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  1. Dear Journal It is in the way hours of the morning and find myself unable to sleep thus decided to write down my thoughts while they are still freshly imprinted on me. The caveborn black dragon wings have finally grown and it is by the magic of the new pink dragons a healthy boy. It continues seeking attention feeling a little intimidated by the mysterious new eggs, but the ungendered silver tinsel hatchling does not seem to mind. While the caveborn black dragon spends most of his time wanting to practice flying, the silver tinsel has taken a protective role with the Guardian Dragons over the new additions to the clan. It is cute especially since the small youngling is still fragile itself. AngelicSapphire
  2. I've got a semi messy room right now that needs to be taken care of, but tooo exhausted at this point.
  3. My natural hair is dirty blonde, but I've dyed it to a fiery golden auburn that really brings out my face more.
  4. Acting ones age? Is that even remotely possible? Exactly how one must act? From a personal perspective do not believe in such a thing to be quite honest.
  5. Dear Journal These past couple weeks our mistress had been adjusting to a new sleep pattern that had left her exhausted during the later part of the afternoon. Thankfully she had requested few days off simply recuperate to that we are all very relieved. After waking up from a long over due power nap she walked over to where two new additons have been nestling under the watchful eyes of the Guardian Dragons surrounded by Magma Dragons who insisted keeping the eggs warm. Amongst the new two new additions were a black caveborn dragon egg (rare to find one lately born without parents) and a silver tinsel. The latter arrived shortly after CB White Dragoon and Little Bronze Angel were blessed with a bronze tinsel egg. Our mistress help cleared up why a bronze tinsel vanished and in its place a silver tinsel. The black caveborn has now hatched from its egg and stumbling about crying loudly. Heheh.....youngling definitely loves the attention it has been receiving from all the clans appears to have an abundant amount of energy. Again to see the happy expression across her face on these two were welcoming sight to behold and hope it stays. Oh, I've just been informed by our sole Guardian of Nature, Wing Tenshi Guardian four new arrivals had been brought in by our mistress. The new Pink Dragons have already influence them with their songs that will have a boy and girl of each kind. We've been given instructions to keep them with the new hatchling and silver tinsel egg. What will their names be? Rumors are floating about that one of the new mysterous caveborns shall be be named after TJ. AngelicSapphire
  6. Awww.....the hatchlings are so adorable!!!!! EDIT: They're growing up so fast and are still adorable. I'm excited to see their final form NEW EDIT: Their S2 forms are amazing. It won't be long till they finally matured. FINAL EDIT: They are truly beautiful.
  7. A great start to my four day off from work and everything else. Heh heh...Got two of each one. Thank you TJ, Thank you spriters too!
  8. They're still around and yet do not really get the whole thing what really made them such a hype to begin with.
  9. Spiders. Now when they're behind a glass then I've got no problem being around them. However, when they're crawling about does give me the major creeps. The worse that I remember when I was maybe five...or six years old had visited one of my relatives for his birthday. While we waited for the rest of his guests to arrive went over to this plot where a house was going to be built to play King of the hill game. I do not quite remember precisely why, but I was moving some of the stones when I spotted this huge trantula. Spotting that thing immediately drop the stone and went running back down.
  10. Dear Journal The natural sounds of a storm can be heard outside the entrance cave and best record this quickly while it is still freshly imprinted within my thoughts. We do not know the exact race of our mysterious hatchling gendered has now been revealed. It is a girl, which our Lady has named Little Bronze Angel. I wonder if the name given has to do with unusual scale coloring perhaps. Again, she appears rather tight lip about giving us any further details other than that of the cave born eggs we had been watching. Though we are in the clear of the earlier stages when this mysterious hatchling entered our cave continues to remain alert should another relapse occurs. Till then we shall wait with great anticipation to learn of this dragon origin. Like to also note that there’s been on cave born and few newborn (of our seasonal dragon) eggs added into our clan. A few have shown signs of soft shell are being watched over alongside the mysterious hatchling. The new hatchling even seems to be aware of their illness drawn the two underneath her wings. It is a cute sight to see someone so tiny try to shield them from danger. AngelicSapphire PS. The mysterious hatchling grew up late this evening. To our amazement it is what our Lady calls a Bronze Tinsel Dragon.
  11. Dear Journal Like previous journal entry relations between the vampires shall take some time for things to be patch up. On a more lighter note shall be happy to announce that the mysterious little egg has now hatched creating much celebration. From this mysterious egg a small bronze dragon emerge into this world around late last night. It is unknown what this small bronze hatchling will grow up to be, but our master refuses to answer us of its origin. Her response has not yet change when first asked. "My dear AngelicSapphire now is not the time to reveal unto you all its origin or gender. Let time take its course and continue to watch over him as you're doing now shall answers be revealed." Her wishes shall be respected while we continue to watch over the small hatchling. AngelicSapphire
  12. This not might have been a prank done by accident, but it might have been close enough carrying out one. Few years back had made some coffee for my dad. In my haste grab the container holding not sugar...but 'salt'. Heh heh...I had to laugh when he spat it out.
  13. Dear Journal The whole community has now been place on constant watch over mysterious showing sign of sickness as its shell feels soft. How immediately few have shifted blame onto the Vampires due to being the second day it has now succumb to the illness that most newborns experience. If not for the few other elders supporting me to dispatch on all accusations pointed towards the Vampires, that they like them want only to see what hatches. Many still are not convince I'm afraid to say can only hope that our new addition to the family shall prove they're just as caring despite their given nature. AngelicSapphire
  14. Dear Journal The day has now finally arrived and would not believe it at first if not Prince Fluffy Stuff ....why master name him such a silly name is beyond me.... bump into me after tripping over his wild and manageable fur. To see the smile upon my master face as she walked in holding an unfamiliar egg was a welcome change. I've enlisted only the best and most trustworthy dragons to keep watch. How wonderful this day has been. AngelicSapphire
  15. Speaking of codes.... Oofxa TJ8VD (codes messed), heh heh...another TJ code on my scroll. I have more, but these are only recent
  16. Having an apology from my father and another matter to have both sides of the family back in my life.
  17. Had had bit of unsuccessful breeding except for a common white dragon egg, but that doesn't bother me truthfully.
  18. Dear Journal How quiet it is now that the young charges we've been watching over have moved into their new home. I do not fear that it is the last time we shall ever see them as much now maybe we'll strum along their offspring or the offspring's decendants. Having that sense of knowledge will wish them the best of luck. One of the Neotropicals did not want to move into his new home as it seems feeling too close of a bond with everyone. What troubles me that now while we await our new addition to the clan one of the vampires got over excited that they lost control and bite into one of the newly rescued egg. The others have apologized deeply for this unfortunate incident promised that they shall be extra careful. I have deep faith that they will keep to their word having shown such great restraint...but I am aware not everyone shares the same viewpoint. AngelicSapphire
  19. Quite small and in need of reorganizing
  20. Dear Journal For a moment nearly had a mild scare these past couple of days as few of the cave born eggs mysteriously disappeared. It was only when xxdragonisprimusxx explained that they were being watched over until they had hatch. Those new hatchlings with the help of our Magi's be sent over safely through the secret passages to another whom she has been contacted over an IRC chat. What is that exactly? No matter, our master informed us that we will soon be having a new addition. I've implore my normal tactics to learn more, but she remains very type lip about the surprise. I dare not try today for now she worries about the three Neotropical cave born eggs. They are sick with soft shells that may kill them before having a chance to live. Measures have been taken accordingly and only time will tell now if they shall live. AngelicSapphire