the task! Baby randomly assigned pink or blue outfit and shown to people: people called the pink-clad babies "pretty" and "delicate", the blue-clad babies "strong" regardless of the baby's actual sex! Children throwing/striking a toy on the ground where parents can see: Girls are told "don't hit your doll, that hurts her"; boys told "don't break your toys"! Not to mention that, as adults, women's opinions are often less valued than men's; it may be that the ONLY way you can get your boss to listen is to apply pressure through sheer numbers. So your choice is to collaborate, or not be heard... If men faced that, they'd cooperate too!
  7. Given that I'm female, and U.S. women still earn only 77 cents for every dollar men make? YES, I believe sexism is still around and I also believe everyone who believes all humans are equal ought to be concerned about it... and *doing* something about it, whether it's as big as becoming a lawmaker so you can promote equality nationwide, or as simple as teaching kids you interact with that "you [activity] like a girl" (etc.) is a bad thing to say, and why.
  8. Just a warning: The poll is set up so that your data is going to be useless -- anyone with 2, 4, 10, 14, 19, 30, or 45 metallics either can't answer it (there is no 19!) or has to pick at random one of two valid answers (I have 2; do I choose 1-2 or 2-4?).
  9. When you wake up with your fingers moving and realise you're hitting CTRL+R in your sleep. When your breeding projects have to occupy an entire spiral notebook because there are too many to keep in your head. When you time your meals so that you won't be distracted during the hourly drops. When you have an elaborate naming system that outsiders probably wouldn't even notice but requires you to dedicate a couple pages of the abovementioned notebook to keeping straight. When catching a CB silver makes you get up out of your chair to spin with delight. When you've memorised the web addresses of at least three hatcheries, and given them personal rankings from best to worst.
  10. This poll needs tickyboxes. I voted "Yes, often" but "I have my own naming system" also applies. I fit the code to the naming system if I use it. "Piau" and "Diev" are the only two dragons I have whose codes were such perfect names that I didn't add to or alter them at all. The rest are more... code 'rrvh' became F'Erriveh code 'cdur' became Rhocadur code 'AP4IX' became W'Apaixan That type of thing.
  11. I would be equally happy with either an insertable divider line (preferably one that's bold/dark enough to be seen easily while scrolling), or with the ability to insert a page break. Maybe especially the page break, because 1. it would be really easy to put separate projects each on their own page, and 2. until you filled up a page, you'd be loading fewer images per page, which would make my browser happy. But I could live with a simple divider if I had to.
  12. Swung by to see if anything had been decided here! Can I enter a passionate, heartfelt plea that, *if* you decide to go for dimorphism, could it be the MALE sprite that changes rather than the female?! I like my lady!Vines, I don't want them to change, or at least not to change too much. (One of the main reasons I'm leery of dimorphism, actually, is because it seems to have been applied mainly to females, and my scroll is 2/3s to 3/4s female -- so all those beautiful sprites I spent time collecting suddenly changed without warning!) I must confess I don't really have strong feelings one way or the other about the hatchlings (although now you've pointed it out: bicolour horns, why are you so odd!?), so go nuts on them. Pretty sure I've commented before regarding alts, but I'll say again: I'd like it if the alt sprite didn't change -- I love pretty much everything about it, though I haven't managed to get one yet. Something to look forward to! If you're desperate to change it, though, can I beg that perhaps the new one becomes the male, and the old sprite remains as the female? Thank you for opening this to comments, and best of luck getting the ball rolling on it!
  13. This is an interesting proposal! I think I would vote against changing the egg; it's not like people can freeze them (despite occasional requests for this feature, heh!), so they're only around for 7 days, max. I don't really see a point to changing the description, either; does it matter if they're found in 'mysterious cave grass' or regular grass? (If they've caveborn, they ought to be in the cave; or are ALL vine eggs rejected by their mother and pushed out of the cave before birth?) The hatchlings... could go either way. Once you pointed it out, I wasn't fond of the bicoloured horns on the wingless one. On the other hand, I've been in the cave for 2+ years and never noticed. *laughs* It might be neat to leave the current alt hatchling as-is, and change the hatchie for the common form. I don't think I'd change both, though. *shrugs* Having two more differentiated forms, like blacks and alt blacks, might be appealing to people. Dimorphism I would vote against. The primary reason is that Vines already have alt forms. Players who want to collect all stages of every dragon would have to pick up a LOT of Vines to complete their collections if dimorphism were introduced -- adult alts male and female, hatchling alts male and female, adult commons male and female, AND adult hatchlings male and female! While I realise popularity of various breeds does change over time, Vines are currently pretty popular, and I worry that they'd become downright scarce if there were eight different forms available. One thing: I would really like to NOT see the current alt adult sprite changed!
  14. I think this is my biggest issue with the forums -- the single "trading" thread of 43-odd pages is just so unwieldy to me that I never trade here, thus depriving myself of a bunch of potential trading partners, and also depriving a bunch of forum users (including, I'd guess, large numbers of newbies) from getting any of my eggs. Other than that... I don't use the forums for RP or general discussions, so I wasn't really aware of the "All Chatter is Banned" rule until I started reading the comments to this post! It does strike me as very odd and unpleasant, though. (The only other forum I hang out on regularly is likely somewhat smaller, but they're generally a great group of people and the rules are pretty well looked after by the honour system; so hearing about mods leaping in to freeze posts on account of "drama" makes me want to never, ever enter a discussion here. Assuming that people even DO have discussions here, anyway; because now it's sounding like that's forbidden even without drama?)
  15. This happened to my mum at least once! An Ice egg from "Morende of Morpho" x "Carro of Cobalt" was named "Ice Blue Of Cobalt", and it delighted her. Pretty sure it's never happened to me, alas. Someone I trade with for Geodes semi-regularly does this a lot, though! She picked up a bunch of Vines trying to get an alt, and the non-alts are often named for the parents. (But my favourite is a Mint with parents "Mistress Absinthe" and "Master of Hallucinations" -- baby is named "I See Green Elephants"!)
  16. I take them, because I'm often either locked or close to it, or else have waited too long to offer something for trade and thus need to get it to a new home before the receiver is able to breed me what I want. I only make them in the general sense, though -- at least once, when I knew someone was looking for a specific egg and offering something I wanted, but my breeding attempt didn't pan out, I gave them a 'promise' along the lines of, "I will keep trying, and let you have first dibs on the egg if I get one; and then we'll work out what you can give me in return".
  17. I agree, as well. When I was new to the site, I didn't really know what "aid" was; nor did I understand that that statement meant the scroll owner whose dragons I was viewing did NOT want aid -- I probably assumed that whether or not you wanted aid was something you had to find out by checking a profile or PM or something. "It's against the rules to give aid in X case" doesn't convey that the page you're looking at falls into X case; it suggests that you're supposed to find out somehow.
  18. Most of mine have generic fantasy-character-type names (Galiren, M'Nenden, Dursandir). Some of them were inspired by their codes; Piau, for instance, has the code "pIaU". Each breed shared one initial letter (all Waters have N names, all Guardians have S names, etc.) until I hit the point where I had more breeds than letters. So now there's some overlap (all Deep Seas also have N names, since they're another form of water), but I've moved on to using letter-followed-by-apostrophes (all Ridgewings have H' names). I went a different direction for my unbreedables, naming my Cheese dragons "Champagne and Camembert" and "Riesling and Roquefort". I liked that so well I went on to name my Papers "Papyrus And Palimpsest" and "Parchment And Paper." Then I got my first holiday dragons, and I tried something new. My two Snow Angels got Latin names taken from the text of a Christmas carol -- they're "Gloria In Excelsis Deo" and "Et In Terra Pax." I liked it so much I named the next year's Ribbon Dancers "Gaudete Christus Est Natus" and "Ex Maria Virgine Gaudete", and my Yulebuck "Tu Solus Altisimus"! This year I got my first Valentine dragons -- a set of Rosebuds, and a set of Sweetlings -- and developed yet another new naming system, since I couldn't think of any suitable Latin things to use. The Rosebuds are kind of silly-looking, so I named them after real-life roses that have silly common names. Result: "Gooseberry Rose" and "Threepenny-Bit Rose". I love the crystalline look of Sweetlings, so I named them after pink minerals -- Rhodochrosite Rhombohedrons (rhodochrosite crystals are rhombohedral in shape) and Rhodonite Tetrahedrons (same).
  19. Well, if a chicken egg is one-third the size of a dragon egg, a hatchling dragon can't be much bigger than 3 times the size of a baby chick. Now, considering they spend years growing up after that, they could still reach quite a large size, but the idea of a tiny handheld baby is insanely adorable!
  20. It's a neat idea, and one I admit I've thought of a few times! However, I find a Notepad document works just fine for me so long as I remember to open it before I begin messing about with my dragons. (Plus, with Notepad formatting is up to me, so I can use Tab to make basic columns, etc.)
  21. Oh, man, I'd give a kidney for an egg with parents "Tyranicide" and "Pseudocide"! And anything with "Hemorrhagic Hay Fever" in its lineage would make me cackle like a demented thing. Then name the offspring "Siriusly Died of Drapery."
  22. It almost makes more sense to me to allow only NON-caveborn eggs to be frozen; allowing only CB eggs to be frozen sounds like another reason for people to abandon eggs (thus blocking the Cave), as well as avoiding the "hoarding" aspect -- it does seem a bit unfair that eggs could be taken from the Cave (practically the only source for some breeds, unless you're lucky in your friends) only to be frozen. But I know I'm a pretty laid-back as well as only an occasional breeder, and that other breeders might flip out, so I don't think I'd really suggest that with any level of hope. So I think both CB and AP eggs should be allowed to be frozen, same as hatchlings. (Also, if it would rid us of the Pink Plague that seems to be jamming the Cave every time I visit in the last two weeks, I'd be all for "abuse" of the Freeze Egg feature.)