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  1. I also really like the Mimikyu pumpkin, so cute~
  2. Great work all you talented people!!!!!! My favorites were the cutie marks and the sylveon lollipop.
  3. I had recently used a few of my red dragons for other eggs before the event and now I don't have anymore able to incubate. I need more red dragons but I forget who my breeding pairs are.
  4. Oh so free one first and then the ones you can buy. I didn't check whether I had it before buying the other three.
  5. I think it's a new kind of costume each day. Tomorrow might be mummies or something like that! also if you buy all three you get a fourth set for free
  6. CB Valentines and Holidays would be awesome, but I'm trying to keep in mind this might be a one time thing.
  7. Maybe if enough people want it, they could bring the halloween biome back next year and drop vampires too. The idea of a CB non-bitten is pretty cool... and if we can get cheese and paper from the caves... then why not vamps?
  8. Technically they are no longer a Halloween dragon, the fact they are not apart of the trick or treating event seems to tell me they won't be making an appearance
  9. As those hatchlings CB and not bitten? As far as I've read no one has reported getting a vampire egg....
  10. I wouldn't get your hopes too high, Halloweens don't have a CB per scroll limit and that is possibly why a Halloween biome was included
  11. under maintenance again, maybe they will add the three missing treats I was right! refreshed and got number 48!
  12. I looked at all the different colored witch costumes on my hatchling and I must say that when against the dark yet still somehow bright purple with the little blue and orange splashes of the babie's hide, the hufflepuff one compliments it the best.
  13. I think it’s more of a daily reveal rather than it depending on how much candy you have
  14. I’ve now officially seen every hatchling!
  15. Yea dragon cave is messing up, I really want to dress my hatchling up as a hufflepuff!!!
  16. I couldn’t get over the baby lurker’s happy face so that’s what I chose. I’ve only seen one other lurker, most have been marrows and graves.l
  17. I just tried to undress my hatchling but it wouldn’t work, strange
  18. I have seen all hatchlings but witchlight and desipis during the event
  19. I think the return next year thing was referring to the new Halloween dragon that has yet to come out. They come back each year whether there is a halloween biome or not. However I think if the biome is a success they might bring it back. I don't know if they will do it for valentines or holidays though since CBs are restricted to 2 per scroll unlike Halloweens
  20. CB pumpkins, pumpkin hatchie to go trick or treating with, and even a pumpkin treat!
  21. Hey I'm curious, within the early hours of the event I took my lurker baby out trick or treating, getting my first piece of candy. I come back 10 minutes later and I see I had gotten a second piece of candy! I wasn't sure if it was possible for people to visit randomly or only when you clicked get candy. It hasn't happened again- I think, but I was wondering if anyone else has experience this.
  22. It's also the whataburger logo. If you don't know what that is, it's a popular fast food joint in Texas.