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  1. I'm going to start a Kovos x Pipio lineage called Spicy Nuggets for this purpose
  2. I've been here 10 years; it's crazy thinking how much the cave has changed in that time. I can remember a time when CB Blacks were as rare as CB Golds, trading was done via the AP, everyone could only hold 4 eggs and a fifth bred egg and there was only one cave with three slots. When you weren't allowed to say what eggs hatched into what, and Holly dragons were a distant dream for most of us. DC has come such a long way, but what makes it so good stays the same; the simplicity, no pay to win, and the beautiful artwork.
  3. It's a fact that things in the trading hub are getting sick, whether through malicious viewbombing or just higher traffic. Especially as eggs cannot be stunned to prevent gaining views, and cannot be warded without cancelling the trade, or fogged. The easiest solution as far as I can see is to limit or entirely prevent items in trade from gaining views. Limiting may be a better option to stop Stun from becoming slightly redundant, perhaps putting a cap on how many views a trade egg can gain within 24 hours or something. Or maybe lower the uv:v ratio for things in trade. Or a similar BSA to Stun for eggs. Regardless, something needs to be done so people can use the trade hub without worrying about things being targeted. This wouldn't prevent scrolls from being attacked which is the main downside.
  4. I didn't remove any dragons - I changed my view settings in the account page. I could still add to the group by manually using the add multi link. Lowering dragons per page fixed mine for a bit but then it broke again, so something needs to be done.
  5. This happens to me with my Water Walkers group. Lowering my dragons per page to 350 fixed it for a bit but it broke again.
  6. I'm already seeing new eggs in hatcheries and clicksites. Please guys fog your new eggs for at least 24hrs! A new release brings traffic and viewbombers. 24hrs fogged won't hurt your egg and will keep it safe.
  7. Well, here we go this is my egg! The little alien is Giegue, the main antagonist in the 1989 NES game Mother, localized to the west as EarthBound Beginnings. You might have heard of its sequel, EarthBound, released in 1995 for the SNES. The egg is supposed to be an earth, like the Mother series logo. I was going to make it look exactly like the logo, but I didn't want to run into plagiarism issues. This is Giegue as he appears in Mother And this is the Mother logo. I chose to do this egg because Mother/EarthBound is a very beloved and important series to me, and due to 2/3 of it only releasing in Japanese for a long time, is very unheard of. If you like JRPGs I implore you to give the series a go.
  8. Yes, but they're APNG, not GIF, so not all browsers display them correctly. If they're not animating for you, it's probably your browser.
  9. I've got all 62 today alone. They appear every 15 or so minutes. Plenty of time across three days.
  10. Clearly the eggs with white backgrounds is a simple error putting them into the site. One of the spriters in question has already said they definitely submitted it transparent. I'm sure it'll be fixed. Calling them 'problem children' and acting as if it's the spriters fault isn't really helping
  11. YES! YES YOU DID! Someone recognised my egg! I could cry!
  12. It's also worth mentioning that you have accepting aid on. While viewbombing is not why your eggs died, if you don't want people putting your eggs into hatcheries I'd turn that off.
  13. I've seen my egg in others' baskets, I can die happy now knowing its out there
  14. So excited to see if anyone gets my egg!!!
  15. Can the eggs reference other things or pop culture as long as they don't trace? Aka, can I make an egg inspired by a video game character, for instance? Also, can we submit multiple eggs (even if only one will get accepted?)
  16. I, for one, welcome our new rancid overlords. Thanks for the Truffle breeding, fingers crossed they play ball next time
  17. I'm trying to get a Black Tea from Black Truffle for my Tea and Truffles lineage. If anyone has a black truffle army, now is your time to shine!
  18. A thread for memes, posting, humour and other DC related shenanigans that fit nowhere else. Remember, it has to be DC related, PG-13, and otherwise abide by the forum rules. As an inaugural post, have a creation of mine, Mr. Scrolllocked. A DC cover of Mr Brightside. I'm tabbing out the cave and I've been hunting all night, Gotta gotta refresh because I want that Gold, It started out with a Shim how did it end up like this, IT WAS ONLY A SHIM, IT WAS ONLY A SHIM, Now I'm hitting my keys And it's causing the lag, As I'm clicking a drake, But I'm catching a black And I'm trading my eggs now, I offer a Neg now, Let me know, I just can't accept it's locking me, I'm declining offers Heresy, my hatchies worth more than that you see, Searching through trade history Viewbombers targeting me, Guess that's just the game I play, Market Shards are currency, Open up all my egg slots, 'Cause I'm Mr. Scroll-locked
  19. Just got 'Koopa Trooper' for this excellent coded boi: https://dragcave.net/lineage/K0opR How on earth is that not taken?!
  20. The S2 hatchies have the classic 'And look! It's grown wings!' line, but the S1s already have wings.