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    A lot!
    I'm a medieval freak! I love to go to renaissance fairs that are in my state. I often dress up as a Gypsy. I'm working on a costume to be a forester though.

    I'm a freak about foxes. Anything fox, I collect. XD My dream is to one day own a Marble Fox or as white a fox as I can get.

    Another major dream of mine is to get my book published. I don't care if it's through a major publishing company or just a local one. Just to have it between a hard cover. ^^

    I'm rather quiet at home, too many mental scars to tell of. I can't wait to get out of High School - just one more year. Then I'll go to college and escape everything.

    I love to write and draw! I'm big into RP'ing but have little time for it.

    Anywho, stalk my posts and you'll find out more about me. XD