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  1. !! Fell Dragon !! i think i have a new favorite. wow
  2. i have been trying to get a gold egg from this pair since January of 2014 finally got one!!!!!!!!!! https://dragcave.net/lineage/LM0XP mate for her https://dragcave.net/lineage/pQr5
  3. thank you so much. i need them and they help a lot
  4. Are you an ingress player too? &Yes exactly. I've been playing ingress for 3 years. Most of the "portals" now pokestops in my area were created by me. It is so weird to see people standing around and enjoying these places that I created and have been playing by myself at for years. It makes me happy that people are enjoying a thing that I have been doing for a long time! I wish they would have given my photos that are on the pokestops credit to me but I understand how the tos works and it wouldn't really make sense to have ingress names in Pokemon. As for winter. I live in the Rockies and I fully intend to continue to bundle up and play right through it. I always have. I need 2 phones so I can do both games haha This is my tip to all Pokemon players as someone who has been playing basically the same game with a different skin for years : Pokemon spawn in the same locations that xm from ingress spawns. That is around pokestops/gyms(public artwork. Historical sites. Points of interest) and places where lots of people gather (Walmart. The mall. Universities. Amusement parks. Etc). Sitting stationary in your house or going out into the middle of nowhere where there's no people or pokestops will never get you anything good even with incense. Get out and see all the cool things in your town that you never knew were there before. And talk to your fellow Pokemon nerds... that's the best part!
  5. You guys need to get yourselves some anker battery packs! I highly recommend the anker brand. They last TONS longer than any of the others I've tried. And I've been though about 30! Grats on the executor! So.... random mostly unrelated thought / observation... it seems to me that Pokemon tend to be most commonly found near pokestops and gyms. But if you're going to plan a day trip to go out in the middle of nowhere to try to find some unique Pokemon, how do you know where the pokestops in that remote area will be? Right? So, i have a slightly mad idea. Since the pokestops are based on "portals" from the game I play called ingress. You could probably, in theory, look at the world map from that game and get a pretty good idea if and where there will be pokestops in that remote location.
  6. i have not done this in years, but i totally splurged today and had a burger for lunch #ashamed
  7. you can thank your local Ingress players for the pokestop at your work a nice bonus to have unlimited gear! i sit on one as well. & i have a gym across the street this is the view from my desk (took this yesterday AM)
  8. awesome! i am going to have to try that i met some really cool people playing last night. and just randomly met up with an old friend from Ingress at a gym and he asked me out on a date for tonight wish me luck guys! i could potentially be the first pokemon go love match lmao!
  9. for those of you who said you were going to just sit and let it run and hope pokemon come to you; is that working? i am just curious. i am not patient enough to try it
  10. good! &¬ a problem. i have been playing the game that this game is based on for about 3 years. i have learned all the tricks for how to convince my phone to behave even when it doesnt want to
  11. what version of android are you running? usually you swipe from the top and look for the icon that looks like a pin, a satellite, or a little bulls eye thing one of these: https://s32.postimg.org/7s2oi3l7p/Capturedfsdf.png btw the servers are down right now anyway so even if you figure out how to download it probably wont work
  12. that happened to me too. turn off your gps, reboot your phone, then turn on your gps again. it SHOULD suddenly become available in your area. it did for me
  13. according to this: http://www.mmoserverstatus.com/pokemon_go most of the servers have been down for a while. i have been up since 3 am and have only got in about an hour of gameplay. so dont feel too bad
  14. i think i have the .apk link somewhere. if you want it let me know... MODS: i dont think this is against the DC TOS, but if it is please let me know and i will definitely remove this post
  15. anyone else playing pokemon go?!!!! i couldnt download until about 15 hours ago. i have been super pumped for the release in my area
  16. i dont know who did this. but i am in love. thank you so much for abandoning it! https://dragcave.net/lineage/ywztd
  17. i have 3 brothers and a sister. 2 sister-in-laws and a brother-in-law my brother who is about a year younger than me is my best friend in the whole world. we joke that we were supposed to be twins. which kinda makes sense because he had a twin who was lost in childbirth. i guess he adopted me as his replacement twin.
  18. watched the last episode on sunday. i still cant believe *** SPOILERS TO FOLLOW *** that Cersei blew up the temple/holy building thing with Margaery and Ser Loras inside. my exact comment was " Well, that escalated quickly " but yay Lord Frey is dead!
  19. plastic lids on fountain drink cups. slurpee lids are the worst. i dont want to touch them. they give me the creeps, i imagine how i feel is similar to how some people get the creeps from touching snakes or spiders. i just hate plastic lids /shivers
  20. i have 5 air plants and i really like them. i read online that a lot of people have problems keeping air plants alive because they think you dont have to water them. which is silly. i live in a townhouse so i dont have much need or desire to do any gardening that is not handled for me by landscaping. my little indoor air plants work out great for me though
  21. Here is my submission! Author: nepenthe.catharsis Fandom(s): Star Wars My story: An 11 year old Han Solo strides in to the Great Hall along with a group of other, more nervous-looking first-years. Taking a good look around he notices a very pretty brunette girl with buns sitting at the Gryffindor table. Catching her eye, he gives her a crooked smile. To which she tosses her head haughtily and looks away. Gripping the shoulder of the red-haired boy in front of him he says, "Hey kid, how do I get on that table?" At the same time gesturing with the top of his head to where the Griffindor girls are now giggling among themselves. "Well, th- th- the sorting hat has to put you in Gryffindor," the boy stammers, "but the odds aren't very..." "Never tell me the odds!" interjects Han as he walks to the front of the sorting queue. Soon enough Professor McGonagall shouts out "Solo, Han!" and he sitting on the stool. He feels the hat placed on his head and instantly he can hear the voice of the sorting hat in his mind. "A troublemaker, a scoundrel, always in it for the money! I think Slytherin would be a perfect match," whispers the hat. "Gryffindor, Gryffindor," Han chants in his mind. "I also see bravery and determination here. Well if you're sure, better be... GRYFFINDOR!"
  22. hey i just wanted to let the people in this thread know that i am doing a personal lineage project (of sorts) with my Heartbreaker. if you want a gift egg from -> my list <-, please let me know via PM