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  1. Darn! Second release for me to miss by literal hours, and just like the last release I've only been able to catch one breed. It upsets me so much that I can be only a few hours late and the release is already over. Why cant we do 24 hour drops? I would have been able to get all the dragons if we had 24 hour drops. And wouldn't you know it? 5 minutes after posting this I get a pygmy egg!
  2. I received a gift via TGT Gift report: Fugiama Haruko -> Cecona: Pink Zyumorph Am I on that list? Yes Do I need/wish to be removed? Yes How was the gift offered? Via PM Please add me to the lists Forum Name: Cecona Scroll Link: Scroll PM Link: PM Proof that I read the rules: Orange List Request: Purple Floret Wyvern
  3. Awesome, I got a few, only one slot left
  4. Wow what a drop! Bigger than the others.
  5. Glad I’m not the only one getting this issue
  6. That sounds cute and funny, maybe you should draw it
  7. Thanks imzadi and haze, I know they hatch quickly but I can never remember how many days it takes for them to grow up because sometimes I feel like it’s only two days and other times three days. I just know it happens fast.
  8. How much longer until TJ’s hatchlings grow up?
  9. I got a normal western zombie and a pygmy zombie this year, neat! This years event was so much fun and I can’t wait to see what the hallowyrms look like all grown up
  10. Can’t wait to see what these babies look like all grown up. Halloween wryms!!!!
  11. I just dressed my hatchling up for the last time, used bits from witch, ballerina, mummy, pirate, knight, fairy, and kitsune... basically one from every day but the starting day (ghost)
  12. Remind me, does the new Halloween egg drop at midnight tonight or tomorrow?
  13. That seven egg release was a big thing that lasted a whole week. The normal amount of breeds released at a time is usually one or two. Though sometimes the breeds have alts or different colors so it may seem like more.
  14. I have about 15-16 hours before my babies grow up... I hope having them fogged won't effect them growing up because I'm STILL being targeted for view bombing. I've had to remove my scroll from a few different places twice already.
  15. It is annoying lol, but once it's over I get more candy!
  16. I've gotten the 0 minutes like 20 times and refreshing never helps!
  17. Alright here are the ones that I've seen so far: Pumpkin- 4 Marrow- 7 Shadow- 11 Lurker- 5 Grave- 8 Desipis- 6 Caligene- 4 Witchlight- 3 So shadow lurkers are the most likely for me to run into, Desipis surprises me but I usually see two in a row when they do show up.Pumpkins and Caligene's are tied, and Witchlights are the rarest. My choice, cavern lurker, seems to be in a good middle ground.
  18. Nice choice, I've only seen three witchlights during this whole event so you'll probably make people happy when they see your little fuzzbutt
  19. safari also has a clear history option when looking at your history which works if you use an iphone/ipad/apple products
  20. Glad you can see the costumes now
  21. clearing your browser cookies/cache usually fixes this issue right away.
  22. I chose cavern lurker because of that super happy face and the colors, though witch light is really good too- just wish the green lights were more visible, you know? I think you should do lurker but it's your choice.
  23. Good for you! I know the pumpkins always seem to be the hardest to get
  24. For a moment I thought that parts of the gold armor was see through because it was so close to the color of my cavern lurker's hide lol
  25. Okay so someone was obviously trying to view bomb my babies to death as I’ve found them in every hatchery I’ve visited so far when I only ever do one at a time. I’m gonna have to change my signature to remove the link and cease communicating in here because I think that is what is making me a target.