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  1. Alabama has the worst of it, the bill they just voted in only gives exceptions to women that will die if they continue to be pregnant. So that means a 12 year old girl that lives in Alabama and gets raped by her uncle or dad and ends up pregnant is NOT eligible for an abortion unless she will die from it- not including if she chooses to commit suicide. They are making abortion illegal at ALL stages.
  2. I'd also like to add a few things. So, this bill's exceptions are utterly ridiculous, starting with the rule for women that were raped where they require a police report. This puts some women in the position of asking themselves "should I accuse the man I love of rape so I can get an abortion?" At the moment only about 7% of all rape accusations are false, and if this bill passes that number will rise just for the sake of being able to get an abortion. And what if it ends up the man is ruled not guilty, will that reverse it and make the abortion illegal? Then we have the exceptions of women that will die or get permanent irreversible injuries from the pregnancy, which has to be confirmed by a doctor that could easily misdiagnose and tell you that you'll be fine. Same goes for if the child ends up being stillborn or in a vegetative state. If it's possible to reverse the damage, no abortion, if it will eventually heal up, no abortion. Know what else I learned? This rule does NOT include mental illness. A woman that is mentally unstable and could end up committing suicide over being pregnant, giving birth, or being forced to raise an unwanted child is not considered a case for abortion because it would be her own action to take her life and there for does not count. I dare someone to tell me this bill is supposed to be for the greater good.
  3. I don't think anyone should disagree that better education on the subject is needed and would go a long way in preventing many abortions and unwanted pregnancies. Sadly not everyone has the sense to go and do research themselves because the people that told them the bad info or kept the info from them are people they trust like a parent or a teacher. they assume the person that told them know better. My older cousin believed for the longest time chickens bred like fish because that's what a farmer told her.
  4. Just want to address the birth control part of this post, nothing else. As wonderful as it would be if everyone could have birth control to prevent abortions, it doesn't always work and actually a lot of abortions are preformed on women who's birth control failed. Unless we were to live in a completely perfect world there is no way we would be able to avoid all abortions being preformed. The best we can do is educate everyone and provide access to proper care. Which is not making abortions illegal.
  5. That is the most disgusting part of this, it doesn't care what the reason is. I think the ONLY exception is if the mother is in immediate danger from the pregnancy, I'm not even sure if they will do it if it's dangerous for the woman later on in the pregnancy. It's horrible, it's backwards, it doesn't take into account ANYTHING about women's health. The only thing it does is cause more harm, more deaths, more unwanted children, more people that will end up abused and unloved, and wishing they HAD been aborted. It's the sad, sad truth.
  6. The law passed in Georgia and like 13-15 other states are in the process of trying to get it passed as well. I understand that where you live it might be rare for people to be against abortion and birth control, but in my experience and the experiences of the women around me, the people that want to ban abortion also want to ban birth control. They don't understand or care that it is used for reasons other than preventing pregnancy. They see it as a way for women to sleep around, be loose, and basically disobey god. That's what most of it boils down to, bible says it's bad so there for it must be. It's the same reason they want to refuse rights to the LGBTQ+, and some even want them to be killed. It's this backwards kind of thinking that refuses progress and puts people in danger, and worst of all the people with this kind of mindset are the ones in power. As much as you might not like it, Abortion is something that must be accessible in order to provide the best care for women. Making it harder to get only puts those women at risk. It might seem evil to you but it is a necessary evil. The life of the already established mother takes higher priority than a 6-8 week clump of cells that have just as much a chance of ending up non-viable as they do ending up as a living baby. A heart beat alone does not equal life.
  7. so Georgia just passed the heart beat bill which makes abortions illegal if there is a detectable heart beat, which occurs after only 8 weeks. This.... I just can't. For the women that find out they are pregnant at 6 or so weeks basically only have two weeks to think it over, and then there are the women that don't find out until after the 8 week mark who have absolutely no choice in the matter. The law also gives citizenship to fetuses! Meaning they are counted in the population and can be written on your taxes as a dependent. They are literally giving more rights to something that may not even survive than it's already established mother! Please can we discuss this?
  8. I received a gift via TGT Gift report: Imzadi83 -> Cecona: Yellow Zyumorph Am I on that list? Yes Do I need/wish to be removed? Yes How was the gift offered? Via PM I received a gift via TGT Gift report: Sazandora -> Cecona: Blue Zyumorph Am I on that list? Yes Do I need/wish to be removed? Yes How was the gift offered? Via PM
  9. Does that mean it’s time to reset the binge counter?
  10. I’m out of freezing attempts, I don’t think I’ll be able to get those last few hatchlings to finish off my sets :<
  11. Well by this time tomorrow TJ’s hatchlings will have grown up and we can finally find out what they are
  12. Who keeps saying these dragons are spider like? Could they explain what about it is spider like because I can’t seem to see it. They look more witchy to me
  13. I’d think everyone would realize starting over means starting a new game, which includes starting with no items. Why would you start a new story with all the items already in your inventory? It makes the whole thing pointless if that were the case.
  14. TJ’s hatchlings look so cool!
  15. Like a two headed Halloween dragon? That might be cool
  16. I really like the look of these eggs, looks almost witchy, and a witch themed dragon would be perfect since this year is the 25th anniversary of the Halloween movie classic, Hocus Pocus.
  17. DH? Did you go into the house and cellar? Did you go back to see the misfits and floret after taking the totem? Did you take the bones?
  18. I’m so excited for when the new dragon drops! I did my Halloween decorating today so the house looks all spooky for the trick or treaters.
  19. Yea, it was fun! Seems all I missed was the flower and the note. Guess I should have been more wary of the floret and nicer to the mysfits
  20. Ah, I never got those. I think the highest number of items I’ve seen is 25?
  21. Where did you get the flower and sorry note? Also you are missing things like the potatoes, pumpkin, apple, troll repellent
  22. So the actual eye is named Sam? But the channel is Jack... yet his real name is Sean/Shawn? I only know him through game grumps so I don’t know the spelling.
  23. It’s not a surprise to anyone that a woman might regret getting the procedure. However the way it’s dealt with can be harmful, and shaming them, especially after they’ve gone through with it, is no way to help them get over their issues. Insisting on the negative rather than punctuating the positive is literally the opposite of what to do, and it’s a way to manipulate others. I’ve been going to therapy and seeing psychiatrists since I was 7 and not once have I been shamed by them for something I did. Yes it’s discussed so we can understand better, but the majority of the talk is how to recover, the good things that come from it, and ways of coping if full recovery is too far of a goal at the time. I also feel that forcing someone to listen to the heartbeat is pure manipulation. If they want to listen, sure let them, but if they don’t want to they shouldn’t have to. They are already going through a lot and have made their choice, they shouldn’t be second guessed by people that know little to nothing about them or the situation they are in.
  24. I have heard it called an abortion pill, but it’s more of an implantation prevention pill. People don’t understand how it works and usually don’t care to learn because as soon as they hear it’s used after sex/failed contraceptive to keep a pregnancy from happening they assume it’s for an already implanted egg that has started growing. That’s not the case at all, and won’t work on an implanted egg. A different medicine all together is used for that, and it’s definitely not over the counter.
  25. I finished the story, great job! I hope I got all the inventory items. Also I’m totally making a white and black marrow pair!