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    --- Apollo's Tinsel offspring requests ---
    I've been playing sporadically. I'm still not opening the Tinsel list, so I can just breed whatever I feel like, whenever I feel like it, but I may occasionally have a 2nd gen Tinsel to trade.

    If you have a spriter alt/cb prize, you may inquire about a 2g swap anytime. For any other trade offer, please only send an offer if I have a 2nd gen Tinsel from Apollo currently available on my scroll. Please double check this profile before doing so - if the egg is already spoken for, I'll note so here.

    I don't have any particular lineages I'm looking for at the moment, so I'll mainly be looking for CBs - either rares, or a lot of hatchlings of breeds I don't have much/any of (I've missed a lot of releases). I will consider IOUs.

    I will no longer be keeping any list(s) of people to contact when I'm considering trades. I did so years ago, and keeping track got messy.

    --- Apollo's holiday offspring requests ---
    Since I'm not on regularly, I'm not taking requests for holiday offspring. I'll try to remember to breed Apollo during the holidays, so there's a chance of finding offspring in the AP.

    --- Apollo's common offspring requests ---
    I will gift common offspring of Apollo, and his common offspring list will always be open. If you would like to be added to the list, please let me know which breed(s) you'd like. Note that this is for commons/uncommons; rares will be handled like Tinsels.


    I will hold dragons for 24 hours after I PM you to take them. If you need more time, let me know and I will probably grant you that time. If you don't respond to my PM, I will remove you from the list and move on to the next person. To be re-added, just PM me. If you traded me something for your spot on the list, I will restore you to your previous position. If you were on a gifting list, I will add you to the end of it.

    If I owe you anything and it's been more than a month since I contacted you, feel free to send me a reminder.


    Profile updated 2016-11-14