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  1. They're a new breed. The reason why is after trying to breed a pair of my two pink dragons. You can only get them on the AP, but not sure about the brown egg though. Not sure if that is on the AP or if pairing two dragons to get the third egg
  2. Gah! I missed getting one of the new set
  3. Feel too lazy too go back pages, but how many attempts does it take to get the badge? I mean like an estimate?
  4. Awesome! Awesome! Manage to snag two of each one that I can influence to be male and female of the two new species.
  5. There was a point that I loved piercing (and today still admire others that wear them), I find myself unable due to the fact my ears are sensitive and especially after seeing my mom's earlobes split.
  6. Hmm... I would have to say that my last words would...or might be this. "If there's a second life...I would like that life to be not like this one."
  7. The one one my scroll is green, and cannot remember whose scroll the basket (including flower and little chick...at least it look like a chick) was yellow.
  8. Has anyone notice the basket coloring is different per scroll?
  9. Managed to get another one today after catching a nebula one. So that's 2 out of four.
  10. Caught one. I'll wait to catch more once my current one is done.
  11. Mine would be... "At last...I'm free."
  12. I have two. I regret now not knowing at the time the ones that I've released into the AP were going to be longer in continuity. There may have been an annoucement and I forgot to check.
  13. I am rather surprised that this name had not been taken by any toku fans here. My male vampire dragon name is Kamen Rider Kiva. The female...mmm..I just made up Kamen Rider Nightshade
  14. I have name my two cheese (one still a hatchling) Cheese Dragonoid and the hatchling is known as the Cheese of Doom
  15. I cannot remember very well of my first four eggs, but I know they all shared the same fate. They died. I'll have to check my list for my first successful egg hatching and growing up though.