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  1. Let's find a few more "Mr"s and "Ms"s (or 'mrs' now that we have 5-character codes)!!..I smell lineageee
  2. Just caught a cb spitfire w/ code "J0rDN" D Also have: Mr52 (Sounds like an fbi agent ) - CB Guardian 99er (Reminds me of football) - CB Stripe 4x86 (Math >.< ) - CB Albino Lagmonster Survivor rjERM (Jerm=Germ) - CB Pillow W6foK ( ) - CB Hellfire MYMa (MY mom!) - CB Nightglory 3See (3See-P-O) - CB Frozen male Magi hactchling OJis (Orange Juice) - CB Ochre Reru (Sounds like a name) - 2nd Gen sunset rewR ("Rawr") - 2nd gen Stone viLE (pretty self-explanatory) - CB frozen Nebula hatchie 3ekN ('Eeek!'ing) - Lineaged Black This isn't all, but it's enough
  3. Guess ima Junior Joined: 24-April 09 Member#: 39,096 I've been on DC for much longer than that, though...The thought of clicking the "Forum" link on the main site didn't occur to me for a LONG time. And after i finally came, i lurked around the Dragon Requests for at least 2-3 months before making an account
  4. I'm not sure about other people, but, in my case, more often than not.
  5. I think i might have a few. From what i've read (the first page and the last) i have a few of the same abilities that other people have. One of them is sometimes i get this really weird feeling in my stomach to do something like duck, jump, twitch my right arm, etc. and whenever i follow this instinct, i avoid some catastrophe! Another thing that i can do (and, oddly, so can every other first born child that's a male on my dad's side of the family) is get headaches - sometimes migrains - right before it rains. My father and i (both first born guys) think it has to do with Barometric pressure . And i can also "see" the future on the same scale as everyone else. I also am very good at predicting (someone else describe almost exactly how it is on the first page...cant remember who). But yeah thats about it.. Edit: Typos
  6. JJ4Short

    04/01/10 - MAYHEM

    Was yesterday the only day they're going to be released like that!?!? Please say no....
  7. Idk, the doll one is kind of cool lol I like it
  8. The background singing Lady Gaga does in Make Her Say....the song isn't even that good. it's just that background!!! ><
  9. Not sure if I'm remembering correctly but i think my first 4 were Split, Skywing, Winter, Water. Not completely positive but i am semi-sure about it lol
  10. i've been doing this!!!! if i had known that there was a whole project on it, i mightve made my account sooner! but yeah, i will continue to do it probably after the flood