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  1. Hollies are not common in my opinion or they'd be more easy to get at least one for those who have none. The ones that do have one and want to swap it for another either equal or lower gen is just the same level if one caught it on the AP. If I managed to get two this year, the second one shall be going to another person who has none. I wouldn't want anything in return, but just knowing I'd made their day awesome. Congrats you guys for getting one.
  2. A part of me that cannot shake off the feeling shall be another year unable to obtain a holly egg, while the other half feels hopeful still when one does appear on the AP. My friends are right I should remain hopeful and not think much about it. Oh great....I got a headache now right before work....wish this was my day off too now EDIT: Wait....Did I take apsirin to resolve it? I don't remember now
  3. Forgot the term used towards another pet peeve of mine, but it annoys me to no ends when a person (no matter if it is a man or woman) takes a look at you when it comes to lifting a heavy item and immediately assumes because of ones gender cannot do such a task requires a guy to do it.
  4. Thus far no luck and I've been trying hard all day to get one. I click on it but wasn't fast enough or my internet fails on me with an error message
  5. I am still hoping too. It would make this year especially good if I could at least get one. If that happens then I'll be overwhelmed with joy that I'll share that joy with the next person breeding it. Congrats to those who were fortunate to get one.
  6. None yet sadly. Though I'm going to keep trying.
  7. How may times I've seen one only to miss out or get an error message due to the internet explorer.
  8. Gorgeous!!! I have one question are we permitted to make our own signatures using the decorated dragons? I feel so festive that I'd like much to make one for this month, if that's okay.
  9. Able to mostly complete my Christmas shopping thanks to this week paycheck. Not only was I able to pay the major priorities had had enough to get a few presents as well. Things do work out after all and need not to immediately hit the panic button when something goes awry in life. I'm so exhausted from working a nine hour shift....but there's still much more to do.
  10. I know somewhere along these past few posts submitted one about my first successful summons after countless failures including my second sucessful summons that resulted in an accidental overload when I got too excited posted it immediately on the incubator sites. That one I'm still kicking myself as it had such an interesting code. Oh well... After that one had another failure expected the same amount of time peroid as the first one. I was wrong, for the the next time available was lucky to get my second one. For those who have not yet got a successful summons don't give up
  11. Tried egg nog once around Christmas, but that was the most horrible drink I've ever tasted and to be honest do not find what makes it so poplular around this time. I'll stick to the flavored milk my store carries around this time of the holiday like velvet milk and mint chocolate. It is sad that the only time I can get them is around this time.
  12. I hope that this will be the year I'll be able to get a holly.
  13. One of the stupidest things that I've done even if it was by accident was flood the kitchen. What had happen was one afternoon decided to make spaghetti for lunch. As it takes few seconds or so for the water to fill the huge pot, I decided just to sit down for only a spell. What I didn't realize that I had sat down for more than a minute or two. The next thing I knew there was a knock on the door of the apartment. I should note here that the front door of the complex a person can only get inside with a key or buzzed in by one of the tendants that lived there, so I wasn't expecting anyone walked over to see who it was. It was Mrs. B much to my surprise asking if we were having a problem with our bathroom. Confused to why she would be asking that questioned it dawn to me looking behind notice the kitchen floor flooding with water.... I had all forgot about my running water that it seep down to the floor down. Thankfully she wasn't mad or had me paid for damages (well, she never even brought that up, really nice person). I still cannot believe even to this very day that I could not believe I've forgot to check on it.
  14. With my first one had lost count of the attempts made. Though when I had successfully summon another one....which died...had an interesting code too...I'd say two weeks after it was cleared from the scroll as once the option came available again the first week proved an unsuccessful summon.
  15. Here's an interesting code from one of my tinsels (silver) eR99R Hahahaha...When I first saw that code it made me think Error for some reason hence named it, Error The Silver Tinsel
  16. I have more marrows and pumpkins, but the listed are newly additions to my scroll. Marrows: Ew Dark Kabuto Marrow Lady Marrow Flame Pumpkins: October Pumpkin Myst Pumpkin Ore The Next Kamen Rider Pumpkin Shadow Walkers: Dani Phantom Shadow Walker Kamen Rider Shadow Walker CB Specter Hatchling CB Danny Phantom CB Shadow Walker CB Poltergeist Dragon CB Ghost Dragon
  17. Work at a retailer basically stationed in one work role (what we call job position) happen to be cross-trained in different departs like, cashiering....salesfloor...price change...just these to list a few.
  18. These were my reactions when I've read that post. Like premention hope that you didn't get flooded with complaints. Still trying to get two myself and feel good that this year will be better to obtain both.
  19. Unlike TJ's ours will not hatch earlier than normal. That is to say if you've not put them on many incubator sites to help them gain views more quicker on the first day. Why this may (or may not) speed up their growth it is the same risk of them getting soft shell.
  20. Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! *runs around happily* That is so cute!!!! I cannot wait till they're mature into full adult dragons. I've caught my desire 4, but caught three more making it 7. I totally plan to sleep in early now. Good luck to those who reaching their goal too.
  21. EDIT: I've caught 4/4 of my desire goal. I am now officially happy and going to try get two more. If not it is no big deal.
  22. On the Dracon Cave or the forum? I've accidentally done a double post in one of the trading sites sub forums and received a warning. It was only when I got home from work had I realized my mistake and deleted the posts.
  23. Yay!!! *falls backwards laughing* 40/40 GOALLLLLLL!!!!!!!! There's just the one rainbow chicken