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    Lineages: Dorkface, The Wizard of Oz, Witch Legacy, Thuwed, Man O' War's Legacy, Faithful, Chaos, Mudita, Pure Dreams, Alice In Wonderland, Captcha, Child Hunger, Forge Fire, Kingdom Hearts, Mayfair, Tropical, Mi Amore, Mended Hearts, Faeries, Patriotic, Le Crochuegriffe, Silver Screen,.

    Pending Lineages: Peppermint Effect, Gargoyles, etc.

    Projects: Space Chickens, Adoption Day, Inbred Shelter, Operation Wrecking Ball, Newbie Mall, Akshun Breeding Project.

    Wishlist: CB Thunder, Low Gen. Alt Vine, Yellow Dino, noninbred gold, Christmas Holly, CB Red Males 3rd generation PB Gaurdian., CB male pinks, CB new eggs except BBW(got those).

    always in need of cb skywings. REALLY NEED CB VINE!!