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  1. Dang, the site lags for 45 mins and y'all ragequitting already. Jeez. Tough crowd.
  2. Also, side note... Happy (now belated) 5 year anniversary to the noodle gang!! Did I mention how super super happy I am to have more noodles!?
  3. I agree with you HeatherMarie! I am super super super excited for more Xenos!! They're the best! And Birdz is the best! <33 Also, to answer your question, I bred all 800+ of my Xenos yesterday and I only got one flow egg. So yes they are breedable, just rare.
  4. Tiki G

    Fixing Unclickables

    Usually just clicking 'Show HTML/BBCode Links' and clicking the egg from there loads the click for me.
  5. Some stun bolts https://dragcave.net/view/xoNal https://dragcave.net/view/i17Ba And a whole bunch of corporeal celestials https://dragcave.net/group/34850
  6. Fifty Three. Do I uh... have to put all the extra numbers? Is that like...a rule now? lol.
  7. It is very pretty, thank you! ❤️
  8. I got a shiny karp yesterday too! It was so weird, someone posted about how they caught their in discord, which made me load up my game to check for any hanging around, just in case. And bam! Shiny bio. And I was already pretty close to 400 candies (I've been hardcore hunting for that dang shiny), so I already have my shiny Gyarados ❤️ I've actually hatched 2 Darumaka. Didnt realize they were so hard to get either. I haven't seen a single Machop task here. It was mostly Ryhorn at first, got rid of those and got some Vulpix, and now I have all Dratini. Which, I'd
  9. A whoooole lotta cabbage roll and no bake cookies!
  10. I have no desire to change my original wreath. It's perfect.
  11. @Idril Merry Christmas to my first PoGo Best Friend!! and Merry Christmas to all of my other friends!
  12. Meanwhile, I haven't caught a single shiny yet. Congrats on all your catches though!
  13. I did catch a shiny Poochyena the other day. Not very good stats, but I'll take it. Already had a shiny Misdreavus from a few months ago, but I was finally able to evolve it! Only costume boi I've got is a Bulbasaur. Too lazy to get the others. XP Also, I need 3 friends for some research, if there's anyone on here I'm not friends with yet, feel free! Just moved to a larger city (i was in a very rural area before), so I can send gifts every day! ❤️ 2438 3634 6326
  14. Added a few people here already, but friend code for anyone who wants more: 2438 3634 6326 I only get to really play and travel to Pokestop/gyms on my nights off (I live in kind of a rural area so stops are pretty few and far in between) so I will send gifts when I can. ❤️