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  1. That embryo is not able to feel or even sense itself or the world around it. It has no consciousness, no ability to feel pain, nothing that would actually qualify it to be a viable human being yet. Once a fetus is able to survive outside the womb, including those that are put into incubators, it becomes a baby human. At the embryo and fetus stage it’s still very possible for it to not survive and be miscarried. It dies almost the moment it becomes detached because it can no longer leech nutrients and is currently unable to grow or survive any other way but the way of a parasite. A baby is not the same as an embryo or a fetus because a baby can survive outside the womb, an embryo and fetus cannot.
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  3. Late but I NEEDED to say this to Laryal: if everyone was strong enough to get over their traumas and issues my dad would still be alive. But he is not. If people were all strong enough my sister would not have lost two of her closest friends in middle school. So, sorry, I simply cannot agree at all that anyone can get over their problems. There are countless people not here today because they could not.
  4. The only reason my sexual assault didn’t become a rape was because I was able to get away and run into my mom’s room and wake her up. Not everyone is lucky enough to be attacked in their own bedroom with a parent in the room across the hall, not everyone is lucky enough to get a chance to run away. Far too many people don’t seem to understand that even if it doesn’t make up the majority, it still happens too many times. I am utterly terrified that Trump and Pence will overturn Roe v Wade and get rid of planned parenthood. I’m terrified this country will take so many steps backwards that there will be a very noticeable rise in fatalities and injuries to pregnant women and unborn children, an influx in children put into the foster care system. Even Ireland is taking the steps to make better abortion laws, but our idiotic president and vice jackass want to make women powerless so they can continue to harass and abuse them
  5. I’ll agree that most people born a biological woman will have the capability to have a child as long as the uterus and ovaries stay in tact and functional. Though there are those that are infertile and born between gender. The gender one identifies as is a bit different and not all end up getting surgery for one reason or another, but if someone truly identify as a man I have no right to tell them otherwise or purposely use incorrect pronouns. If in their heart of hearts they identify as something different than what they were born as, then they are that gender to me.
  6. Etopic pregnancies are extremely dangerous and deadly in majority of cases and, in my opinion, should not be seen as a viable way to have a pregnancy in any instance. A woman that was born a man would need more than just a cavity and reshaped hips/C-section. A male body is not at all set up to cater a developing fetus, the body needs to be able to recognize that it is a fetus and not a different parasite. A lot of things happens to the female body during pregnancy, hormones change, nutrients are rerouted to the fetus, the mother’s body changes physically to accommodate the child. A male body would not be able to do all these things without heavy intervention. dont get me wrong, it would be awesome for medical science to be advanced enough to make trans people capable of reproducing the way of their preferred gender and I hope it will happen. But currently we are far away from that point in time. But hey, we are close to having fully functional artificial wombs. I see that as a big step in a good direction.
  7. If it’s not paying for the actual abortions maybe they mean that tax payer money goes to keeping the actual clinic open? I honestly believe it’s complete bull, but I want to try and understand why they would say tax payer money funds abortions.
  8. I think the oldest surviving person with mermaid syndrome was like 10 years old. It’s not an easy thing to deal with and it was a miracle this little girl lived as long as she did. The thing about autism is murky, because even if we were capable of diagnosing it in the womb, would they be able to tell whether it’s high functioning or low functioning? Can they tell how bad a fetus’s Down syndrome will be? People with high functioning autism are very capable of living mostly normal lives, and are usually very intelligent and talented. It wouldn’t be fair to these people if a prenatal test showed a fetus had autism, but couldn’t detect whether it was low or high functioning. Trump is a joke, and I’m terrified of the idea of him banning all abortions. Even Ireland is changing for the better, but he wants to throw us back a few decades. He was already making a big deal about tax payers funding abortions (is that even true?) and cutting all funding to abortion clinics.
  9. One thing I know about anti-abortion people is one of their arguments is that some women use it as a form of birth control. And easier access would mean even more women having abortions instead of taking birth control. I honestly can’t understand the logic behind this considering the costs and struggles women have to take just to get one abortion. I try to explain to my mom how it doesn’t make sense, but I guess she saw it on tv so it must be true. Maybe she sees every abortion where there is nothing wrong with the fetus as a woman using it as birth control? I dont agree with people aborting over things like Down syndrome, but I can understand the struggles might be too much for the parents to handle. I’ve known several people with Down syndrome and usually they just seem like they have a speech impediment and unusual facial structure. They deserve to live as much as someone with autism, or ADD/ADHD. As for a cut off time, I would have to go with what you guys already said. If the fetus is viable and can survive outside the mother it’s too late. Though I also think a cut off should be when the fetus is capable of feeling and recognizing pain. When is that, by the way?
  10. The thought of removing the flap was never brought up, especially since she ended up having two kids. The doctor actually thought it was cute for being heart shaped. But yea like the others said, I’m sure it was safer to leave it in than take it out- especially in the 80s. It was only one part at the top of the uterus and there are plenty other places a fertilized egg can attach to.
  11. I love that game, but the energy issue is ridiculous!
  12. Anyone know if notifications have been fixed?
  13. Being a hufflepuff, I am super happy that not only are the Malismor super cute elegant ferret/badger eastern dragons, but they are the only ones with demorphisim
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  15. Gotta say, I was worried about how the Malismor dragons would turn out as I thought the hatchlings weren’t cute. Glad to see the adults came out so cute and elegant, I love them!! And the names: Leodon, Lacula, Malismor, and Razorcrest. They are all so cool!
  16. Just grabbed my second green egg, something that I consider a happy little coincidence is that I didn’t have to influence any of my eggs. Precognition showed I grabbed a female and male of all four types.
  17. Wow! That hour drop really helped me out, was able to get one of each plus a second forest one. I can only get two more though. Still haven't found the notification settings.
  18. I can't seem to find where to set notifications
  19. Also, Hogwarts dragons? YES A MILLION TIMES! I gotta represent and hoard me them yellow eggs~
  20. Wow, these updates are incredible! I LOVE the market idea! I'll have to go unlock every dragon I haven't yet, at least they can be unlocked by viewing dragons. I also LOVE that the in-game currency is something you can earn and don't have to buy. I'm super excited about the notifications but haven't found them yet, will soon I'm sure. However I am a little sad I don't have my eighth egg slot yet, as it means I will have to settle for three cave born pairs unless I can catch another of the fourth.This is the best I'm so glad I remembered to check today!
  21. I’m glad that both you and your mother survived, it’s such a scary thought when you know you could die from pregnancy. My mom had a miscarriage before my sister and I. Her uterus has this little flap of extra flesh at the top which makes it look heart shaped, and any egg that attached to it would detach after growing too heavy. Thankfully it only happened once.
  22. Damn, sorry about that. Some women are lucky and don’t have any issues while others have everything that could go wrong happen. It really depends on the woman, like my second cousin has a terminal illness and a few years ago she decided to have a baby since she was the healthiest she would ever be in her life. She almost died and the baby was premature, but thankfully they both survived. Another cousin, my mom’s sister’s daughter, had her child without complications. You never really know which way it will go and not all women are willing to put their lives on the line to bring another person into the world.
  23. Far too many people don’t see it as dangerous as it really is. Some women have bodies that make birth almost impossible. My mother has a narrow pelvic bone that makes it impossible for her to give birth naturally, and was incapable of going into labor without assistance. If modern medicine wasn’t as advance as it is my sister and I wouldn’t be here, and neither would my mom. There are so many people that don’t know such issues are even a thing. Carrying and births are seen as something any woman can do and survive.
  24. To be fair, those all apply to single mothers as well. Replace daddy with mommy and it still makes perfect sense. I think a father that wants to keep his child would do his best to care for it, but the issue is that the father doesn’t have the hard job of risking their own lives to bring another into the world. I don’t think a man’s desire to have the kid should trump the woman’s desire to not have her life ruined because she doesn’t want to carry or give birth to the child. The guy can always make more kids with a woman that also wants kids; it’s super easy for them because all they need to do is supply the baby juice.
  25. Wow Husky, that sounds like you had it rough as a child. I’m sorry for the pain your mother had to go through; that’s one of the very reasons abortion and reproductive health care should be accessible to all women. I recently had a conversation with my friend who is friends with a guy that found out his girlfriend had been pregnant after she already aborted it. Apparently it messed the guy up because he really wants to have kids. Because of this my friend has a very strong stance that a woman shouldn’t abort if the father wants it. While we both agreed a couple should talk about it before going through, he honestly believes the father has equal say and if he wants to keep the child the woman should go through the pregnancy, give birth, and then give up the baby to the dad. It’s impossible to have a friendly debate with this guy because he is insistent he is right about everything unless I can show him proof positive otherwise. And even then I never know if he’ll accept or deny it.