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  1. Once at my computer I’ll take a picture of my adorable knife eating ballerina mummy pirate wizard
  2. I think they were a random add or were supposed to be added earlier
  3. For some reason the mummy wings are still invisible... ah there they go. Apparently my hatchling thinks metal is tastier than candy
  4. How would I clear the cache for my iPad?
  5. I think someone was trying to view bomb my cb pumpkins because I didn’t add them to a hatchery and they have over 1000 views. Thankfully I fogged them so they should get better.... I hope. Who ever is the person they need to grow up.
  6. They are all still empty.... how strange
  7. definitely one of the most fun events!
  8. I hope we can still see our hatchling afterwards like how we can still see our snow forts and flowers.
  9. Hehe it does look like she is talking to the parrot! I certainly hope your calculations are right and you'll be able to get your scroll goals.
  10. I got around to taking a picture of my hatchling. She just looks so happy to have a parrot.
  11. everyone knows the more parrots a pirate has the more powerful they are
  12. you can but you'd only be able to see one
  13. I mixed pieces from the black and navy pirate sets to make a pretty nice looking custume... I also added the white ballerina top, tutu, and headband, and the hufflepuff scarf.
  14. The one that flashes green and disappears
  15. Oh yea, someone said it was a fossilized shell they had, it's some pages back I think
  16. stack of bandaids....? The umbrella thing is from Undertale, the symbols are the cutie marks of the mane 6 from my little pony, I think the crow is from game of thrones, not sure about the evil castle or piece of paper though
  17. Careful with the multi-posting, MoonShark I was thinking it could be flan or pudding, but now I'm thinking it's a rolo.
  18. I wonder if those potion bottles are homage to the event a few years back when we mixed up ingredients that did different things to our dragons (and dinos)
  19. Out of all the things guessed, an individually wrapped rolo seems like the most likely case. Also I just dressed up my baby lurker as a ghost ballerina.
  20. I used to eat those all the time, but I would get the tubes where they weren't individually wrapped so the gold foil threw me off.... damn now I want some rolos!
  21. Oooh okay, see like I said I never played the game. I have no idea what that gold thing is then... Maybe it's pudding
  22. Pretty sure it's butterscotch pie or something from Undertale. I haven't played the game myself but it's super popular and someone mentioned there was an undertale treat. Yea ignore me I don't know
  23. I think you have to go to the store then inventory without buying, or maybe go to inventory first?
  24. Ballerinas! Now my little lurker looks even cuter!