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  1. Also I'm not new. I joined back in 09, and had so many more dragons than I do now, but when I returned a lot of them were gone. I honestly don't know where they went and I've been trying to rebuild my scroll.
  2. If the suggestion directly effects those that aren't as lucky and makes it harder for them to try and get better dragons, then there is indeed a problem with that suggestion. I can just see so many people abusing this, and many people like me that want better dragons but don't have anything will be blocked simply because our offers aren't good enough. Good dragons also mean rare dragons, the dragons that rarely pop up but everyone wants, it doesn't just have to do with it's lineage or generation. And most of those rare dragons are bred and people want something better for them. I've never once seen a silver egg in the AP, and every single time I try to grab a good egg, someone else got to it first. I see people hoarding these dragons like mad, and if you don't have a fast enough connection no one is going to show you sympathy. They just say "too bad for you" or something along those lines. And the 99% thing is not an actual statistic, it's a reference to an American problem where 1% of the population is rich, and has more money than the 99% of regular people combined. The saying "I am the 99%" came from this and I was simply making a reference to how most people on DC can't get good dragons like you.
  3. And then you have people like me that couldn't care less whether or not the dragon is CB or "insert gen number here" or has some kind of special lineage. This whole thing is elitist if you ask me, a kind of "first world problem". Why does it matter so much to people what generation an egg if or if it was CB. I saw a trade once for a purple nebula hatchling, asking for any other color nebula. My friend was in need of a purple neb so I offered up my green neb thinking it would be so simple and I could make my friend so happy. But the offer was declined and I got a very, very angry and rude message from the person about how I was stupid and a ** for trying to offer a non-CB dragon. I'm one of the majority that really can't get those eggs people deem special and valuable, and when I try I get shot down because my dragons are "crap dragons". Do any of you realize how utterly pointless this is? I was insanely lucky to get a bronze tinsel from the AP and you people are whining about getting a shimmer that is 100% identical to the one you are offering except it has one or two more generations? These are PRIZE dragons, dragons that probably shouldn't even be allowed to breed but they do. I would compare this problem to the rich and privileged being given the power to jail the homeless simply because they asked for change one too many times. If you really have such a big problem with the less privileged offering eggs with the hopes that maybe... just maybe they will get a "good" dragon, then be more clear and not rely on the tiny text in your signature which not everything can see or possibly even read to inform them. Tell them yourself in a nice way. Tell them that while you appretiate the offer, it's just not what you were looking for and ASK THEM TO STOP IN A NICE WAY INSTEAD OF TRYING TO MAKE THEM GO AWAY! -A rant from one of the 99% of dragon cave. (lame I know but you get the idea right?)
  4. I, Cecona, agree that if it has a face, it has a name
  5. I bred my female blue lindwurm with my male gilded bloodscale, I thought it was a really nice pairing- though my bloodscale isn't CB. I'm locked though so it landed on the AP. Hopefully someone who wasn't able to grab one from the release can get it :>
  6. ♥u♥ You're awesome~ if I catch one I'll take good care of it.
  7. I'm hoping the abandoned page will have a few of these new eggs pop up, especially the opals