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  1. 3 minutes ago, Lagie said:

    That has always been a possible outcome of 'abandon' but it happens very rarely.


    Okay; wow.  I have been playing DC since Feb 2009 and have never run into this!


    Guess I'll try to trade it for something, because at this point I just want it off my scroll ASAP.


    Is it permanent??  Or is there a reset period so I can try again and succeed?  Because I've attempted to get rid of this thing like six times and it won't go away.

  2. Is there a new, unannounced change to the 'Abandon' action??


    Trying to ditch a hatching that's ER before it can grow up on my scroll (it turned out to be the wrong gender) and I get a message "you leave it while it's sleeping, but it wakes up and begins to follow you" -->  I have never in my life had this happen before! 


    Is it new?  Because frankly my feeling is "Thanks, I hate it!"  If this thing grows up on my scoll I'm going to release it into the wild (unless we can no longer do THAT either? In which case I guess I'll have to kill it) where it's no good to anyone, so why not just let me send it to the AP as a hatchling where someone will appreciate it?  AP hatchlings are always snatched up quickly!


    Edit: I hit it with a Stun, so at least now it can't grow up on me.  Still really baffled as to why I had to use a Stun on this thing, though!  I've been looking all around the forums and haven't seen anything about the Abandon actions being changed.  Is this somehow not a new thing, and I've just spent eight years without running into it??

  3. I'd really love to see higher limits on how many hatchlings can be frozen once a user earns a silver/gold/platinum trophy!  Egg slots scale up, so why not freezes as well?  More experienced players are more likely to want frozen hatchlings, either as part of an overall scroll completion goal, or as 'dividers' or lineage markers, so it would be nice if they could earn the ability to freeze more often over the course of play.



    As a side note, I'd also like to see the language of the Freeze message changed to be more accurate; the "a few weeks" message is confusing and uninformative.  Could we have a clearly stated cooldown for this action, please?

  4. For reference/details that might matter:


    They are all the same breed. (Astrapi Xenowyrm)


    One is Caveborn, while the other two are bred.  (Are only bred Wyrms counted?!)


    She didn't breed them herself. (However, I also raised Wyrms I didn't breed and they counted for my total!)





  5. Available for trade:

    Mutamore_egg.gif 2nd-gen Mutamore from Ruby Gemshard

    --------------> Make an offer on my Mutamore?

    Heartstealing_egg.png 3rd-gen Heartstealing from Ruby Gemshard checker

    --------------> Make an offer on my Heartstealing?


    Looking for:

    CB 2009 Valentine

    CB Sweetling

    2nd-gen Heartstealing from Bleeding Moon

    2nd-gen Soulstone from Pink Zyumorph

    3rd-gen Radiant Angel from a checker with Pyrope Pyralspites

    3rd-gen Mutamore from a checker with Thalassa Xenowyrns


  6. Available for trade:

    Grave_egg.png 2nd-gen Grave ER egg from White Zyumorph mother!

    -------> Make an offer on this Grave?


    Desipis_egg.png 2nd-gen Desipis ER egg from Kingcrowne mother!  Code starts with a Z!

    ------> Make an offer on this Desipis?


    Shadow_Walker_egg.gif 4th-gen Shadow Walker ER egg from even-gen purebred lineage!

    ------> Make an offer on this Shadow Walker?


    Shadow_Walker_egg.gif 4th-gen Shadow Walker ER egg from unrelated even-gen purebred lineage!

    ------> Make an offer on this Shadow Walker?


    Shadow_Walker_egg.gif 3rd-gen Shadow Walker ER egg from even-gen multi-holiday lineage!

    ------> Make an offer on this Shadow Walker?




    Looking for:

    Messy-lineaged Grave or Shadow Walker hatchlings for freezing - any stage or gender OK!


  7. Available for trade on the family scrolls:


    Grave_egg.png 2nd-gen Grave from a Sinomorph mother!

    ------> Make an offer on this Grave!


    Shadow_Walker_egg.gif 2nd-gen Shadow Walker from a Soulstone mother!

    ------> Make an offer on my Shadow Walker!


    Desipis_egg.png 3rd-gen checker Desipis from Gold mothers!

    ------> Make an offer on my Desipis!


    We are looking for:

    Cavern_Lurker_egg.gif2nd-gen Cavern Lurker from Blue Gemshard mother; higher priority

    Cavern_Lurker_egg.gif2nd-gen Cavern Lurker from Purple Nebula father; higher priority

    Grave_egg.pngmessy or inbred Grave for freezing; lower priority


  8. Available for trade on the family scrolls:


    user posted image CB Indigo Lunar Herald egg with incuhatchable (4d, 16h) time!

    -------> Make an offer on my Lunar Herald?


    user posted imageuser posted image Two CB Nebulae eggs, one from the Alpine and one from the Desert biome!

    -------> I'll post a link here once they're no longer on cooldown!



    We are looking for:

    CB Indigo Lunar Herald, female gendered or precognition'd hatchling

    Silver or Bronze Lunar Herald hatchling, any lineage, for freezing


    Thank you!


    (Sorry; I don't know why the egg images are showing up so large!?)

  9. She's right by your house. Just go slightly south of your house - don't change maps - then slightly west. She's the first house, which is a pretty big house.


    Map post. :3

    AHA! Thank you!! No idea how I missed that, but on the plus side I guess my character can skip "leg day" at the gym for a while after all that running! biggrin.gif



    I swear my poor character has banged her forehead into every door in this entire village and still have not found Perl's house (or Perl) so I can deliver this package to her! Has she moved to Alhira???? Does she hate me because I didn't buy her a Christmas present and now she's deliberately avoiding me???? Has someone cast a spell on her house that makes the door lock every time I approach????


    Why won't the postal guy at least give me a clue about WHERE she is, instead of just repeating her name...?

  11. Is the game just refusing to load at all for anyone?


    No matter where I click in from, scroll or front page, all I get after I click "Continue Playing" is a three-quarters complete loading bar... it never loads further, and the game never starts!

  12. 6 hours later and the game still will not load. managed to get some music briefly at one point but nothing else. sigh.

    I just started fifteen minutes ago, but I'm having navigation and loading troubles, too. Talked to the Gold dragon and went to look for treats - figured the sign might help ("Northern Mountains Ahead") - started to climb the mountain - and just froze like I'd hit an invisible wall.


    Can't reset my location, clicking anywhere does nothing, Esc/Backspace/Tab does nothing, and when I tried F5 to reset the entire thing it wouldn't load at all - the status bar was full but nothing happened for a good three minutes. F5'd again, and now the status bar is about .75 full and nothing happens. All further F5s have the same result.

  13. Forum name: ferdelance

    PM link: https://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?act=M...ODE=4&MID=39365

    List of Christmas Dragons I Can Breed:

    -CB Tricolor Snow Angel x2 2 claimed

    -CB Ribbon Dancer x2

    -CB Winter Magi x2

    -CB Wrapping Wing x2 1 claimed

    -CB Solstice x2

    -2ndGen Yulebuck from Stripe mother - no checker mate, but can breed stairstep offspring

    -2ndGen Winter Magi from Lumina - have mate for checker

    -3rdGen: for list of 3rd-gens I can breed, please see the "Christmas Dragons needed" section below - I will be seeking bloodswaps for most of my 3rd-gen breedings!




    List of Christmas Dragons I need:

    2nd-gen Yulebuck x Daydream (need 2)

    2nd-gen Ribbon Dancer x Royal Blue

    2nd-gen Winter Magi x Red-finned Tidal, Royal Blue, Yellow-crowned

    2nd-gen Wrapping Wing x Red-finned Tidal, Striped River

    2nd-gen Solstice x Verdigris Copper (need Night form offspring)

    2nd-gen Solstice x Blue Lunar Herald (2nd-gen Mistletoe x Falconiform, Frostbite


    3rd-gen bloodswap: Night Solstice from Silver checker (all-Night ancestors)

    3rd-gen bloodswap: Day Solstice from Silver checker (all-Day ancestors)

    3rd-gen bloodswap: Wrapping Wing from Winter checker

    3rd-gen bloodswap: Goldwing Snow Angel from Teimarr checker (all-Goldwing)

    3rd-gen bloodswap: Goldwing Snow Angel from Daydream checker (all-Goldwing)

    3rd-gen bloodswap: Goldwing Snow Angel from Yellow-crowned checker (all-Goldwing)

    3rd-gen bloodswap: Day Solstice from Bleeding Moon checker (all-Day ancestors)

    3rd-gen bloodswap: Night Solstice from Blusang Lindwurm checker (all-Night ancestors)





    List of Christmas mates I need:

    2nd-gen Stripe from Yulebuck

    2nd-gen from Winter Magi x Solstice (need either breed offspring)

    2nd-gen Gold from Winter Magi (can attempt bloodswap)

  14. To be fair, I LOVE the eggs, but TJ should have made a release each week for each type. it would have been easier then oh look pretty new egg with four, yes four forms. yet only have a release for the first and make everyone scramble for them.

    Agreed. I'm pretty upset that after THREE HOURS of catch attempts - not just on the big hour drops, but also most of the five-minute ones - I have caught exactly ONE egg.


    That's not fun, that's not a game. That's a waste of time and a major frustration.

  15. ...The description on each hatchling now reads, "Aww... It’s a cute baby dragon. But... where are its legs? And look! It has grown wings! It must be close to maturing. And look! It has gotten bigger and is now able to use magic. It must be close to maturing."


    1. Two "And look!"s in one description?

    2. About those wings I'm supposed to be looking at... xd.png

  16. Not just one but TWO green coppers dropped in the coast at the same time. I clicked on one thinking I'd finally have a good chance to catch one... but of course somehow I failed to click on it properly so the click didn't register so I didn't get one. I KNOW I was fast enough and I would've gotten it if I'd just clicked it right... but somehow I managed to screw that up. Somehow.


    *weeps softly*

    I was just coming here to gripe about how I completely failed to catch either of those, too! AND then I missed a Jungle Copper about twenty minutes later... *kicks self* D:<

  17. Can you view their scroll? If so do they have recently added hatchies or eggs, adults from the last release? If they do then perhaps a great big brightly colored message in your siggy for them to pm you? (the one you have now doesn't really stand out, I had to go back and look for it)

    Hmm. If the scroll name is the same as their forum name, there are no growing eggs/hatchlings on it (but nothing dead, either). The adult at the top of the scroll grew up in March, though I have no way of immediately checking whether that's the most recently-grown-up dragon they have. EDIT: found a couple that grew up in April, so obviously the scroll's not sorted by date.


    I will try to make the signature line flashier! I'm not much of a coder beyond bold and color, though; what would stand out?


    EDIT: Made it big and red; how's that? biggrin.gif

  18. I have a more general trading question!


    I offered an IOU of a 2nd-gen PB Silver in exchange for a Valentine, back in February, and it was accepted so I got my Valentine. Then my silvers decided to take FOUR MONTHS to produce a Silver egg... but it finally happened.


    I've PMed the person to whom I owe the Silver twice; once when it was an egg, and again after it reached ER time and it hatched. There has been no response. This person's last visible forum post was also back in February from what I can tell from their profile, and they don't have an email address listed there.


    At what point do I give up and offer this Silver up for trade? Is there a way to check when somebody last signed in to DC or the Forums? And is there any area of the site where you can post "Hey You, Please Contact Me!"/"If you know Person X, please contact them on my behalf!" type messages? (Obviously, I have a line in my signature about it, but there's been no result.)


    If it were a common, I'd be okay with trying again if and when they came back online; but for a rare that took four months to produce, I'm not eager to attempt a repeat if this person doesn't respond and then later shows up and wants me to fulfill the IOU. Is this reasonable? How would you handle this situation?


    Thanks for the input, everyone; I look forward to seeing your answers!