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  1. Um... Methinks you mean eleven. https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/thumb/e/ec/Twelfth_Doctor_(Doctor_Who).jpg/220px-Twelfth_Doctor_(Doctor_Who).jpg Twelve
  2. Congrats! The rain rain rain came down down down... but has now stopped just in time to let the dogs out before bed. G'night!
  3. AKY In the Bahamas, people say persons and to my mind, it makes them sound uneducated. They 'aks' questions, they don't put ed on past tense verbs (pass tense werbs, sorry), the shop around the corner from mine sells iced cold beers [sic] and ice tea [sic], and they think using would for will makes them sound pompous when it just leaves people wondering what the heck they mean. You would do it, but... ?
  4. Well, he can't if you don't post him! Three
  5. Yup, concrete underneath much of it, but not all so there's somewhere for it to drain off into. The pallets are supper heavy so have yet to float, thank goodness, and quite high so they stay out of the water. Which eggs are you looking for? *sends today's rain to purplehaze* It's only just started so there should be lots left.
  6. Bahamians do that ALL the time. Drives me bonkers. That, and the plural of person is... (people, people, people, NOT persons. ) AKV
  7. We had lots of rain yesterday, too. You get time OFF to service your car, Spirit? Is that normal there? Here we have to fit it around our non-work time as best as possible.
  8. Athani bites the egg in her arms - could perhaps be Athani bites the egg in the young mother's arms as right now it kind of reads as the egg being in Athani's arms. (poor mother. )