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    Favorites (alphabetically):
    TOP 3: Copper, Deep Sea, Pumpkin
    Others: Balloon, Black-capped Teimarr, Glaucus Drake, Nebula (esp. red), Seragamma, Spitfire, Swallowtail, Turpentine, Water, Yellow-crowned

    Valentine checker interests:
    2G Val '09 from yellow nebula
    3G Val '09 from blue copper
    4G Val '09 from black
    4G Rosebud from white
    4G Rosebud from moonstone
    2G Arsani from swallowtail
    3G Heartseeker from gold
    3G Heartstealer from blue copper
    3G Heartstealer from striped river
    2G Heartstealer from striped river
    ...also (Deep Sea x Anything) and random pretty stuff

    I *have* CB valentines- No valentine '09, 1 pink sweetling, and 2 each of rosebuds and later.

    Always looking for:

    * checker from male dark myst x female misfit
    * EG purebred coppers (all ancestors of the same color is a plus, but mixed colors are nice too; 5G or higher is especially intriguing)
    * CB coppers
    * EG spriters' alt descendants
    * 2G magelight x pumpkin
    * 2G kyanite x pumpkin
    * checkers from pumpkin x any pygmy breed (esp. with spriter's alts!)
    * Prize dragons from deep sea line
    * Prize dragons, perfect stairstep, over 20G
    * Innovative lineages with deep seas :)