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  1. Lots of baking going on, it seems! The funny thing is, in real life, I pretty much only bake at Christmas. Storm still looming...
  2. Ooh. Thanks! I did not know that was even an option.
  3. Hunh. Learn something every day. I didn't know that. Canadian Thanksgiving, too. I do hope it doesn't rain. The laundry room was closed, so after washing my clothes as Julian's I had to hang it out on the lines. I'm hearing distant thunder rumbles which is not encouraging.
  4. You don't. It's mobile-only on a mobile device.
  5. Sometimes! ^ Office of American States, just down the road from me. I like to eat OATmeal.
  6. 61,898 A part palindrome on a palindrome page.
  7. Glad she's okay, @purplehaze . Enjoy your walk! (Take pics for her! ) Aww. *huggles* Very! How long will that be going on? Good morning, CPA! *sets out coffee, teas, juices, apples, brownies, and toast with jam* It's very still and calm and a little bit cloudy, but it's a public holiday so I have nowhere to go, which is nice. Laundry... here I come.
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    Post Ctrl+V

    62 new cases Thursday, 48 of those on my island (positivity rate 20.7%) for a new total of 21,581 cases. Four additional deaths take that total to 590. (53 deaths in seven days...) 152 people in hospital (down 10), 20 of those in the ICU (up 2).
  9. The rain stopped, the sun came back out, and my cat towels aren't even wet, thank goodness.
  10. Lagie

    Obscure good books

    Excellent series! The Great Library series (five books) by Rachel Caine. What if the Library at Alexandria still existed? It starts off strong, finishes well, though I found a bit of a slump in the middle, but was glad I had kept reading. I couldn't believe I hadn't read it, given how many other books by Diana Wynne Jones I have read. It's a fun read. Castle in the Air is a follow-up to it, of sorts.
  11. Well, that kind of looks like the statue, though a bit younger.
  12. Hope you'll both be okay! Hooray! 46 new cases Friay, 33 of those on my island (positivity rate 7.7%, lowest in a long while...) for a new total of 21,627 cases. Four additional deaths take that total to 594. (57 deaths in eight days...) 140 people in hospital (down 12), 21 of those in the ICU (up 1).
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    Z Project

    https://dragcave.net/teleport/0602e0fbc92c4d210fa23b0f46119f01 CB oracle - https://dragcave.net/lineage/zhFlK
  14. Book Number: 29 Number Of Pages: 288 Book Title: The Midnight Library Author: Matt Haig Summary: Between life and death, there is a library, in which the books allow Nora Seed - full of regrets and wanting to die - to live as if she had done things differently. Book Number: 30 Number Of Pages: 301 Book Title: Navigating Early Author: Clare Vanderpool Summary: Sent to a boys' boarding school, Jack connects with Early, and the two become friends, setting off on a quest during a school break. Book Number: 31 Number Of Pages: 344 Book Title: I Found You Author: Lisa Jewell Summary: Alice finds a man sitting on the beach outside her house. In London, newlywed Lily is anxious when her husband fails to return from work one day. Are they connected?
  15. ^ you were J but that's okay. Since we've had K, I'll do... Lagie's Stegosaurus Birthdayii (described) Next is M...