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  1. I really wish they would just flood the cave when it's only 1 day, but people can grab up to 8. I don't have a lot of time to do this today. And I don't want to be trying to catch them next year!
  2. Forgot the trade link!!! Make an offer on my egg!
  3. HAVE: 2g Pitfire from exalted Pitfire and Green Gem Shard (Willing to breed the female exalted to mate of your choice) WANT: 2g Kohraki from Indigo Lunar Herald (need 1 from male Indigo and 1 from female Indigo, so I will accept either.)
  4. Looking for two 2g Kohraki 1 from female Indigo Lunar Herald and 1 from male Indigo Lunar Herald. I don't have something specific on hand. Please PM to discuss? Happy Halloween!
  5. Hang on. This year's Halloween event is.... doing chores??? 🤔 😂
  6. LOL Well, my brain wasn't having it the other day, so I appreciate the responses.
  7. When do Wednesday breds usually show up? I'm not feeling the math right now. I'm thinking Saturdays, since they're not incubated?
  8. Bred and abandoned 3 at 2:27pm ET. 2 are PB. 1 is half Aeon. Good luck! I'm going to buy one or two from the Market and hope someone will be willing to catch for me on Monday or Tuesday.
  9. Okay, I'm all set to breed and release tomorrow. After that, I'm going to buy from the market, and I'd love it if someone would be willing to try and catch it on... Monday, I think?
  10. I want a dragon with the code "Lukey". Maybe a Spitfire. My dog, Lukey, passed away the other day, and I just want a dragon with his name as the code. 😪
  11. BSA's stick to Cantos. It's intentional. I remember when the release happened, and there was some ruckus over not being able to Ward an egg nabbed from the AP. I am now officially angry over this stupid Pink Sapphire crap. If I want to buy an egg from the Market (which is supposed to be something nice for ME), why should I have to abandon it to get a Pink one?! I hate it!
  12. I have a Sapphire that is at 2 days and 3 hours. It hasn't been incubated, so that is the actual time left. It will go right to the front of the AP. Anyone willing to try catching it for me? *begs*
  13. I don't know if this is appropriate here, but I was thinking I might get a sapphire down to a nice low time before abandoning it and see if someone wants to try catching it for me? I'm happy to do a fair trade. I just haven't had any success at all finding them on the AP, and it's making me sad. LOL
  14. Sorry if I've missed the answer to this, but do prize winners still get to choose the codes for their babies? I have several 5 letter codes to choose from and would love to get if I ever win one of these darlings.
  15. Wasn't sure where to even ask about this. I had hoped there might be a thread somewhere to discuss Pink Sapphire trading/dropping/catching, but I can't find anything, and I don't want to post something if it's already somewhere or if it isn't allowed. Does anyone know if I'm missing a thread about it? Or have any thoughts on it? For example, I was going to breed a couple of Sapphires and see if I could coordinate someone to catch them if I release them so that they would be at the very front of the AP. That sort of thing. Cheers! Em
  16. HAVE: Cheese egg on cooldown WANT: CB Pink Sapphire is ideal Pair of 2g Bright Coppers from Electric parents (named please) Pair of 2g Alt Florets - any variants (though I already have 1 of the brown variant) CB Statera maybe Please PM to offer until the trade link is available. Thanks!
  17. Does TJ do all the programming work on the site by himself? Because wow!
  18. You know, I actually sat here for a few minutes trying to figure out how a (breath)mint would go about chewing on a cable.
  19. Same. And that Copper is still sitting there in the Jungle! Wah!
  20. I'm certainly not complaining. I love it!
  21. Managed to grab four from the cave, and they are so pretty! The hatchlings are adorable as well! I'll hold off on the hybrids, since they can be bred. I'm still trying to get all the birthday releases!
  22. Yeah, I guess the demands aren't all that unreasonable, but I couldn't figure out a better place to complain. Formerly common eggs are pretty much rare these days. I don't have the patience to save up that many shards! LOL I'd settle for being able to pay cash for them!