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  1. I am! Hope you are, too. Welcome back. Sleep well! Jewellery sale went well!
  2. Your eggs do need to also be in a hatchery or two. The views here alone are not enough.
  3. Poppy Pendle (erm... some kid's book - The Power of Poppy Pendle)
  4. Eeps. A TP shortage again? WalMart is apparently responsible for the uptick in vaccinations here... kind of. Bahamians love to shop. Bahamians really love to shop in Florida. Bahamians really, really, above all else, love to shop Black Friday sales in Florida. So... as of the 1st of November, all travellers to the U.S. have to be fully vaccinated. And lo, all those Bahamians who want to shop the Black Friday sales are finally getting vaccinated. Amazing what a change in foreign policy will do. But do notice the total lack of social distancing in the vaccine lineup. 47 new cases Wednesday, 1742 of those on my island (positivity rate 8.8%) for a new total of 21,863 cases. Fourteen additional deaths takes that total to 622. 127 people in hospital (down 15, likely many of the deaths) 12 of those in the ICU (down 3). 64 new cases Thursday, 36 of those on my island (positivity rate 14.8%) for a new total of 21,927 cases. No additional deaths. 127 people in hospital, 12 (up 3) of those in the ICU.
  5. Stay as long as you need. *hugs* Uh oh. It's better when you like them. The new a/c makes the pricing room too cold for my taste. But my volunteers are happy campers now. (Quiet around here...) Good morning, CPA! *sets out coffee, teas, juices, apples, brownies, and bacon and eggs* Jewellery Sale today! Wish me luck.
  6. Shucks. But we'd then hit 68 on 268... 64 2 of 6
  7. 62 which is 2 of 6 backwards... kind of! (Will we get to 67 on page 267?)
  8. One must first take Zen Master class on the answering of phones. Why is it always raining?