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  1. Granted, but those rooms are trashed from a recent stag party and the cleaning staff walked out. I'd wish that my luck would change
  2. I have none, but they are a dream that I'd like to see one day on my scroll.
  3. Does the trophy update itself after ones scroll increases? I've only released now that my list is 504 and yet still have a silver trophy. Is it only recorded at the time the trophies were handed out?
  4. Yay! One of the new dragons finally matured. It's so cute. If it was made into a plushie would hug it so tightly. I cannot wait till the others mature into full fledge dragons. --- 5/5 Goal reached 1/5 Second Goal Of Birthday Eggs
  5. Nope. Even if the feature is available on the scroll options does not really feel any personal usage of it.
  6. I've said it once already (I think) feels like only yesterday had came across this site from another forum signature and fell instantly in love. To me personally, this is much more interesting then others. Again Happy Bday!!! 4/5 achieved
  7. Noooooo.....I'm scroll lock 2/5 achieved.
  8. My question are these going to be around like the others or just a one day thing. I have work later this afternoon.
  9. Happy Bday Dragon Cave. Feels like only yesterday that I had stumbe across this site.
  10. Hahaha...Looks like I've forgotten how to count now for every 5 to 15 minutes checking my scroll kept up empty handed. Only now realizing to count the number of new Easter Eggs counted 53.
  11. There are times that a song does get stuck in my head and takes awhile for it to go away. Then there are the annoying times that they pop back up in the most random times.
  12. They do not grow up. Like the seasons they change in sprite as well. Here is some information on the leetle trees for those curious as well. http://dragcave.wikia.com/wiki/Leetle_Trees
  13. They're still available. Much like the CB Metallics are still being dropped.
  14. So so....so very gorgeous. Much like this year valentine's dragons they are elegant in design. Major props to those who worked on them.
  15. I remember checking the main cave one morning had noticed over two hundred online with no caveborn eggs to be found. Which could only mean one thing. New eggs! And I was right. Only later when I arrived home after work caught two of each one that I may influence their gender. Surprise I saw what look like a black version of the stripes. Sneaky! Very Sneaky! Heheh...Nice addition though. I can't wait till they mature to see what they all look like (yea, I know the black is going to be like the other stripes, but still its beautiful)
  16. What is acting your age? Even was a little child was expected to act more older by some while others was perfectly fine. I have always taken responsiblity for my actions then and now. I love life and if I don't act my age accordingly to others well then tough. Like previously mention it is simply a stereotype place on us who have a passion for life.
  17. Wish that the holidays are limit to three eggs than two that one may be kept frozen. With holiday dragons I have no desire to freeze them due to the limit as I enjoy help spread the sweeties onto others
  18. Not sure if it falls under this category or not, but it is not an object rather something different that I still cannot have. I'd like to see my mom and grandma(her mom) back on speaking terms. Not having that side of the family part of us is killing me inside. Yeah, what happen cannot be forgotten, but we can start to make amends....
  19. I know that most of the dragons on my scroll are inbred (not by my choice) keep them on my scroll regardless as they are still precious to me.
  20. This one I had today. The dream started working figuring out few calculations what needed to be paid this week and what could wait. Naturally, did not have enough to get them all taken care of at once. At this point one of my cats is batting my storage box underneath my bed. Thinking that they lost their catnip toy in brought the box out...what did I find? Money that had stored away that I forgot. LOL Woke up to see if it was true...nooppppppeeee
  21. Carry four 12pk sodas at once with two hands. The key to that trick is by using Mr. Spock's live long and prosper sign. Lay down two boxes side-by-side first. Then tuck two fingers into one slit, and the remaining two into the other. Useful trick, but I wouldn't recommend if there's a long distance. I can also pick up things with my toes.
  22. Here I thought that it was my internet dropping again. Lately there's a problem that neither the computer or modem have been losing internet connection.