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My Art - http://ryokara.deviantart.com/ - I'm open for commissions!

*°´`°* Soundtrack Showcase: Final Fantasy XIV - Doma Castle OST *°´`°*

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    • Browsing the webz : 9GAG, Youtube, Dragon Cave, Chickensmoothie and so on.

    • Listening to music: almost all kinds of music;
    I prefer (J-)rock and OSTs of games and series, tho.

    • Drawing: (most of the time) dragons, Pokémon or
    other fanart of series / things I like. And I enjoy spriting too.

    • Reading: fantasy novel, manga, etc.
    (Favourites atm: Eragon [book], Pandora Hearts [manga],
    D.N. Angel [manga], etc.)

    • Watching Anime: here too, almost all kinds of genres;
    but I prefer funny, entertaining, romantic or just epic stuff.
    (Favourites atm: Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, Mirai Nikki,
    Aoharaido [Blue Spring Ride], etc.)

    • Playing Video Games: once again, almost all kinds of games;
    prefer these with thrilling stories, amazing worlds
    and jawdropping music.
    (Favourties atm: Monster Hunter, League of Legends,
    Fire Emblem-series, Tales of-series, Pokémon-series, etc.)

    Yup, that should be that. :p
    Hope you enjoyed that pile of random information.~