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  1. @TJ09, the new formatting means I cannot make long critiques when reviewing descriptions on my phone because I cannot move the screen back to the left to abstain, accept or reject. Can this be fixed, please? (Is anyone else having this problem?)
  2. I don't think anyone has, and I'm pretty sure it would be fine if you did!
  3. That actually weirdly makes sense. Edited to add: May I swear now, please?
  4. ZO Zo what iz ze problem...? Oops, indeed!
  5. *latehugs back* Depressing to think how many, but we've made great strides at collecting them. Bats are so cool! Pumpkins? 😮
  6. 23 Thanks! Me, too! Bright and sunny here at the moment.
  7. 21 We're supposed to have another 'weather event' on Friday the 13th. I hope we don't. My car cannot handle six inches of rain in one day! 😮
  8. They're going stateside to a rescue organization to find homes over there so we have kennels to put the evacuated dogs in. And I've been sending kids' books and toys and stuffed animals out to the evacuee shelters from my shop. Lots of help being given by so many people!
  9. ZM I think I may have one at rhe SyFy forums from years ago, but DC is really the only site I frequent these days (and the National Hurricane Centre... :P ).
  10. Today - since we've only just realized we completely neglected the storm on our website - I get to put together something that tells everyone what's going on and hopefully compels them to make many donations. We are sending another fifty dogs out on Friday or Saturday to make even more room for the evacuees.
  11. I am about to have real toast and coffee! Then off to work. We are getting many evacuee dogs in.
  12. I actually have one but missed it by 4 minutes.