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  1. There are quite a few things that annoy me to be quite honest, but the one thing that annoys me the most would be my one cousin (dad's side of the family) who I had literally treated like a sister. When I really needed her the most to be there for me....she tells me that I do not have the right to feel this way nor vent (by words) it out. I know that if the roles were reversed I'd been there for her.
  2. Yeah, they have been dropping randomly as yesterday caught sight of one front mainpage. I am still very grateful to my catcher for snagging me one while I was away. It was one of the three on my wish list. To be honest narrowed it down to two thinking that most likely discontinued had given up until that annoucement. I really wish the best of luck for those trying to get those little beauties.
  3. Compared when I was a child and look forward to seeing snow in the winter, no longer find any joy. Just when I thought for that short period of a bit of a warm spike (along with rain) clearing away the snow we get more. Plus just this morning woke up to powder snow falling down. The most time that I do not mind it snowing as much is when I do not need having to go outside.
  4. Congrats to the winners! Like I've mentioned in a previous post would not be disappointed if not being one of the few chosen, for I had more fun in decorating the tree itself than the contest. Again congratulations!
  5. Hmmmm...A cross between one of my fav mythical creatures and also transformers.
  6. Thank you for the advice, but I've tried that several attempts and still they are lite
  7. It is the same with the red one too. Best thing I can suggest decorate the tree with the ornaments first and then place the garland second. Or vice versa.
  8. Out of curiousity is anyone having trouble with the ornaments that they don't want on the tree being visible off side of the tree? From what I'm understanding the ones place off to the side of the tree turn invisible, but each time I click on the tree each are shown visible.
  9. Maybe even a dragon holding a star? Heheh...I kinda picture that within my mind. This year's dragon clutching a golden star within its talon. If not, I like the one ornament that I'm using for the topper. Though I'm hoping that we get another set of garland.
  10. The Looking Glass Wars by Frank Beggdor (sp?)
  11. Anyone having a problem with the garland? When I wasn't happy where I place an ornament went to fix it, rather the mouse moving the ornament the garland instead was moved.
  12. Yeah, I've notice that too. That some are either dropping them in the AP or they're passing them through.
  13. I have seen few here and there, but when I try clicking on them the end result is the same. None. It is sad that there's not a chance like there once was to view a cave overload like the yulebucks had been the previous year. I know that this is me being optimistic here, but what if the new year we can see an even like that again. Yeahhhhh...dreaming there.
  14. Wonderful. I've caught two!! I hope to use one for a trade for a holly. I would indeed have a great Christmas if I could get one. I know I'm dreaming, but that is my wish.
  15. I'd hope to at least get one holly, though I'm not going to be disappointed if I don't. I recently released another of my snow angels eggs.
  16. Whoa! I was looking at my page before the changes, but when I came back few minutes later...my mind was completely blown. Niceeeee Now I can rename one dragon I name wrong after forgetting I had influence it to be male, and the other with TJ code. Yay!!!
  17. Aside from the teleporting feature look forward for the changes. Just rather curious how that will play out come the holiday event dragons. Will there be a limit on them? If someone had asked this question already please forgive me. Anyways awesome job.
  18. Haven't been successful yet, but I'm not giving up. I'll be happy if I even get one.
  19. I forgot how many attempts it took me. Though at one point was about to just give up entirely like with that Nature Guardian Summons, but heheh...guess the use of patience really does pay off.
  20. Awwwweeee!!!!! They're adorable even more now that they matured a little. After a few attempts managed to snag two of each one to influence their gender. I am rather excited to see what their adult forms take.
  21. At the time had been getting too many of the old pinks decided to abandon them thinking that they'll be around to fill my list quota later on. When I found out that they were being discontinued smack myself in the face. What was I thinking? This time around with the Frills hunted to achieve my desire amount 7 (one being frozen as a hatchling).
  22. Nice! Nice! I got all three now.