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  1. Dear Journal, Has it nearly been almost two years now that I’ve been rescued from within the entrance of the cave when I was still an egg?! It does not seem remotely possible that those few years walking along side my master (my partner) time pass us by so quickly. In these past few years continue making the journey rescuing abandoned at the cave’s entrance or stumbling across newer species had watch my new clan continue to grow and thrive. It was recently decided that a journal be kept recording everything within the clan for future generations to know their heritage and fellow clan members. My master humbled me having the great honor as the senior dragon to hold such an honor. Within this previous week my master not only had she came across two newer species along her travel into the other lands found a miracle. There within either the forest or jungle she had come across a cave born silver dragon, a dragon born without biological parents. How my brethren swoon over the new addition into our home ignoring the others. In order to protect and keep the unborn silver dragon, I’ve entrusted the Guardian dragons with such a task. Even the Vampire dragons had taken the night duty to allow the Guardian’s rest. At first I was against this idea, but my master trusted them greatly for they two want it to grow. I must rest now... AngelicSapphire
  2. My Ethics/Moral towards Dragon Cave is quite simple. 1) Have one scroll 2) Treat others on the Dragon Cave forum exactly how I’d like to be treated. 3) Breed responsibly * When it comes to the terms of breeding check the two dragons in mind for parenting lineage to see if there has been traces of inbreeding. * This ties into the first as most of my dragons had some traces of inbreeding makes certain that the potential forum member is aware of this fact. Occasionally drawn to see how the children are doing is often either kept on a person scroll matured, frozen as a hatchling or release. Though known to breed both CB, PB and inbred. * On non-event (non-holiday dates, i.e. Christmas, etc…) breeding is done every other week or longer if certain events outside of the DC community need to take first priority first. If the latter comes first rather it is part of a trade or random gifting notifies the DC forum member about the delay. 4) Gifting * This ties into what had been mention in breeding. 5) IOU’s * These are kept on record for event and non-event quite seriously. * If by chance I do forget make sure that the person whom I owe the IOU reminds me as well. 6) Treat inbred dragons with fairness. How often they are discarded or killed simply based on their lineage. Often enough you’d be amazed how many known lineages might be caught up in their line.
  3. This happen few years back when my mom had made homemade clam chowder for dinner. A few days passed by decided before getting ready for my night shift at work went into the kitchen to see if there was something to eat that didn't require me cooking and easily place in the microwave. Sitting right there in the front was the leftover clam chowder sitting in the fridge. At the time I couldn't exactly remember when it was made or how long it had been sitting inside the fridge made sure to check it out first. Normally you can tell if something is expired if it looks or smells bad, but this had neither signs to tell me that it was. Long story short....I had stayed home from work due to food poisoning and few days later we got new carpet added into our aptartment.
  4. At first must confess was iffy about the how teleport be such a good idea and stood neutral supporting it when it had been discussed on the forum. Now I must admit how wonderful it is to have this BSA function around. As my schedule can be quite heptic and never around the same time as the person I'm interested making a train could only hope that on a day off they're online. The teleport BSA function has made it easier that I feel assure that they'd get the egg/hatchling without me being around or making them wait as well. Now I'm always trying to figure out the best time a hatchling reaches its ER state. This one site that explains how it deter continues to baffle me and wish there was some kind of function that alerts the scroll if egg/hatchling reached ER status.
  5. Like many look forward to seeing their adult forms.
  6. When I've logged onto Dragon Cave and moved to the desert section in hopes to get a CB Black egg that day got thrown into a loop seeing a description of one I've never seen before and went straight to the forum discovering two new eggs have been added. My main goal was to get two of each color to influence their gender, but at first kept on getting blue. Only last night did I manage to get two orange. Ooooohhhh...I am looking forward to seeing how they turn out. 5 Blue 2 Orange
  7. Though funny as it is, no, I would not. I love my C.C.
  8. Wish I remember the part that could be attach to the Sega Genesis console, not the CD Drive, the the game slot. Anyways, it was the game with Sonic and Knuckles. Happy to get it on my bday wanted to play it right there and then, but no sooner had I started the game.... Background: Check! Sound: Check! Sound Effects: Check! Character:...... Where are they?! None of the characters were visible, but when you move your character around can tell that they are present in the game as the screen moves along. Wierdest Glitch ever for me....
  9. I try to avoid them much as possible mainly due to the racid smell moment you step inside. These are the known name stations too might I add, but unless its one of the fancier ones like...now I can't remember the name. But it is more than a gas station as it contains a bakery inside and their room are inside tend to me more sanitized. On the free way will not stop unless hit the rest station or reach my designation.
  10. Any one have tips for dealing with a male cat? Growing up most of my cats had been female with the exception of one that my uncle had release custody over to me. None of them (including the one eldery feline) gave me bit of difficulty till now. He's several years old now, but was originally a street kitten that was taken in. Now he's got a companion, but when I want to hold him or even play with him. He's acting like a spoil prince. He will not come by me. He will not let me hold him for long. He sits at the foot of the bed or moves when I come by him. He like the cat treats I give him, but after that he resumes his high-and-mighty act.
  11. Had been staring directly at a CB Black Dragon egg, and then quickly refresh only for it to click in that it was what I had wanted.
  12. Trying to get a CB Black, but each time I'm slow to the draw.
  13. The original super mario brothers and beat might I add too. My cousin who still had the system let me played it whenever I visited my grandparents house. Sadly to say that the nintendo console system burnout from an electrical outage in the game system. May it rest in peace.
  14. Have to say that I'm....impressed.
  15. I had animal crossing for the gamecube, but do to financial reason had to sell it. It was a great game.
  16. Just a fust a few diet mountain dew soda cans from yesterday. Whenever I get worked up over a test, exam, work or anything stress out often would drink one too many sodas. A really bad habit that I'm desperately trying to break.
  17. Using the Earthquake BSA when the eggs appeared ready to hatch any day (second).
  18. By using the incubator sites and monitor them have been my way for sometime
  19. Using the Earthquake BSA feature to help them out of their shells. I've got the worse luck using that feature and rather use the red dragons to incubate them.
  20. Wish Granted, but the wish becomes instantly null Wish that I had the power to redo past mistakes
  21. 106 - This will keep on growing.
  22. I have two cats Star (boy) and Case (Girl), which out of the two Star does what he pleases, which is basically nothing. As for Case, well, she's quite the naughty little daredevil who loves to nibble on my earphone cords.
  23. I've watched it now and then, but think what I like most about it is the animation.
  24. Oh wow! My trophy just turn gold now.