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i43aya.png wanted hatchies | current breeding project *hunting for my first 2nd gen prize*

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    * I am not online on weekends *

    current breeding project :https://docs.google.com/document/d/12dFUMYlidMPgFSAz8RmUnvsJLcHJeE5Q6sxsXK5CIBg

    I always want: paper hatchies, dragons with purple coloring, alts, xeno, solstice, sweets, metallics.
    Adding members to my Crimson Flare Pygmy army.

    my dream dragon would be a 2nd gen prize, a female neglected, or 2nd gen spriters alt.

    I try to name everything on my scroll. If you see a dragon on my scroll that you want named, please pm me and I will do it asap.

    I have no problem with inbreeding as long as it is intentionally and artistically done.

    Currently seeking: CB lunar heralds, CB xenos, & CB Almandine & Spessartine, and these hatchlings for freezing: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1P8LQV2ViNP7EM6xedFE12_D92XO-y08fqvv6xGNMg5M

    I take breeding requests for most of my dragons.

    Nov 2016: I am dealing with some pretty heavy real-life stuff right now. & may not be online much