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  1. Frill-Gill Dwarf Bok Choy Glorious Maned Harptail Null Lepidoptera Dragons Mercury Pygmy Ne'Enden Easterns Opal Phantasm Dragon
  2. My favorites are: ~ Aero ~ Cat ~ Cloud Walker ~ Cyan ~ Dilute ~ Doomsday (all three) ~ Dove-wing ~ False Dragon ~ Fey ~ Fluff-Earred ~ Frost Amphithere ~ Indigo Chirp ~ Mirage ~ Pillow ~ Sunshower ~ Unicorn ~ Unicorn - Eastern ~ Whitewater ~ Wolf Wow, that's a lot of favorites...haha! I think that my absolute favorites would have to be the Aero, Dove-wing, False Dragon, and Pillow.
  3. Love this idea! It would make things a lot easier for me, that's for sure! :-)
  4. Dear Journal, Our second Vampire is now an adult male. He too grew up with white dragons, but he didn't end up as sweet as Virah. Still, he hasn't attacked anyone so I'm not complaining. He's more outgoing than Virah and has a bit of an "I'm better than you" attitude. I've had to keep Rorenth at bay because of this fact, but it's much easier now that he's been grounded. 25 more days until the spell lifts off of him. In other news, SeaChel has brought in three new species of Dragon that I've never seen before. Two of the eggs seem to be made of limestone, one is bright green but not as bright as a Mint egg, and the last has electricity coursing over its shell. She also found a fourth-gen White Dorkface, for which SC was extremely happy. SC seems to have a thing for whites right now, as we now have six in the cave, outnumbering all other dragon-kinds in our cave. ~Sesina Songflight Black Female, Leader of the Songflight Clan
  5. Dear Journal, The Vampire gendered female and is now fully grown. The way she, Virah, acts is surprising to me, actually. She has grown very much attached to the twin whites (Sesiel and Saynan), Soren (the other white that she grew up with), SeaChel, and myself, but she tends to stay away from everyone else in the cave. I think that it may be because she knows that she is different and thinks that the others won't accept her. She's partially right, there are some dragons in the clan that dislike the fact that there is a vampire in the cave very much. Others, though, have softened to the idea, since the only thing she's done that's even slightly controversial was to bite an abandoned egg. Said egg turned into a vampire, but Rorenth was able to wrench it away from her and throw it out. He's been "grounded" by SC (using the magic of the cave's Magi and Blacks) and so he cannot fly or hunt until Virah is able to bite another egg. Virah is very upset about her egg and is now sleeping in the back of the cave. Sesiel and Saynan are with her, doing their best to comfort her. I think I'll head there now too, actually. I've grown to like, if not love, Virah. I suppose SC was right after all. ~Sesina Songflight Edit: SeaChel just brought back a new Vampire egg and gave it to Virah (and it's a "Dorkface" too, once again with SC's obsession with lineage...). She, Virah, is now doing quite better. There are also some new white eggs in the cave; I believe that SC is experimenting to see if the hatchlings a Vampire grows up with affects how it behaves when it is grown (it seemed to work for Virah, so why not?)
  6. Dear Journal, The hatchlings are all doing nicely, except for the Vampire. It still smells awful and it looks just as bad as it smells. SeaChel would scold me for saying this, so I hope that she doesn't read this journal... As I was saying, the three white hatchlings are doing quite well. The twins are inseparable and they were quick to befriend the third white who just hatched an hour ago. While I do not agree with the white dragons' pacifist ways, I must admit that I have never seen a black hatchling as kind and compassionate as these little ones. They've even tried to include the "dead" hatchling, staying semi-near it (as near as they can stand) and every once in a while attempting to "heal" it with what little power they have as this moment in time. The other dragons in the cave have not reacted to the Vamp hatchling very well, though. Like me, they were horrified at the thought of this...thing in our cave. But as I promised SeaChel, I have protected it from them. I only hope that all this will be worth it in the end. ~Sesina Songflight Black female, Leader of the Songflight Clan
  7. Dear Journal, I have never questioned SeaChel's judgment until today. She went out hunting for more dragons to bring into the clans like she normally does once or twice a week. After a while of searching, she brought back three white eggs (all "nicely lineaged" (her words, not mine), and two of them are twins). Then she left the cave again for a LONG time, taking Harina (the eldest of the Songflight clan and our mentor) with her. When they came back, there was a horrible stench that came with them and SeaChel brought in a Vampire egg. I was furious with her (though I hid it well, as it is not my place to cross the Dragon Singer) and I wanted to grab the egg and throw it out of the cave to be dashed on the rocks. I remembered too well the attacks by Vampires that was made on October 31st, and I did not want one of them in the clan. She must have sensed my displeasure, for she left the egg with Harina and came near to me (forgetting about the stench that had now contaminated her, but I forced myself to not back away). She spoke to me mentally and explained she reasons for wanting a Vampire in our cave. She said that as Dragon Singer, she must reach out to all kinds of dragons (and Harina agreed with her on this point), and that she wanted to prove that there could be some good in the breed of Vampire dragons. After this, she told me that I must help her to protect this egg at all costs. Reluctantly, I swore to do so. I am tightly bonded to Dragon Singer, and as so I know that she wants what's best for us and the other dragons out there. So I will help to protect the egg, but I still don't feel very good about the thought of a Vampire in our midst. ~Sesina Songflight Black female, leader of the Songflight Clan
  8. Dear Journal, The cold of winter has settled in again, only this time there is snow as well. The Pygmies and frozen hatchies are having a ball outside, trying to catch the snowflakes as the fall and occasionally swiping up snow from the ground and throwing it at another dragon. The non-frozen hatchlings are a bit more timid about the "cold white stuff" outside, although those SeaChel has dubbed "CHRISTmas dragons" are a bit more open to the idea. This is short, I know, but I want to go watch the little ones again. And perhaps I will try to throw snow at them when they are not looking... ~Sesina Songflight Black female, Leader of the Songflight Clan
  9. Dear Journal, The unbearably cold weather is finally gone and we are all able to go outside again. SeaChel has taken this opportunity to go egg hunting, and she has already found two dying eggs (which are now quite healthy hatchlings) and a black egg with (as she put it) an "absolutely beautiful lineage". I don't understand what is so important about lineage, as parentage does not affect a dragon's dragonhood, but if it makes her happy, then I'm happy. She's still out there, even as I write, looking for any type of dragon that we may not have in our cave yet. This I agree with. As Dragon Singer, she should have as many different types of dragons represented in her cave as possible. That's all I have to report on at this time, so I think I'll go out for a fly. I've missed the feeling of air flowing underneath my wings. Here's hoping that the weather will stay warm enough for flying for a long time! ~Sesina Songflight Black Female, Leader of the Songflight Clan.
  10. Dear Journal, I am so thankful that SeaChel was able to find two Magma dragons recently, because we need them badly right now! The weather has turned frightfully cold these past few days; no snow or freezing rain, just very low temperatures. We've moved everyone further back inside the cave, where the Magma dragons live and where their heat spreads quickly. Graydonn and the other Earth dragons are constantly digging deeper into the mountainside so as to fit our growing numbers. The only dragon who hasn't been fazed by the cold in the slightest is F'zarr, our new Ice dragon. He frequently goes out and flies in this weather, occasionally bringing us a frozen kill, which we thaw out for the hatchlings. The rest of us are fine right now, as we have meat stored up for winter. Also the fact that we aren't doing much right now makes it so we don't have to eat as much as we normally do. Still, it would make me much happier if it warmed up outside, if only to give us enough time to hunt and store up more food. Who knows how long this accursed cold will last? ~Sesina Songflight Black Female, leader of the Songflight Clan
  11. Dear Journal, Well, SeaChel was able to get an Ice and a Thunder dragon. The Thunder dragon is now grown and she and Kril now have a Thunder egg. The Ice dragon still hasn't even gendered, but he/she is getting along well with the other hatchlings, which is good. Koriana (our Thunder) is quite a warrior, if we had had her with us during the attacks on October 31st I bet the fights would have been over much sooner (but better late than never, right?)! Also, the two Ochedrakes have an egg, for which SeaChel is most excited (and, of course, Ali'ha and Brahm are excited too, as it's their first egg). The cave has been relatively quiet recently, and I must admit I'm a bit stir-crazy right now. I mean, I love it when we have time to rest after craziness, but after a while it can get quite boring. I think I shall invite Makil to go for a fly, we haven't talked in a while and I've missed her company. It's so hard to keep up with friends when you have a cave to run. Perhaps this slow time is a blessing in disguise? ~Sesina Songflight Black female, Leader of the Songflight Clan
  12. Dear Journal, After saving quite a few hatchlings and eggs during the frenzy for "Legendary Eggs" (as I've heard other caves call them), SeaChel was able to catch two Magma eggs. Some of our more curious cave-members have had their noses burnt from trying to sniff these two newcomers, and I must admit I got some laughs from it...I'm still trying to figure out how SeaChel got the eggs here without burning herself. When I asked her she simply smiled and said it was her own little secret. Great, first the Pinks and their gender influencing abilities are kept from me, and now this. Anyway, the Magma hatchlings have gendered now, one male and one female (thanks to said secret-keeping Pinks...) and they should mature sometime tomorrow, I think. Graydonn and the other Earth dragons used their earthquake abilities to get closer to the mountain's middle, where hopefully the Magmas will be more comfortable. Sad to say, though, a Waterhorse egg died in the Earthquakes. We must remember to take the eggs out of the cave when they do this next time. Graydonn assured me that they could control it, but apparently they could not. Thankfully, Raemon and Kreya's egg did not die in the earthquakes as well. Recently, SeaChel has taken quite a liking to the Ochedrakes because of their singing abilities. I think she sees a bit of herself in them, as she cannot help but sing all the time. I and the others don't mind, of course, as her singing can be quite soothing at times. Perhaps this is why Rorenth and the others have cooled off this past month? If so, I hope she never stops singing, as it is good to have a peaceful cave without disputes among us. Yes, it is good to be the dragons of Dragon Singer. ~Sesina Songflight Black Female, Leader of the Songflight Clan
  13. Dear Journal, We've recently been told of three newly discovered species of dragon, meaning that a bunch of the other dragon-raising humans are abandoning their eggs and even hatchlings so that they can have these new dragons. While I find this horrifying, SeaChel sees this as a good opportunity. So far we've saved three hatchlings (all of whom have joined the ranks of the frozen) and four eggs, two of which will hatch within the hour and most likely also be frozen. The other frozens are quite happy for their new playmates, and those who have just been frozen don't seem to mind being in an eternally youthful state. Among the eggs we've saved so far is our first green Stripe, for which Serafina (our only grown Stripe so far (white)) is very excited. Now, all this isn't to say that we don't want these new types of dragon to join our cave. Quite the contrary, I'm looking forward to learning about these three! But we feel it is our first priority to look out for those who have little hope. In this respect, today has been a good day indeed! In other cave news, Rorenth has not been making any trouble ever since we've let him back into the cave. I hope that this means he has come to his senses and will not try to usurp Graydonn's authority again, but we will be on our guard. ~Sesina Songflight Black female, leader of the Songflight Clan
  14. Dear Journal, Not much has happened since I last wrote. Everyone's wounds from the 31st have healed nicely. The two golden eggs SeaChel found have turned out to be small, pumpkin-loving dragons, only slightly bigger than the Pygmies. Rorenth has been allowed to stay in the cave once again, as our victory on the 31st has brought about a feeling of oneness throughout the cave. I only hope it lasts and Rorenth won't try to usurp my mate's command again. He now has a mate of his own, the daughter of Traegon and Warrlia, Trilla. I'm a bit concerned by this, though, because of the fact that Traegon and Warrila are Rorenth's two closest followers. I hope this joining isn't an alliance of sorts. In other news, the Pygmies are multiplying like rabbits. I've brought this up with SeaChel, but she seems to be quite fond of the pipsqueaks so I don't think she'll be giving them any breeding restrictions any time soon...oh well. Annoying as they can be, all together they were a strong fighting force for us on the 31st. Perhaps I should stop complaining about them as much as I have been...maybe. ~Sesina Songflight Black Female, Leader of the Songflight Clan
  15. Dear Journal, I am very glad that Kril was able to warn us in time, or else disaster might have taken over our cave. Rayna, Seenar, and Anar (our three Skywings) were able to get out during pauses in the fights, and they have told us that many caves are full of dead dragons, thanks to Zombie attacks. Some of the other caves' dragons have even become Zombies themselves! Well, the Zombies attacked our cave too, as did Vampires. We called Rorenth inside the night before the 31st, so as to make sure he'd be safe. He may be a traitor, and I still dislike him very much, but SeaChel said he's still one of us and she still cared for him. Sometimes I think she's too compassionate for her own good, but Rorenth has not attacked Graydonn or myself. Yet. The attacks were vicious. Guildarr (our Guardian), the Whites, Daydreams, Purples, and Pinks all hurried the hatchlings to the back of the cave where it was safest. Aree, Viath, and Mellara (our water-based dragons) were able to warn us before the attacks came (as they live in the waters right outside the cave). Graydonn and I then commanded them to go under and stay there, as they don't have much in the way of defenses out there. Kril and Koriana (our Storms) took to the skies and shot lightning bolts at flying Vampires, while our Magi, Black, and Sunset dragons all did aerial claw-to-claw combat with them. The Zombies, who apparently cannot fly, or at least not very well, were met head-on by our Earth, Red, Vine, Whiptail, Horse, and Stripe dragons. There were many injuries on our side, and many attacks were made that day, but we got through it okay! I have to give a lot of credit to SeaChel, who stayed at the dangerous cave entrance and warned us of attacks from behind and of dragons on our side who needed back-up. But then she did something crazy. In-between two of these attacks, she hopped onto Za'lia (one of our Whiptails) and left to search for abandoned eggs! I tried to get her to stay where it was safe, but she insisted, saying "There might be some eggs in danger that we can save!" Again, too compassionate for her own good. But she found and rescued four eggs; they were not any type I'd even seen before! They were a golden color, but they were not gold dragon eggs. And they smelled...almost delicious! I'm quite interested in how these four eggs will turn out! ~Sesina Songflight Black female, leader of the Songflight Clan
  16. Dear Journal, Kril has given us some disturbing news, and I hope to the skies that he is wrong! Vampires, Zombies, and other monsters...not good at all. I asked SeaChel about this and she seemed to agree with Kril's conclusion, saying something about the 31st being considered an evil day by many of her human-kind. We've ordered the dragons in our cave not to mate until this day is past, so as to not put any vulnerable eggs or hatchlings in danger. Graydonn and I have been working with the others to get ready in case of any attacks. With 21 adult dragons willing to fight (I'll never fully understand why the whites, pinks, and daydreams won't fight), a few hatchlings due to grow up before the 31st, and an army of 25 Pygmies and frozen hatchies, I think we'll be fine. But I can't help but worry...will we make it? ~Sesina Songflight Black female, leader of the Songflight Clan
  17. Dear Journal, Graydonn is finally back to full strength, but surprisingly he has not gone after Rorenth like I thought he would. When I asked him about this he simply said, "If Rorenth attacks again, I will win." Traegon and Warrila are still quite annoying and disrespectful toward Graydonn and me, but I cannot send them out with Rorenth unless they do something harmful to one of us. It would not be right. But as much as I dislike them, I hope that they do not do anything that would force me to send them out. We've had too much tragedy recently, what with Graydonn's injuries and the two eggs that died because of the fight. Rayna has finally found a mate in Saynan! She is so happy now, and they have their first egg, a Skywing like its mother. In other news, our new Red Dragon has grown into a handsome adult male. He's had his eyes on Kreya Dorkface, but only time will tell if she accepts him. ~Sesina Songflight Black female, leader of the Songflight Clan ___________________________________ Dear Journal, In my recent flights outside of our territory, I have overheard many Wild Dragons' conversations about some pretty scary things. And I'm not easily frightened. There have been mentionings of Zombies and Vampires, and I can only hope that they are wrong. But it IS getting near the time of year when these things are normally sighted; only time will tell if it is all true. I will tell Graydonn and Sesina about this soon, so that we can prepare to defend ourselves from any supernatural onslaught. ~Kril Flamebeat Storm male, elder and scout of the Flamebeat Clan
  18. Dear Journal, The Whiptail is alive and well. It hatched normally yesterday and is now happily playing with the other four hatchlings in the cave. Both of the pinks gendered, one male and one female. Graydonn is almost back to his full strength; it's been so wonderful to see how everyone in the cave reacted to his injury. Everyone has been so supportive, with the exceptions of Rorenth, Traegon and Warrila. Even little Jazzi has helped to tend to Graydonn's wounds. I think it helps her to take her mind off her dead egg. There isn't much more to update, so I guess I'll go check on my mate. ~Sesina Songflight Black female, leader of the Songflight Clan
  19. Dear Journal, Graydonn is finally awake, but still weaken from Rorenth's attack. I can see that his pride is quite damaged as well. I fear that once he is healed he may fight Rorenth and send him away. In case this happens, SeaChel went out with Harina and found another red egg. Hopefully once the hatchling inside grows it will help with our hunting. They were also able to find a dying Whiptail egg, which Harina is caring for right now, along with Sesiel and Kreya Dorkface (our two white females). Aymeth has finally found a mate in Che'lonn, and they now have their first egg. Rayna is still depressed because she has found no mate for herself. The only unattached male left in the cave is Rorenth, and Rayna hates him. Our two pink eggs have hatched and D'lann has influenced one to be a male (how do they do that???). We're hoping the other turns out to be male too, as we have more females in the cave than males. Perhaps this will help Rayna in her quest for a mate? Well, I best go see how the Whiptail egg is doing. Hopefully Harina, Sesiel, and Kreya will have made progress. ~Sesina Songflight Black female, leader of the Songflight Clan
  20. Dear Journal, I have not left my dear Graydonn's side even for a moment. The only reason I can write in you is because Lena grabbed it for me. I'm so glad that she understands that is wasn't Graydonn's fault her grandegg died. I don't know what I'm going to do with Rorenth. More than anything I want to send him away. After all, I can't trust him anymore. He's responsible for the deaths of two eggs, as well as for nearly killing my great-grandegg, and hurting my mate. It's been 24 hours since he was last conscious. It pains me to see him like this! But it's not that simple. Rorenth is a great hunter; sending him away may hurt us in the coming winter. But will he even hunt for us while he's banished from the Weyr? I don't know. I just don't know. Oh Graydonn, wake up. Your guidance was always so wise. I am at a loss. ~Sesina Songflight Black female, leader of the Songflight Clan
  21. Dear Journal, Tragedy has befallen our cave. I'd sensed that Rorenth was mad about not being the leader of the Flamebeat clan, but I had no idea he'd go this far! To attack Graydonn as he was protecting his great-grandegg, totally at peace with the world...I never would have thought he'd do that. Rorenth, with the advantage of surprise, was able to wound Graydonn pretty badly. And it didn't help that Rorenth is a red dragon and the strongest male in the cave. Graydonn had to use his last resort to keep himself alive, his Earthquake ability. It worked, a huge boulder hit Rorenth hard in the chest, which slowed him down, but two eggs were killed in the process: Warrila and Traegon's waterwalker egg, and Jazzi and Karr's pygmy egg. Sesina and Graysina (Graydonn's mate and daughter, respectively) heard the commotion and quickly put Rorenth in his place. He is no longer allowed inside the cave, and we fear he may go rogue, joining the wild dragons. Now Graydonn is being worked on by Sesiel and her son, Se'sen, our white dragons. Sesina hasn't left her mate's side. Jazzi and Karr are mourning their loss, but they understand that it wasn't Graydonn's fault that their egg was lost. Traegon and Warrila, on the other paw, seem to boil with hatred against Graydonn because of their lost egg. I only hope that they won't take as drastic steps as Rorenth did today. ~Aymeth Songflight Purple female __________________________________________ Dear Journal, I failed. Now I have been banished from the cave and am left alone out in this cold weather. But the dragons in my cave are softies, they will let me back in when the snows come and it becomes unbearable. What's more, I think I have made allies in Traegon and Warrila. Perhaps next time I try to take my rightful place in the cave I will have back-up. ~Rorenth Flamebeat Red male, soon-to-be leader of the Flamebeat Clan
  22. Dear Journal, There isn't much to update since I last wrote. The little white Dorkface gendered female, and A'lek Dorkface's hatchling did too. Their names are Kreya Dorkface and Lekia Dorkface, respectively. There has been a lot of drama going on around our Weyr. A great deal of our dragons have found mates for themselves and as a result we have five eggs right now, all bred from within our clans; but there are a few who feel slightly left-out. Rayna in particular, but she keeps saying that neither Rorenth nor Che'lonn (our only two males without mates) are right for her. Hopefully we will find someone for her soon, as I hate to see her depressed like this. I should probably go see how she's doing. ~Sesina Songflight Black female, Leader of the Songflight Clan ________________________________________ Dear Journal, I just don't understand it. Graydonn is a weakling compared to me, so why should he be the leader of the Flamebeat Clan? I'm bigger, stronger, faster, and can sustain my fire longer than he; by all rights I should be the leader! And yet there he is, looking at his mate, Sesina, with lovey-dovey eyes and guarding his granddaughter's egg while she hunts, acting as if he doesn't have a care in the world. I'll give him something to care about... ~Rorenth Flamebeat Red Male, soon-to-be Leader of the Flamebeat Clan ________________________________________ Dear Journal, I'm so proud of my daughter, D'lina! She now has her first egg, and she couldn't have picked a better mate for herself! Se'sen, the offspring of Sesiel and O'sen, two of the most respected dragons in the Weyr! My mate, D'lann, has been instructing her in the care of her egg for the past day. I'm not really jealous of that position, though. I may be her mother, but D'lann is a pink dragon, and they are known for their knowledge of caring for eggs and hatchlings. I am content. What was that? There is roaring coming from the entrance of the cave! It sounds like Rorenth and *ink splatter*