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I'm A LOT less active in the forums now because of school and stuff. I apologize in advance to lineages and/or games that I'm a part of that have been trying to, or are currently trying to, contact me.Scroll Status: locked

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    Under Your Bed Stealin Your Commons
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    Okay so,

    Fave Colors: Aquamarine/Turquoise-y blues, Black (not just normal black but like deep, advanced-darkness, no return, black), Maroon/Burgundy

    Animals: Sloths, Meerkats, Cats, Jungle cats, Big cats, little cats, hatted cats, matted cats

    Cartoons: Super Jail, China IL, Adventure Time, Regular Show, Archer, FG, Whatever you put on for your child, etc

    Sports: No, ty :)

    Hobbies: Writing (Stories, Poetry, etc.), Sports, Contradicting and other things that im too lazy to list ATM

    Fave Pies: Choco, maraigne, pumpkin, cream, oatmeal cream

    Anything else that you want to know, just ask!