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  1. 39/40 The chicken is stubborn to show itself. I've got to start all over again.
  2. Does anyone know where the candle might be located?
  3. The ones that I've missing are the candle, dragon on the scoll and the rat.
  4. Hahah...Thanks for the tip. I glued myself away for awhile and came back...found few more. LOL
  5. Has someone already answered this if you go back at the beginning and come back to the same things does that mean that's it? For I've got 20/40 and wonder if I've made an error.
  6. Likely to be back up either today or within a few days hopefully. It happens from time-to-time and stopped worried about when it does.
  7. There are often enough times that I've get this strange feeling of Deja vu. Like take today for a fine example before coming across this thread. There is a definite feeling of Deja vu like I had lived this day minute by minute.
  8. There really isn't specific times. Much like the rares drop here and there from time-to-time
  9. Have not been eating very much on fast food past few months as trying to save up for an upcoming trip. Though the only one that I had been too was Culivers. Their grilled chicken sandwiches are quite good.
  10. I hope that it comes back up later today....
  11. Due to my overbite my 30's sound like 40's to most people and have to say the numbers instead so that they understand. I really do not let it bother me.
  12. I've got two cats each are loveable.
  13. I had done two, but I do not think last year I've tried making another one. Likely not going to do so this year depends on my schedule really
  14. If you use the incubator sites to post your egg/hatchlings they will get views, but also not that one too many may lead to sickness (soft shell) to that you'll have to fog your eggs/hatchlings and remove them from the sites till their status is cleared up (sometimes best to give them a day). Though just as you hope to get views for your eggs/hatchlings give some back to others as well. It is not best to be asking help like that as many sites are made available.
  15. Dear Journal We now know what specie of dragons our new additions to our clan at last. The bright green horn dragons are known as Gold-horned Tangars and the blue with green spots are known Spotted Greenwings. Out of the four gathered only the male spotted greenwing hatchling appears cherishing his youth. The silver tinsel, My Little Silver Angel who we all feared would not make has grown into a full fledge adult. Already few days old had chosen a life long mate with a lovely Balloon dragonness by the name of Balloon CB and now proud parents of a Balloon egg. Our other tinsel, Little Bronze angel and her life long mate CB White Dragoon from what I've notice from afar are comforting each other after their second courting have not been blessed with another offspring. It has been voted amongst the clan that the new bronze tinsel egg that they be its adoptive parents. We shall wait a few days before approaching them with the bundle of joy. AngelicSapphire
  16. Hope that everything is all right. I truly missed egg drop soup site.
  17. A pencil, mechanical pencil, erasable pen and last but least computer
  18. I have a TJ code for one of my Greenwing, but for the Gold-horned Tangar, I had one with the following code m2sRL, which made me think " Mc Seriously"
  19. Another pet peeves comes is being told by someone what I'm feeling at the time when in fact I'm not feeling nothing at all like that sort. Even if I'm calm and happy there are times I've been accused of being anything, but that.