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  1. Just had my Shallow Water Dragon use splash... but of course it did nothing.
  2. I have a bronze trophy! I hope I can get the next level of trophy soon!
  3. So cool! I like this event! Gathering Easter eggs rocks!
  4. I'm not sure... I think either a Gold or a Paper...
  5. How does a vampire dragon bite into an egg without it shattering?
  6. I guess simplicity is good now and then, but just a bit of color might make it cooler looking.
  7. A very nice site. Are you going to add any backgrounds or pictures to it?
  8. An oath? That sounds fun! And I definitely agree with it! One should only have one scroll! Otherwise it's just plain cheating! I guess I'll take the oath too! ^w^ *takes oath*
  9. When did the Datamonster attack?
  10. Dear Journal, In the cozy confines of my cave, I write to you with one of the soft feathery pens of my human friend. She has given me, though I didn't even ask for one, a journal... which would be you. Because of how tradition goes, I suppose I should write about my day. After all, there's never a boring earth rotation in this cave. My name is Doruth, a Black Dragon of great skill and power. Like most of my kind, I am strong, fierce, and altogether deadly. To my cave, though, I am not. In fact, with my allies, I am a kind being, though a bit mischievous at times. My mate, a Gr