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  1. I have a more general trading question! I offered an IOU of a 2nd-gen PB Silver in exchange for a Valentine, back in February, and it was accepted so I got my Valentine. Then my silvers decided to take FOUR MONTHS to produce a Silver egg... but it finally happened. I've PMed the person to whom I owe the Silver twice; once when it was an egg, and again after it reached ER time and it hatched. There has been no response. This person's last visible forum post was also back in February from what I can tell from their profile, and they don't have an email address listed there. At what point do I give up and offer this Silver up for trade? Is there a way to check when somebody last signed in to DC or the Forums? And is there any area of the site where you can post "Hey You, Please Contact Me!"/"If you know Person X, please contact them on my behalf!" type messages? (Obviously, I have a line in my signature about it, but there's been no result.) If it were a common, I'd be okay with trying again if and when they came back online; but for a rare that took four months to produce, I'm not eager to attempt a repeat if this person doesn't respond and then later shows up and wants me to fulfill the IOU. Is this reasonable? How would you handle this situation? Thanks for the input, everyone; I look forward to seeing your answers!
  2. I want CB Frills and Old Pinks to drop one day like crazy, so I can catch enough to reach my scroll-goal numbers! I want the THREE CB Verdigris Coppers I just missed in the cave to magically migrate onto my scroll anyway! I want a BSA that makes metal x common pairings have a much higher chance of producing a metal egg! I like the suggestion someone else made of a scroll-egg-limit-free day, too. I'd need it, to handle all of those wishes I just made!
  3. Well, between my mother and I we could probably manage a mini-wall of them! I have maybe five pairs, but she has a lot more... Were you hoping for a mass breeding of Falconiforms, or hoping to join one, or...? Purebred, mixed, Holiday?
  4. I'd like this! At least as lomg as they were pretty, so: basically the same as any caveborn release. I did see a gorgeous hybrid in the Completed Requests section just a few minutes ago that made me wonder to myself how long it's been since we had one released... I sure would like to see that one happen!
  5. I've wanted this for a long time! Especially in hover-text form for the trophy. (Maybe non-trophy level scrolls could have a little "trophy pedestal" that links to the egg limits page and displays their dragon count?) I'd be fine with having other people able to view my dragon count as well! I've often wondered "wow, how many dragons does this person have??" when wandering onto a really old and well-curated scroll, so I'd love being able to know for sure; and one day if I get that far I'd like other people to know how many I have!
  6. *raises hand* I've been here forever! My very first dragon was this Winter, caught on Feb. 25th, 2009! Back then, her egg came from "the Cave", not a specific biome; its code had only four characters, and it looked pretty different:
  7. Available for trade from the family scrolls: 2nd-gen Silver from an Arsani mother; forgot to influence it, and it gendered female! *facepalming* Would make a really nice spiral lineage if you had a CB Sweetling to breed to, but we don't... Make an offer on my Silver baby! Looking for: CB Copper - Verdigris or Red/Rainbow CB Ice Messy-lineage Silver hatchling, for freezing See signature for other possibilities!
  8. Available for trade from the family scrolls: 2nd-gen Silver from Arsani! Just in time for Valentine's breeding, if you're still seeking a mate! Make an offer on this Silver! Looking for: CB Verdigris Copper 2nd-gen Verdigris Copper from Rosebud X Verdigris ?? - or see first line in signature!
  9. I found such a pretty Horse/Gold checker today in the AP! http://dragcave.net/lineage/d9hMW I don't know whom I'll breed it with, but I love the colours.
  10. I currently have TWO 2nd-gen Pinks from Winter Magi! Seeking bloodswap, primarily, but also open to other offers. (For bloodswaps, a pair of unrelated eggs would be ideal, but I'll happily consider a single egg, too!) Great chance to get a 2-for-1 deal? Make an offer on my Pink pair!
  11. Advice needed! Mum has a male Silver x female Royal Blue checker lineage that she's been working on for a long time, and has - fortunately - reached a point where her Silvers outnumber her Royal Blues! She currently has no fewer than *three* 3rd-gen Silvers who need mates. (What a thing to complain about, says her daugher whose Golds are still refusing to produce even one Gold egg!) I know there are other people out there doing the exact same checker, so it seems reasonable that they would have plenty of Royal Blue "Silver-Fails", given the way common x rare breeding tends to go; so my question is this: Is there any easy/simple way we could volunteer to adopt these, or offer bloodswaps in exchange, directly to those who would be interested? Putting up eggs for bloodswap hasn't been successful the last three times, and when the 3rd Silver was produced she even offered it up for bloodswap and got no offers! Is there any way to ask around/find the people who are doing identical lineage projects? (Is there a "show off your Rare checkers" thread, or "bloodswap trading only" thread, or "hey people with Silver projects, post 'em here if you need help" thread, or something?) Thanks!
  12. Honestly, what I'd most like to see is a 'counter' on the Trophies, so that if I you hover the mouse over the trophy the text gives the exact number of dragons on the scroll! (Adults+frozens only, not hatchies/eggs... but if it had to count everything, that'd be okay, too.) Right now it just says "over 50" or "over 500" etc. but it would be so cool if it actually told you the exact number! Not sure how feasible this is, but it's something I've wished for for a long time.
  13. I wouldn't want to see Prize breeds never again increased, but I do think it might be nice to have a break (preferably 2 years minimum, maybe 3) between new Prize introductions. I'm not a hugely obsessive collector, so I'm actually coming at this from the complete opposite angle that most people here seem to be speaking from; rather than a chance to get a low-gen Prize myself, I just want the trade threads to get a break from people clamouring after Prizes! When I go looking for something in the trading boards, it seems like every desirable egg on offer is followed by the words "Wanted: 2-3rd gen Prize" -- often followed by a list of selected (or proscribed) lineages. Even though I'm perfectly happy with my higher-gen Prizes, I feel like I *have* to scrabble after a low-gen Prize of my own, just so I can breed something that people will trade for; nobody wants anything else, apparently. Maybe if it was known that there wouldn't be a new Prize for X years, the craze to stock up on every colour would be relaxed a little. I can sympathise with those who are obsessive collectors, and are probably pretty stressed about trying to get full sets (whatever their preferred "set" is) of not one, not two, but THREE super-rare dragons in just under a year so that they can do the same thing the next year. Mostly, though, I'd just like to be able to go into a trade thread without scrolling through endless "Wanted" lists of dragons only a handful of people can breed being listed as the only thing people want in exchange for regular Cave dragons.
  14. As long as it can be disabled, I'd be okay with this. I'm definitely in the "having to reconfirm would be annoying" camp; I get annoyed at having to confirm Abandons, and I do that a lot less often than I breed! If I misbreed a pair, all I have to do is wait a week, so it's not like clicking the wrong dragon is some kind of irreversible disaster! So I don't want my every action being scrutinised and second-guessed with continual "are you sure?" nonsense that just gets in the way of what I'm trying to do. If other people do want that, fine; just make sure that I can opt out.
  15. Have 3rd-gen checker from female Golds! Make an offer on my Stripe! Want 2nd-gen Crimson from Heartseeker 2nd-gen Pink from Winter Magi 3nd-gen Royal Blue from male Silver checker other offers! (but please don't offer new-release eggs)
  16. Adding to the general chorus of "something's rotten in Denmark." my "Give Views" page shows zero eggs in the ER (and even says "showing 0 of 0")... and they're all in the (ER) Hatchling section! As are some things that aren't ER; I clicked the removal star for a Lumina hatchling with 4d 1h remaining, and got the 'this is still an ER, be careful' message! It also claims to be showing "47 out of 15" ER hatchlings. o.O EDIT - Welp, I posted a pic but two times it was removed; what's up with that?!
  17. Still available for offers: PAIR of CB Red-finned Tidals! Teleport PAIR of CB Red-finned Tidals! Teleport CB Stripe also available Seeking: {non-commons removed, listing only commons I will consider in this thread} *PAIR* of 2nd-gen Embers from female Graves *PAIR* of Spitfire hatchlings (any lineage OK)
  18. Chiming in: I have never, in three days of visiting at various times, received any other message at the graveyard except the "oh no, a zombie dragon! Run!" - is there supposed to be another possible option? I'm really confused as to what, exactly, I'm supposed to be doing! I have zero dead anythings, including undead, although I do have a couple Vampires.
  19. 3rd EG purebred Teimarr; seeking CB Teimarr or 2nd-4th gen purebred Teimarr.
  20. HAVE: CB Tsunami egg CB Black Tea egg CB Yellow Crowned egg CB Royal Crimson egg WANT (1:1) CB Teimarr CB Red Tidal CB Nebula (2:1) CB Ice gendered CB Nebula hatchlings (red or green) 2nd-gen (All:1) CB Blusang CB Silver CB Verdigris Copper
  21. On the family scrolls: Pair of unrelated Blunas - perfect matched set of 3rd-gens from Water/Skywing checkers! Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings! CB Red egg - 4d23h; PM if interested ===== Wanted: 2nd-gen Soulpeace eggs, Bluna bloodswaps (can be any combo/arrangement as long as they're two-breed checkers), 2nd/3rd-gen Silver from mSilver x fRoyal Blue (will combine my eggs/hatchlings for this!), Royal Crimson.
  22. Is anyone looking for a 2nd-gen RED from Magma, by chance? Make an offer on my Red! What about two 3rd-gen RED hatchies from Red/Magma stairsteps? Make an offer on my two Red hatchlings! All offers of Speckle-throats, CB or low-gen Red Dorsals, freezable Stripes (any colour except White), CB Darkmyst Pygmy, Blusangs (CB, or even-gen up to 3rd), stairstep Tinsels, CB Tsunami, or CB Water will be considered!
  23. I am seeking a 2nd-gen White Stripe OR Golden Wyvern egg from CB Stripe x GW parents! I'd be willing to trade this Black Stripe egg (http://dragcave.net/lineage/vSSQh) for it, or I could breed something else if you'd prefer -- ask what I have available!
  24. Alas, I don't have many cool codes. Only Marx and K4rla, really. (Caps altered) I have seen some awesome codes out there, though! I'm jealous of whomever possesses http://dragcave.net/lineage/fLe5h -- must be highly carnivorous! And then there's http://dragcave.net/lineage/2EatS, which has to be the BEST CODE EVER, since it belongs to a two-headed dragon!
  25. I admit, I love them. Mostly it's about building/designing them, though, not "making my dragon special". I use a lot of commons when I plan lineages -- the pattern/design is what I like, I don't really care about the rarity of the dragons involved as long as I think they're pretty. *currently planning a Guardian/Waverunner lineage* I like collecting purely for looking at, too, though -- most of my dragons aren't from neat lines, but rather are CB or else picked up off the AP at random because I needed that breed to complete a set. So I guess I can see it both ways. One is like putting together a complex puzzle or designing a large-scale art installation; the other is like buying a painting because you like it, even though the artist isn't illustrious/collectible. Edited to include further data: I joined the Cave back in 2009 (February!), way before there was a lineage link; so like other "old-timers" I at first didn't know or care about lineages. I *did* like catching AP dragons who had parents with funny or interesting names, though, since that shows up on the dragon's page. That was about as far as my 'lineage awareness' went. Once I joined the forums (much later than my joining the site) I became aware that there were 'valuable' lineages, i.e. Dorkfaces and Thuweds, but still didn't really know about the various other types that people were building, which are mostly colour-based or breed-based. I don't think I found out about those until the "View Lineage" thing happened; as soon as that went up, I was onto it, because of my old habit of looking at the parent names. I think the thing I dislike most about lineages is the (to me very strange) tendency for people to demand that other people take eggs only from their "starting pair" and build outward. I am much more of the "build backward" approach -- if I ever started a massive multiperson breeding project, it'd be of the "I have this and this and this, and if I combined them it would look really neat!" sort. For example, I received a Gold from White Stripe/Gold parents, so I bred her to my CB Stripe to begin a stairstep of Gold/Stripe. I build from what I have that looks interesting, rather than trying to start at zero and then pass everything to others. (My disinterest in my dragons' abandoned offspring is probably a big part of this; I don't keep track of what happens to eggs I gift/abandon, so if I had just a "starting pair" and then gave their eggs to others to build the lineage, it'd be like having none at all for me!) As for having nothing 'valuable' to trade... PFffft. Last month I bred a 2nd-gen Thunder trio egg from Thunder/Electric, and I could hardly give it away! It's not like I was asking for CB Golds, either (I've noticed a lot of people seem to have really inflated notions of their eggs' value, at least in the Rare Trade thread...); I was extremely reasonable. Value is very clearly a subjective thing, because eggs I often think will bring me lots of interesting offers sometimes flop horribly -- even "nice" 2nd-gen eggs from popular crosses.