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  1. Does anyone have a solve for the second cauldron puzzle? I don't see it on the wiki. I kind of thought...
  2. I did. I left it alone for a day, and it finally worked. *shrug*
  3. I'm pretty sure I'm putting the ingredients in the cauldron correctly. But then nothing happens?
  4. I did eventually get it to where I could move around. Found the city. I'm supposedly right in front of the museum, but I can't figure out how to enter it. You don't have to answer, because I'd be asking every step of the way, and nobody needs to read all that. LOL I'll work it out eventually. Thank you!
  5. Well, I did that. Thank you. But now it just has the text "Ugh, my head." Nothing I press or click on does anything. I'm clearly missing something here.
  6. HAVE: All Halloween breeds available except Omen and Kohraki - just tell me what you want me to breed. WANT: Halloweens x Indigo Lunar Heralds. List of specific Halloween pairings are in my signature. Please PM to let me know what you would like me to breed. Thanks!
  7. PLaying on Chrome, I am stuck here. Nothing happens when I try to move or do anything, except it sometimes goes fullscreen and back.
  8. My needs are simple this year. I need 2G Halloween of all kinds from Indigo Lunar Herald mates. I have all Halloween breeds except Omens and Kohraki and none are currently promised. Please PM me with anything you'd like me to breed. My scroll is nice and open. They're in alphabetical order by breed. https://dragcave.net/user/Emerald01
  9. A little bit. I need a bunch more hatchlings and eggs, though.
  10. Well, I got chickens unlocked. Still need the dinos. I think I'll just breed up Swallowtails and Glory Drakes, since that's pretty easy. Now I need sprites for the July release babies! Off to the hatcheries!
  11. Thank you very much! Still not unlocked, but that helped a lot!
  12. I need to unlock Glory Drakes and Swallowtails. Dinos and chickens, too, but those aren't as important to me.
  13. I'm going to have to buy them. I've never seen a breed go so invisible so quickly after their release. *grumble* Can some folks please PM me some links, so I can unlock them? It's taking me forever to look through people's scrolls for them.
  14. I haven't even SEEN any of the new eggs, except in Trade. *grumble*
  15. That is very weird. I'm gonna be mad if someone just took it.
  16. I need: to erase an influence If you can take my egg, and teleport it back, please reply here - thanks!
  17. I caught a Striped egg and accidentally influenced it the wrong gender. If someone is willing to take it from me, then give it back so I can influence it properly, I would really appreciate it. Please reply here, and I will PM when the egg is off cooldown. I'd be happy to throw in a bred egg of your choosing! Cheers! Em
  18. @ValidEmotions I guess I hadn't thought of the Siyats being based on incubation, but it makes sense.
  19. Ooh. That is a clever thought. Has anyone tested it yet? Another one?
  20. How did I get Coldmeiser??? AND Snowmeiser??? How were those not already taken?!? I mean.. They're taken now, of course.
  21. That was probably me. So thanks a lot. Kidding! Enjoy your special Mint!
  22. I got eaten. And.. that's it?