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  1. Fortune! *hugs* TinyPic has poofed so all my ARK badges and something else has also poofed. Poofing toppage, page 827!
  2. F2 Bingo! https://dragcave.net/view/AI9xk (I'll get to the rest later!)
  3. This is the drum version of the game, right?
  4. They were! Good morning, CPA! *glomphuggles Spirit and Fortune* Back to work. I have shop volunteers coming in today so I am hoping to actually get some 'at my desk' office work done. (I'm so far behind...)
  5. 48,311 Hope your arm gets better soon!
  6. ZA Ah, so that's what orphaned's PM was about. I can't see sigs on my phone so I hadn't known. Thanks.
  7. Did you link notifications on purpose, purplehaze? 48,300!
  8. That, too, trystan! A friend of mine has become an avid birder so I'm learning vicariously about all sorts of local and transitory birds here. On one of my house sits at her house last year, I was feeding a young bird she'd raised and released just before she left. It came back a couple of times a day for its steak bits and lignum vitae seeds.
  9. Fortune! *hugs back* An owl? That is unusual. One of my house sitting houses has peacocks nearby so I'm used to that sound.
  10. I am, yes! I was born here, grew up in Canada, and returned in late 1997. They're in Queensland. Lamington National Park (Seriously, you guys named a park after a food?), destroying a historic lodge.
  11. Going well here in Nassau. You? Are you anywhere near the fires?
  12. Lagie

    Z Project

    He's either a DJ or a dancer... https://dragcave.net/teleport/b0e958a4ff3257b5c54b8625cffcca77 CB lihnseyre, jungle - https://dragcave.net/lineage/zADUB (Or a voiceover specialist! )
  13. In an air conditioned ballroom-like room on the lower deck! (But the photo of that part doesn't look like night, and isn't mine.)
  14. Spirit! *huggles back* I'd rather it were an alarm, because then I could unplug it or turn it off or take out the batteries. When it's someone else's dog, there's not a lot I can do. (I hope he just spent the night out... the human, that is, so will return soon?)